Best Electric Blankets

Say farewell to home heating costs, and welcome these blankets to enjoy warmth cost-effectively. No matter how scathing the cold out there, these fabrics can heat your mattress in a blink of an eye to provide an optimum environment for the sleeper – not to mention, that the warmth is ideal for relaxing muscles and alleviating persistent aches. In other words, it won’t just enhance the quality of sleep and save energy costs but also provide physical therapy. However, ultimate comfort is more than enough reason to buy these fabrics, for which we have erected the following guide:

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Product Reviews

1)     Sunbeam Velvet Plush Queen Heated Blanket


Endlessly shifting sides on the bed because of the severe cold can eventually lead to insomnia. Can you relate your experience with this? In that case, Sunbeam heated blanket can fix this problem with its 20 different heat settings to personalize your coziness.

The plush is outfitted with a thermo-fine heating system to monitor heat levels and adjust it according to the temperature drops throughout the night.

It features an auto-shutoff system that turns off the device at a certain preset time. For instance, you can set it for the morning time, when the sun rises and the temperature increases.

The fabric is 100% polyester, and it feels incredibly soft and comfortable against your skin. Unlike many other electric blankets, it is machine-washable, which saves you from all the trouble of handwashing it.


  • A good number of heat settings let you select the most suitable environment.
  • The auto-turn off feature is convenient.
  • It provides superior warmth and comfort.
  • Machine and dryer compatibility make it easy to maintain option.
  • It feels soft and plushy.


  • It lacks friction and slips off the bed.
  • For repair, you would go through strenuous procedures.

2)     Sunbeam Quilted Heated Mattress Pad


Another blanket from Sunbeam that may not be as impressive as the previous ones we’ve discussed, but it gives a good value for money. It features ten heat settings for both sides of the sheet for a better sleeping experience. The warmth covers your whole body and soothes muscles for a restful night.

Through EasySet Pro Controllers, one can easily select the desired temperature, and the thermofine tech automatically senses the fluctuations in external temperature and keeps adjusting the blanket’s heat accordingly.  You wouldn’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to maintain the heat manually.

The pad comes in various sizes to fit your Twin, Queen, and King-sized mattresses. You can fold it up and use it on recliners, sofas, and couches for a toasty and cozy fit.


  • It provides quality at an affordable price.
  • The dual controls provide a personalized experience for you and your partner.
  • It is ultra-soft and comfortable to sleep on.
  • It is a good option for consistent sleep due to auto-shutoff and auto-adjustment features.


  • The controller’s lights start to blink, which is hard to fix.
  • Washing without the proper instructions will fracture it.

3)     Biddeford MicroPlush Sherpa Electric Heated Blanket Queen Taupe


Let your thermostat work at minimum power and use this blanket to fight extreme cold while saving your precious money. The blanket offers ten different heat levels to cope with varying weather.

You may find a greater number of settings in other products, but they might not be wallet-friendly choices. So, within budget, Biddeford Sherpa Blanket is one of the best available options.

Further, it provides an auto-turn off feature which shuts the heating elements off after a certain time for the customer to sleep without worry. You need to remember that it works on 110 volts, and you might need a converter to prevent sparking.


  • Dual controllers heat both sides separately.
  • The auto-adjustment feature saves you from over-heating.
  • It comes with a re-useable zipper bag for keeping it safe during summers.
  • It is affordable.
  • It is extremely soft.


  • Using the converter ends the warranty of the product.
  • The controller is at the foot-side of your bed, which is a problem for some people.
  • The durability is questionable, and it can turn into a fire hazard.

4)     Perfect Fit SoftHeat Smart Heated Electric Mattress Pad


It offers the same features as Serta Luxe Plush Electric Blanket but for less price. The heating elements are more flexible, thinner, and flatter than the traditional ones to reduce unnecessary bulkiness. It means the embedded wires won’t make you uncomfortable, and it would feel like a regular blanket.

It is also non-hazardous — it is not sensitive to moisture and is safe for pets and children. Plus, it works at a relatively lower voltage, which reduces the risk of sparks and flames to a minimum. The blanket shut itself off after ten hours so that you can enjoy worriless sleep.

