Autovizion’s LED headlights are an excellent option for anyone considering an upgrade from their current headlight bulb this season.

These are one of the few sets of bulbs that aren’t a basic clone of everything else on the market, as they introduce new heat dissipation technology and forego the traditional halogen bulb. These bulbs are easy to install and offer an incredible amount of light focus that many other bulbs can’t match for this price.

Autovizion also boasts that their heat dissipation technology is designed to cool not only the best hid kit themselves, but the entire component package surrounding them. However, are these definitely the bulbs that you’ll want to install in your ride this winter? Let’s find out.

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Some of the best features in the Autovizion LED Bulbs are simple, but they’re perfected in a unique way. For instance, these bulbs are easy to simply plug in and use with almost any car model you could imagine (uses OEM sockets). If you’ve ever had to replace your headlights before, chances are these will be just as easy to install, if not easier.

Another unique feature of these bulbs is Autovizion’s heat dissipation technology that cools not only the LED lights themselves, but also the components around them. This is obviously a huge benefit when it comes to ensuring the life of your new bulbs, as proper cooling will keep your bulbs around much longer.

The light pattern in these bulbs is also extremely focused, so you’ll be able to keep track of exactly what’s in front of you in the road. I would also look the hid conversion kit as the best alternative


The first pro that I’d like to mention with these lights is the heat dissipation technology. When you’re driving in dangerous road conditions, it’s very reassuring to know that a company has installed a feature that will ensure your bulbs keep burning bright.

Additionally, if you’re not a car-savvy person, being able to essentially just plug these in and use them is also a huge plus. If need be, you could take these to your local car part store and have them do it for you, but it’s honestly so easy that anyone could do it. I also really dig the type of light pattern that these lights emit.

A lot of lights on the market have unfocused light that can end up clouding-out objects in front of you and create a dangerous driving environment, particularly in winter or foggy conditions. The pattern that Autovizion uses with these bulbs creates an extremely focused beam of light that eliminates a lot of these concerns.


For all of the great things that these bulbs offer, there are a few cons that should be noted. For instance, there have been reports that these bulbs do not fit tightly during installation, and some people have reported that they actually come off while driving.

There’s a small ring that must be twisted into the socket during the installation process, and it has been reported that this ring does not fit tightly to the base of the socket. This should be pretty troubling to prospective buyers considering that having your headlights come undone while driving is a fairly catastrophic prospect.

Some other users have also reported that the plastic tabs that fit snugly into the OEM socket have broken off during installation, but I would guess that many of these reports come from people who weren’t being particularly careful during the installation process.


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Overall, Autovizion LED Bulbs are great for anyone needing an upgrade, and the fact that they have dedicated heat dissipation is a huge upside when it comes to overall bulb-life. This, coupled with the easy Plug-N-Play installation make this bulb a great choice for any prospective consumer.