Generic Benefits 

The metal roof can be made of aluminum, stainless steel, copper, zinc or others. Their application depends on the exterior climatic conditions, durability factors, and maintenance procedures.

  • Aluminum: Aluminum has high resistance to seawater corrosion and rusting. It is lightweight and malleable. Hence, you can create a vast range of roofing profiles from the metal. Insulation material beneath aluminum roof can also protect your home from the noise of rainfall on the roof. 
  • Stainless steel:  Stainless steel has more weight and density compared to aluminum. Stainless steel is also relatively economical in cost. Tensile strength per square unit of steel is more than aluminum. Hence, it can endure strong winds.
  • Copper: Copper roof is tough and durable for decades. It can resist rains, fire, and environmental elements much better than aluminum and stainless steel. Reflection rate of UV and solar heat is also much higher. It is resistant to mold and mildew as well as rusting and corrosion. Copper can be easily molded into sheets and shingles. Moreover, it is aesthetically attractive and enhances the architectural value of your home. Durability factor of copper is also higher compared to aluminum and steel. However, the cost per square unit could be higher.  
  • Zinc: Zinc is an eco-friendly metal due to its recyclability. It has high resistance to corrosion and rusting. It has high tensile strength and stability factors. It can endure strong winds, rains, and snow. Being highly malleable it can be formed into customized shapes and sizes for making shingles and sheets. The aesthetic factor is almost equivalent to copper. The durability of zinc is stated to be more than 100 years according to the homeowners.

Summer Benefits

  • Cooling Effects: Metals reflect heat and UV from the sun. Hence, they can keep the interior temperature lower during summer. According to the analysis, the four metals listed above can reflect more than 80% of UV and heat from the sun and allow only 20% to seep. Installation of insulation layers made of fiberglass and synthetic fibers can further reduce the heat transfer into the home interior. Hence, the temperature remains relatively cooler during summer. 
  •  Energy Saving: Installation of solar panels on metal roofs can help in more heat absorption and energy conversion. It is stated to be due to the dual effect of heat from the sun and reflected radiation from the metal. Moreover, the power consumption by the air conditioners and coolers may also be kept under control due to the cooling effects of the metal roof.   

Winter Benefits 

  • Home Protection: Metal roofing offers protection from the cold climatic conditions during winter. The waterproof property prevents moisture and water from snow from seeping in. It is also airtight in design; hence it provides considerable protection from cold and dry winds.  Moreover, snow and ice slide off easily from the metal roof when installed at an angle of 45-degrees.
  • Heat Preservation: Metal roof can preserve heat during winter within your home interiors. You can increase the insulation volume by installing fiberglass-batts underneath the roof. You need to make sure the batts can fill the stud cavity completely.  You can wrap the edges with the extra length batts and seal with taping. The system can help in reducing the room heating costs by trapping heat for a long time.

Architectural Benefits 

  • Creative Architecture:  Roof is stated to be the most prominently visible part of your home. It can reflect the architectural beauty of the entire home when molded into creative shapes and sizes. Metal shingles are available in attractive colors, patterns, and structural orientations. It is possible to combine metals with fiberglass to create architectural marvels out of ordinary roofs on your home. 
  • Curved Panels: molding of curved panels for roofs can create modernist home architecture. Curved shingles can be shaped to create interlocking shingles. They can form continuous structures on your home roofs to enhance the attractive feature of your home. 

Investment Benefits 

The investment you make on your metal home roof can be highly economical due to decades of durability. Maintenance costs are stated to be less for the metallic roofs. The four types of metals are resistant to elements and water induced defects. 

Replacement of metal shingles is stated to be simple and fast. Interlocking shingles require fewer fasteners to bind them with the roof base frame. 

The layout of water drainage lines and pipes is also simple and effective. Rainwater can flow through curved metal shingles along horizontal lines of the roof. You can install the drainage pipes at the edges for complete draining.

Installation of snow melting panels along the length and width of metal shingles is much easier than on other types of roofs. Since metals conduct and retain heat, low energy heating can melt larger volumes of snow and ice.