SoftHeat products do not shrink and can easily be washed within a washing machine (but always follow the instructions given in the manual). With quality fabric, less maintenance, and low price makes this mattress pad a worthwhile option on this listicle.


  • It gives good value for money.
  • Non-hazardous tech reduces accidents.
  • The blanket is washable and dryable in a washing machine.
  • The micro-wires provide a more comfortable feel.
  • The warmth provides relief to muscle soreness.


  • The power controllers are of cheap quality.
  • Over time, the performance reduces.
  • Connections to the power supply get abnormally hot.

5)     Serta Smart Heated Waterproof Mattress Pad


Do cold winds and sudden drop in temperature wake you up in the middle of the night? In that case, Serta’s mattress pads are a perfect sleep solution. The quality plush gives out a good feel, and the additional inner layers provide extra softness to keep you comfortable.

The pad features a preheat function that warms the mattress before bedtime so that you can get cozy almost right away. The warmth is ideal for keeping away all bed mites who thrives in cold, moist conditions. Furthermore, it is also an excellent solution for troubling dust allergies.

What’s more, the pad is outfitted with an extra layer to prevent water from passing through. Undoubtedly, Serta products perform well, but they do not provide good value. For instance, you can get the same features for less by purchasing Sunbeam waterproof mattress pad, as discussed above.


  • The wires are thin and undetectable.
  • It is a good solution for dust mites and allergies.
  • The heat is distributed evenly throughout the material.
  • It is embedded with low voltage technology.
  • It is waterproof.


  • It is not a budget-friendly option.
  • The controller’s wires will deteriorate over time.
  • With time, the heat distribution becomes uneven.


6)     Electrowarmth Queen Two Controls Extra Long Heated Mattress


The thickness of this mattress pad is no joke. It is filled with cluster fibers for an extra soft feel that retains the softness no matter how much you wash it. Even without the heat turned on, it provides enough relief to alleviate tiredness from a whole workday.

The quick heat up prepares your bed in a couple of minutes, and with ten variable heat options, you can choose whichever temperature suits you the most. The pad can detect an abnormal rise in temperature to shut itself down automatically. This function can save you from sparks and fires.

It is packed with memory circuits for more convenience; it means when you turn on the device, it remembers the last settings, saving you from the trouble of selecting it again.


  • It is an excellent solution for a restful and undisturbed sleep.
  • The blanket turns itself off in the event of overheating.
  • It is thick and extra soft.
  • It is slightly more weighted than other products, so it does not slip.
  • It is machine-washable.


  • The heating elements do not cover the whole pad.
  • It is pretty costly in comparison to others we discussed.

7)     Beautyrest Brushed Long Fur Electric Throw Blanket


Nothing on this list rivals the eye-catching design of this product. The fusion of ogee pattern and floral design is what makes it so interesting. Beyond looks, the device can warm up your bed and couch almost instantly so that you can sleep or watch TV while being soothed.

With the preheat function, you can get rid of cold sheets before crawling into it. Users can select three temperatures to customize the warmth, but the options aren’t enough to handle slight changes in weather. In case you forgot to turn it off, the blanket automatically shuts down after a certain period.

The size is just perfect — it is neither too long nor too short so that one can utilize it both on bed and couch. Being a throw blanket, it gets dirty faster. But no worries, it can survive countless trips to the washing machine.


  • It looks impressive.
  • The blanket cords are long enough to be plugged anywhere.
  • It feels extra soft and retains the heat for long.
  • The controllers can be used in the dark.


  • Three heat settings are not enough to cope with every change in temperature.
  • Sometimes, the controllers get abnormally hot.
  • In case of overheating, the buttons melt down.

8)     Woolrich Plaid Electric Blanket Throw Plush Blanket


With this throw blanket, you would never have to climb in cold sheets again. It is packed with advanced heating technology that detects room temperatures and adjusts the heat accordingly. It does that without emitting any harmful EM radiation.

In addition to that, it features three distinct heat settings allowing users to select the heat of your choice. The sheet remains warm enough, even at the lowest setting. What’s more, there is a preheat function to ready your mattress before bedtime.

Just like the previously discussed Beautyrest blanket, it also looks great but with a different design that has its own charm. It comes in different color combinations, each having a unique feel.


  • The blanket takes into account room temperatures to sets its own.
  • It looks good and comes in various color options.
  • It retains heat well and remains warm.
  • It automatically turns itself off when the blanket is hot enough.


  • The three heat settings are not enough for many users.
  • The material has a cheap feel to it.
  • It isn’t as durable as the company claims.

9)     MP2 Heated Throw Blanket Electric Lap Blanket


You would absolutely adore this throw blanket for a number of reasons. Firstly, it breaks records by providing seventeen different color choices. We haven’t seen such a diverse arsenal of colors anywhere else on our list.

For the perfect amount of warmth, three heat settings allow the user to manipulate the temperature. In case you fall asleep with the blanket still turned on, it would automatically shut itself off with the auto-shutoff mechanism.

The heat is evenly distributed around the throw because of the efficient electric wires network embedded within. The wires may feel a little bulky, but not too much that it annoys the sleeper. The controller has only two buttons — one for power and one for heat changing.


  • It provides a good number of color options.
  • The controllers are pretty easy to use.
  • LEDs are there to indicate the heat levels.
  • The material feels soft and looks lovely.
  • It turns off automatically after two hours of consecutive use.
  • It distributes the heat evenly.


  • The heat options are not enough.
  • The user can feel the heating wires.
  • The controllers are made up of cheap material, and they can melt.


10)                        Sojoy iHealthComfort 12V Electric Heated Travel Blanket


This could be an essential gear to travel, especially during cold weather. It is portable and light-weighted, so it won’t be a hassle to carry along. You can get warm and tackle the chilling winds with its fast heating technology that can heat up your place in less than no time.

It works at a relatively lower voltage than any device we discussed above. Additionally, it comes with a converter that can be attached to the car’s socket. Users can choose a temperature between 30 to 60 degrees Celsius by using a portable smart remote.

Beyond performance, the blanket looks pretty amazing. It comes in nine different colors, including cartoon printed fabrics. So, it is something that your children will surely adore.


  • It is about the right size and weight suitable for travel.
  • It can be attached to a low voltage source.
  • The blanket has a wide temperature range.
  • It looks amazing and comes in various designs.
  • It turns itself off automatically after the desired temperature is reached.


  • It is suitable for only travel and not for daily home usage.
  • The fabric isn’t of good quality.
  • It may not survive for a long time.


11)                        Serta Luxe Plush Fleece Electric Throw Blanket


Next up is Serta Electric Blanket, made with micro-plush fibers for ideal softness that feels great on your skin. The heating elements are super thin, keeping the unwanted bulkiness to the minimum. Even with these microwires, the heat is distributed evenly.

On top of that, the wires are flat and remain undetectable for the user — something that the traditional wires don’t offer. Unlike Biddeford blankets, it works at a lower voltage that is a lot safer for your family and pets. This non-hazardous technology is certified, which backs up all the claims by the company.

Like the Sunbeam and Biddeford products, it features ten heat settings to manipulate the temperature as per one’s preference — Also, the same auto-shutoff feature for added convenience.


  • Users cannot feel the heating wires because of their thin and flat structure.
  • The non-hazardous tech prevents sparks and fires.
  • It offers many heat control settings.
  • The controls are easy to use.
  • The fabric is highly durable.


  • The company SoftHeat sells the same features for less price.
  • The quality of the controllers is cheap.
  • It may develop cold spots over time.

12)                        Sunbeam Waterproof Heated Mattress Pad


Moisture can usually penetrate electric blankets and pads; one accidental spillage and your mattress are done for. But Sunbeam offers a solution with its water-resistant pad that stops the moisture from destroying your mattresses.

With two zones, couples can heat their sides separately using the ten heat settings. Plus, it turns off automatically after a certain preset time to ensure consistent sleep time. The thermo-fine technology deals with the fall and rise of temperature by detecting the fluctuations and readjusting the heat.

It is similar to Sunbeam Quilted Heated Mattress pad that we’ve already reviewed above with only two differences — the waterproof covering and the wavy hourglass design, which is why it is slightly overpriced.


  • The hourglass design is different from most heating pads.
  • It protects your mattresses from moisture.
  • It automatically adjusts the temperature as per the external environment.
  • It can be washed in a washing machine.
  • The controls are easy to use.
  • It is extra-soft and comfortable.


  • It is not durable.
  • The two zones don’t heat with the same power.
  • To get it fixed, you have to pay extra for the shipping as well, even with the warranty.

13)                        Beautyrest Plush Electric Throw Blanket


It is a soft blanket equipped with thermoregulatory features allowing users to enhance their sleep by getting rid of cold spots on the bed. The consistent warmth is given out without the generation of EM radiations for customers to snuggle safely.

The blanket only offers three heat settings (low, medium, high), which may not sound good enough, but it serves the purpose. Still, better options are available in the market in case you find the temperature flexibility insufficient.

Once it has warmed up your bed, it shuts off automatically so that you can sleep in peace. Out of all the features, the one that makes it attractive is the stylish design — it comes in Ogee printed textures and vibrant colors.


  • The heating technology is safe enough, with no EM radiation.
  • It shuts off automatically after a few hours.
  • It has an impressive design and eye-catching colors.
  • The heating wires being flexible don’t come off easily.
  • It is machine washable.


  • It only offers three heat settings.
  • The controller is made with substandard material.
  • The plastic and buttons melt when used for a longer time.

14)                        Beautyrest Solid Microlight Berber Heated Blanket


Manufacturer with 100% micro-light fibers, multiple layers of soft lining, and light-weighted material make this electric blanket a must-have. Plus, you can’t feel the wires because of their flat, thin, and slender construction.

With 20 heat settings, it delivers warmth according to your mood. The warmth would be ideal, and not enough to feel too hot to touch. But sometimes, it may overheat, which is reported as a persistent problem with this product. In that case, the auto-shutoff feature is there to save your sleep, but not always.

The King and Queen sizes come with dual controllers and two zones for couples to customize different temperatures for each side while these controllers are push-button ones that are easy to use with no learning curve.


  • It offers a lot of heat settings for you to choose from.
  • The auto-shutoff feature can be a lifesaver, especially in case of overheating.
  • The two controllers allow customers to customize each zone separately.
  • The heat is evenly distributed throughout the bed.
  • It feels soft and nice on the skin.


  • It has an overheating manufacturing default.
  • The cords attached to the blanket are difficult to remove.
  • The controller changes the temperature to the higher number automatically.

15)                        Cotton Blend Heated Mattress Pad White King


This mattress pad is constructed with 40% polyester and 60% cotton providing a soft and pleasant surface to sleep on. But the manufacturers have made the surface too smooth, so you might have trouble keeping it where it is supposed to.

It comes with five heat settings which can be controlled and monitored with easy to use controllers. The controllers are push-button for added convenience, as the dial ones are hard to set. It also features a shutoff timer that automatically turns the heat off after a certain period to prevent overheating.

On the whole, with the relaxing warmth, sufficient temperature controls, well-built soft material, it is a good solution for better sleep and relaxation.


  • It heats up very fast.
  • The material is incredibly soft and smooth.
  • The controllers are well-placed for easy use.
  • You will not feel the embedded wires at all.
  • The temperature is easy to control with push buttons.
  • In the case of a defective product, the replacement process is easy.


  • The cords are short, so you might need an extension for plugging.
  • The controllers are likely to get malfunctioned soon.
  • It is not durable enough.

16)                        Woolrich Sherpa ELEC MATT Mattress Pad


Sometimes all one desires is a cozy place to feel relaxed, and this mattress pad fits that description. It is ultra-soft with 100% Sherpa Berber fabric, which becomes even softer after washing.

To fight with the harsh winters, it offers five heat settings to choose as per preference — as well as an automatic sleep timer to shut the heating element to prevent overheating. The warmth is adjusted through two controllers, one for each side to select the temperature separately.

The pad covers the whole mattress and creates a tight fit to keep the heat inside even when the device is off. A rubber band secures the pad in place so that it doesn’t slip from beneath you.


  • The pad doesn’t lose its softness even after washing.
  • It automatically turns itself off once the blanket starts to overheat.
  • The maintenance is easy as it is machine-washable.
  • Due to its flexible dimensions, it fits most mattresses.
  • It does not slip.


  • The controller is at an annoying position from your feet.
  • There is no light on the controller, so it is difficult to operate in the dark.


17)                        Pure Warmth 874201 Plush Electric Heated Warming Blanket


Another prominent name in the industry, determined to provide comfortable, safe, and convenient options for valuable periods of sleep. You wouldn’t need to burn chimneys or overuse the thermostat anymore. With this blanket, you would be able to get cozy anytime without expending unnecessary power.

Every blanket that we have discussed included variable heat settings and an auto-shutoff feature; this product is no exception. It offers ten temperature options, which are enough to tackle changing weather throughout the winters. Plus, the shutoff function helps deal with the overheating issue.

It comes with two controllers to set separate temperatures for each side. They are big enough to be easily operated even in the dark. The display illuminates, making the process easier.


  • It does a good job of keeping you warm while sleeping.
  • The blanket is soft light weighted.
  • It carries fast heating elements.
  • The illuminating display help select the heat levels in the dark.
  • It can be cleaned in the washing machine.
  • It is warm enough, even at the lowest settings.


  • The cords are uncomfortably large.
  • Sometimes, the controllers get in the way.
  • The wires are too prominent and irritate the sleeper.

18)                        Beautyrest Zuri Oversized Faux Fur Heated Throw Grey Blanket


Electric blankets and mattress pads are usually not that good looking, but this product changes that. Its simple yet attractive design would enhance the look of any décor. If grey doesn’t work for you, you can choose from nine other colors to match with your interior.

The pure Faux Fur Mink material isn’t just lovely to look at but also feels extremely soft to touch. The added fur and inner polyester layers ensure comfort and act as an insulator, which traps heat for a considerable time. The blanket heats up almost instantly with only a single push of a button.

Like other throws, it senses the external temperature, adjusts the heat within accordingly, and carries auto-shutoff features.


  • The fur feels good and traps heat within the layers.
  • The blanket heats up very fast.
  • It comes in various colors to match with your furniture.
  • The controls are easy to understand.
  • It is a foot longer than regular throws.
  • It automatically adjusts the temperature.


  • The light colors get dirty fast.
  • The number of variable heat settings is not enough.
  • The material feels like it is cheaply made.


19)                        Pure Warmth by Biddeford Fleece Electric Heated King Sage Green Blanket


Cold spots in your sheets can take your sleep away. But with an electric blanket, you can ready your bed before climbing in. Sounds pretty convenient, right? Not just that, it can also adjust and maintain the temperature according to the surroundings.

By using ten heat options, users can get cozy in the perfect warmth chosen by themselves. It automatically turns the heating elements off once the selected temperature is reached to prevent overheating and hazards. This feature comes in handy when people forget to turn the device off.

Pure Warmth blankets are available in nine colors so that you can choose as per your personal liking. For maintenance, just throw the blanket in the washing machine and let it clean.


  • Multiple heat options are a good feature to have.
  • It has an automatic shutoff feature.
  • It feels soft and comfortable.
  • The maintenance is hassle-free.
  • You can purchase it in nine colors.


  • The wiring and material make a lumpy mess and doesn’t lay flat.
  • Users can feel the wires while sleeping.
  • The controllers melt in case of overheating.

20)                        MaxKare Polar Fleece Electric Heated Premium Microfiber Blanket


This electric blanket could be everything you need to fight the cold. The polar fleece material entraps heat and provides a warm fit even without turning the device on. The material is skin-friendly, and the threads don’t come off, no matter how roughly you use it.

With four heat levels, and ten hours automatic shut off timer helps sleep consistently. The heat options are indicated by small LEDs on the remote so that you can keep track of the temperature. Plus, with these LEDs, you can operate the remote even in the dark with ease.

It works for both outdoor and indoor use and can be controlled via a single button, making it one of the most user-friendly devices we have here on this list.


  • It acts as an insulator, even without the heating.
  • It is user friendly and easy to use.
  • The controller is made from good quality material.
  • LEDs help you operate the device at night.
  • The stitching does not easily come off.


  • It does not have sufficient variable temperature options.
  • It looks dull and doesn’t have many color options.
  • The controller gets abnormally warm.

21)                        SensorPedic Heated Electric Blanket with SensorSafe


Whether you are trying to ease muscle pain or lower your electricity bill, this blanket can help. With the variable heat settings, you can choose between nine different energy levels to meet your needs. In other words, you can use this device all year round with varying weather for many purposes.

It packs SensorSafe technology, which in response to unusual heat levels, shuts the device off automatically. Also, the timer can be selected manually between 1-12 hours of time according to your sleeping schedule.

The Queen and Kink sized SensorPedic Electric Blankets come with dual controllers to customize two different sides manually. So, you and your partner wouldn’t need to fight on the temperature anymore.


  • The blanket ease muscle soreness and pain.
  • It helps lower the electricity bills by saving energy.
  • It shuts itself off when the heat becomes abnormal.
  • The dual controllers are a good option for couples.
  • The controllers can be operated at night.
  • The power cords are long enough.


  • The lights on the controller disturb the sleeper.
  • There is no way to dim the lights on the remote.
  • The stitching comes off after a few washes.


22)                        Thermee Micro Flannel Electric Blanket


Manufactured with multiple layers of micro flannel, pure polyester, and luxuriously soft fittings, this blanket is everything you could ask for in the cold. The layers feel great to touch and works as an insulator to keep you warm and give a toasty feel.

Just like every other electric blanket, it features ten variable heat settings, auto-shutoff feature, quick heat up mechanism, programmable timer, auto-backlit timer, and smart heat detection. All of these features make this blanket worthy enough to be on our list.

We must say that it is quite sturdy — the stitching remains in place; the fabric doesn’t shrink, and the color doesn’t fade. Therefore, the company claims that it would last for many years.


  • Seven layers of fabric work as an insulator.
  • The blanket is user-friendly embedded with smart tech.
  • It comes in thirteen colors, including some interesting prints.
  • The 17-foot cord can reach every corner of your bedroom.
  • The memory function keeps track of your previous settings.
  • It can survive for years.



  • Most of the plain colors look dull and uninteresting.
  • The remote has too many buttons.
  • In case of power loss, you’d have to turn on the device again manually.

23)                        Thermee Micro Flannel Electric Ultra Velvet Blanket


Another blanket from Thermee, but with velvet fabric. It is equally soft and warm but being soft, and it may slip a lot. The seven layers of micro flannel entrap heat inside even when the device is turned off, which is an essential component to save energy.

Just like the previously discussed Thermee blanket, this one also has the same features — ten temperature settings, auto shutoff features, quick heat technology, and programable sleep timer. It also packs a safety feature that turns the device off when the heat rises to a dangerous level.

The fabric doesn’t retain moisture for long and quickly dries up, saving your energy and time. Plus, no matter how many times you wash, it doesn’t lose its signature color.


  • It heats up your sleeping place efficiently.
  • The fabric is unshrinkable and stays smooth after countless washes.
  • It is of ideal size and covers your bedding perfectly.
  • The fabric dries quickly.
  • The lights on the control automatically turn off.


  • The surface is smooth, which why it slips a lot.
  • The remote has too many buttons.
  • The controls are hard to operate in the dark.

24)                        Well Being Plush Electric Heated Blanket


This product can be a good addition to your sleeping space. The plush flannel and pure polyester material are ultra-soft and give the user a luxuriously comfortable place to rest. In addition to that, the heat soothes muscle aches and relieves tightness and soreness.

Adjustable heat settings allow you to select a suitable temperature out of four options. Heat levels can be monitored by the LED display on the remote so that the person remembers the previous selection. It doesn’t have a memory circuit of its own, so you have to reset the levels every night.

In case of unusually hot temperatures, the controllers shut down the heating elements automatically. Furthermore, after 10 hours of consecutive use, it turns off so you can have a trouble-free sleep.


  • It is comfortably soft and soothing.
  • It helps get rid of muscle pain and soreness.
  • The device has built-in safety features.
  • The controls can be operated in the dark.
  • The controls are easy to manage.


  • It does not have a memory function.
  • The remote may get in your way sometimes.
  • Four heat settings are not enough to deal with changing weather.

How to Clean Electric Blankets Properly?

Regardless of what the companies claim, cleaning these blankets in the washing machine can shorten their lifespan. The harsh washing and drying cycles are intolerable for the fabric. So, don’t throw them in the machine whenever you spot a little stain, but only when it is absolutely essential.

You must follow the instructions given in the manual to avoid mistakes that can damage your product. Every manual would probably tell you to remove the cords, put it in the machine, and leave it on for not more than 10 minutes. The steps are usually unclear, so follow these steps for more effective cleaning:

Hand Washing the Electric Blanket

  • Step 1: Disconnect all the cords and wires attached to it. For some products, the power cables are difficult to unplug, so be gentle to avoid tearing. Forget about the inner wiring as it is protected with waterproof material.
  • Step 2: Fills a tub with enough water to slightly submerge the blanket. The water should be neither too hot nor too cold; otherwise, that will harm the inner wiring.
  • Step 3: Pour a gentle detergent in the tub. Don’t use any harsh chemicals, or the fabric will be damaged. The quantity of the detergent should be just enough to clean the stains and dirt off the material.
  • Step 4: By using your hands, create a foam. Don’t put the detergent directly over the material.
  • Step 5: Once the water is ready, submerge the blanket in it. Leave it there for not more than 10 to 15 minutes. By doing this, the fabric will soak the water well.
  • Step 6: Press the blanket to remove the soaked soapy water. This way, most of the dirt and filth will be removed. Rinse gently with steady motions. Remember, rigorous movement can tear the winner wiring. In the end, squeeze it to get rid of excessive water.
  • Step 7: If your dryer has the options of low, gentle, and even air, then it is safe to use. Otherwise, it can mess up the fabric and the plastic on the wiring. Drying at full heat is what later leads to fire hazards.

Machine Washing the Electric Blanket

  • Step 1: Remove all the power cords and cables from the blanket. Do it gently so that the fabric doesn’t tear apart.
  • Step 2: Pour the lukewarm water in the machine. Make sure the water is on mild temperature because the extremely cold and hot liquid can damage the product’s internal wiring.
  • Step 3: Use a gentle detergent in the machine. Don’t use bleach or harsh cleaners as they are harmful to the fabric.
  • Step 4: Select the “gentle cycle” option on your washing machine. The other options would only damage your blanket by rigorously moving it around. If you do not have that option, you should hand wash the blanket.
  • Step 5: Leave the blanket in for just two minutes. Any more time would just damage it.
  • Step 6: Go for the spin cycle. This will allow to remove access water and detergent from the material.
  • Step 7: Put it in the dryer on low heat settings. Higher options can melt the inner wiring down. Leave it in for only 15 minutes. But if you don’t want to take any risk, it is best to dry it using the cloth line. In the day time, it would be ready to use in an hour.

Buying Guide

Electric blankets and mattress pads are a good option to tackle chilly nights. But they can turn into a hazard pretty quickly if there is a slight fault in the product. To make your investment worthwhile, here are a few things that you must look into beforehand.

Energy Efficiency

One of the basic purposes of buying electric blankets is to lower the house heating cost. Make sure the product serves its purpose by having lower voltages. Moreover, some devices need a converter to work, which isn’t a feasible option. Therefore, check if the voltage matches your house system.

Machine-Washable and Dryer-Safe Material

Some products cannot tolerate the harsh spins of the washing machine. Many customers have claimed that their product stopped working right after the first wash.

To avoid that, check if it is compatible with the washing machine and the dryer. We would recommend you to go for reliable and sturdy products like Sunbeam and Biddeford, which can survive the harshness of machine washing.

Fabric Choice

These blankets are manufactured with various materials, including fleece, polyester, cotton, and fur. You can choose which suits your taste, but make sure it does not shrink, fade, and wear off. Material like fur are more likely to wither fast, but fleece lasts longer.

The stitching is what keeps the material together and the inner wires in place. One compromised portion can tear your whole blanket apart. Plus, the blanket won’t lay flat if it is stitched wrong, which can be pretty troublesome.

Temperature Flexibility

As repeatedly discussed above, the blankets come in 3 to 20 variable heat options, allowing users to customize their experience. It also comes in handy when the weather suddenly changes.

The greater number of heating options there are, the better will be the performance. That is one reason why we have chosen the Sunbeam’s electric blanket as our top pick.

The fast heat-up mechanism is another thing that you might want in your product. Otherwise, your blanket would take forever to heat your place, and you would have to lie in cold sheets.

Smart Functions

Some blankets are outfitted with smart sensing technology that can alter the inner temperature according to the surrounding. For instance, if the temperature rises in the morning, the blanket will lower the temperature instead of toasting the place.

Another thing that you should look for is an automatic shutoff feature. It allows the device to sense the abnormal heat amassing inside the wires and turns the device off as a precaution. The turning off time can also be manipulated using a timer.

Inner Wiring

Most blankets have round and bulky wiring, which feels uncomfortable for the user. Any person can locate the wire and accidentally pull it out, which can ruin the product. But many manufacturers have introduced undetectable, flat, and flexible inner wiring, due to which the product feels like a regular blanket.


The quality of the temperature plays a huge role in determining the overall performance of the device. Cheap plastic can melt in case of overheating, as we witnessed with the above reviewed SoftHeat product.

They come in numerous designs, but the single button controllers are the most convenient. Further, make sure it can be operated in the dark by having an LED display or back-lighting.

Safety Tips for Electric Blanket

Reports have consistently shown that the electric blankets have a persistent problem with the controllers’ durability. In many cases, the malfunctions have burnt the user’s skin, ignite the bedding on fire and melt down the cords. The same problem haunts our reviewed products as well.

You can avoid accidents to some degree by following these tips:

Keep the Cords Away from Pets

Advanced products work on lower voltage, but sill the electricity can start a fire or burn things around. The pets have a habit of chewing anything they can fit in their mouth.

Many customers have shared their stories about how their pets chewed the cords, which ended up being a fire hazard. So, make sure you don’t let them near your blanket.

Inspect Your Bedding Every Day

Overheating can anytime ignite the fabric and the bedding. The automatic shut off feature may help and turn the device off, but to avoid future malfunctions, look for the signs on the sheets. In case you locate nay burnt up material, contact the seller and get it replaced as soon as possible.

Store It Wisely

Don’t store and fold it as you do with your regular blankets. The folds can mess up the inner wiring and even tear the plastic covering. Make big folds only and gentle store it away.

Some blankets come with a plastic covering to protect the fabric when not in use.  One more thing, remove the cords and store them separately for maximum safety.

Examine Your Skins Every Morning

 Users have complained that these blankets have given them rash, scaly skin, and burns all over the skin. The rash and scaly skin can be the reason for dryness caused by the all-night heating while the burns show the malfunction in the device.

For dryness, you can use a moisturizer before bedtime, and in case of burns, you have to get a replacement.

Don’t Overdo It

The more you use it, the faster the product will die. Only use it when you have a dire need of it. This will not only increase the blanket’s lifetime but also help reduce the risk of fire-related accidents.

If the device comes with a programmable timer, then set it to turn off after a few hours rather than leaving it to overheat.

Remember these Dos and Don’ts

  • Keep the cords out of your heated pad or blanket so that they won’t melt.
  • In case of liquid spillage, turn the device off immediately, even if it is waterproof bedding. Wait for it to dry before using it again.
  • Avoid using the extension cords because they are not safe.
  • Watch out for signs like the burning smell and slow heating. If any of these signs emerge, stop using the blanket.
  • Read the instructions on the manual before using any product.
  • Never use an extra blanket on top of the electric blanket; it would cause the heat to accumulate to a dangerous level.



Warm bedding is a crucial ingredient for a restful sleep. But during unbearably cold winter, it gets difficult to keep your place warm, and to put another layer of blanket feels troublesome. Plus, using the thermostat 24/7 can cost a lot. So, an electric blanket is a great solution to all these problems mentioned above.

Our reviewed products are best out of the market, and hopefully, the above list will ease your selecting procedure.  As per our opinion, Sunbeam Velvet Plush Queen Heated Blanket wins the race with its greater number of heat options and extremely soft fabric.

Among mattress pads, Sunbeam Quilted Heated Mattress Pad has out highest recommendation for the same reasons — it has a good number of heat settings, the fabric is soft, and it provides good value for money.

So, what are you waiting for? Tuck yourself in cozy warmth and shield from frosty nights by purchasing an electric blanket.