Best Robotic Pool Cleaners

We all love to swim in a clean and clear pool. But as we all know to get a crystal clear and refreshing pool we need to clean it time to time. If we don’t clean our pool in time it will get dirty and we won’t get the clean pool that we want. Many of us don’t take the step in their hand to clean the pool as we think that cleaning pool is very tough. Though maintaining a pool is not an easy task. In a year you will need many hours to keep your pool bacteria free. So to keep your pool clean and unwanted bacteria free you need to clean your pool by yourself or need to hire someone who will do that for you.

The water pool can be contaminated by organic materials such as skin and hair to chemicals like soap, detergents etc. Pool water can also be contaminated by the leaves, sticks of nearby trees and also by insects. All these things can be a threat to both pool’s circulation system and also for the health of swimmers. So, you can get rid of these if you clean your pool time to time with pool cleaners.

Now we all see the advancing of technology in every sphere of our life and pool is also no different. If you can’t clean your pool then you don’t need to worry because it will do a robot. Out there in the market now, you can find best automatic pool cleaner that can handle your dirty pool with great performance. Or you can also buy best robotic pool cleaner for the task. With help of these auto and robotic pool cleaners, you can maintain your pool constantly. These pool cleaners function according to the pool’s circulation system. There is a suction system in these automatic cleaners by which they suck in and collect dirt with the help of bags or pool filter.

 Advantages of buying best pool cleaner:

The main advantage of buying a pool cleaner is that it can ease your pool maintenance and saves lots of time. You need to spend so many hours to clean your pool if you do it yourself. So use a pool cleaner the best tool that can be used to keep your pool crystal clear and healthy. To keep your pool water healthy there is a chemical system in these pool cleaners which can kill unwanted bacteria and viruses. It can also clean the leaves, stones and any other dirt that can be found in your pool.

Having a pool cleaner can ease the maintenance of your pool and it will also keep your pool healthy. Pool cleaners are for those who don’t know how to clean pool or don’t have so much time to clean.

What you should check before buying a pool cleaner:

The very first thing you need to check in a pool cleaner is that it suits your pool type or not. Most pools out there owned by people are inground pools so if your pool is also an inground pool then you need to choose a cleaner that satisfies your need. If you have a diving pool there are some pool cleaners that are suitable for diving pools, you need to check that also.

Some pool cleaners out there can deliver efficient cleaning like sucking up stones and pebbles, leaves and small sticks. So if your pool has these debris then you need to look for those pool cleaners that can clean these type of debris. There are some pool cleaners which can collect simple debris such as grass and other materials of nature. Most importantly you need to look for a pool cleaner according to your need.

Normally you will find a pool cleaner that is made for inground pool use. So if your pool is not inground and not too deep also then you need to find a pool cleaner that can handle these types of pools without ruining your pool.

There are two types of pool cleaners according to power system one is electric powered and another one is powered by your pool’s pump and filtration system. Both types are great in functioning. So it is completely up to you which one you prefer most.

How to find best pool cleaner: 

You need to keep some important factors in mind while looking for the best automatic pool cleaner. We’ve listed down some important factors below –

  • Select a pool cleaner according to your pool needs such as if there are trees around your pool then you need to find a powerful pool cleaner to clean all the sticks and leaves.
  • You need to select a pool cleaner that suits your pool type otherwise that pool cleaner will not be of any use.
  • To get rid of tangles and trapped pool cleaners you need to choose one smart pool cleaner.
  • Always try to find the best automatic pool cleaner
  • To save energy and cost find a pool cleaner that does not need any booster pump.

Top Pool Cleaners Review

To have a crystal clear and healthy pool here are top 5 pool cleaners that you should check –

#1 Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus 

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The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is the best robotic pool cleaner that’s why it is in the first place on the list. If you are searching for a pool cleaner that can keep your pool clean constantly and which can also kill bacteria/viruses then this is the one that you should consider. It’s an inground pool cleaner that will be suitable for most of the pools owned by people.

  Now a question can arise in your mind that why we choose a robotic pool cleaner. The answer is simple, these robotic pool cleaners are very good at cleaning larger pools with great suction and pressure cleaning. They are also great in working in adventurous locations. The Dolphin Nautilus is the most advanced robotic cleaner out there in the market right now that comes with smart features such as climb, float and move all around your pool.

When it comes to the weight then I can assure you that this is one of the lightest pools cleaners that weighs just about 22lbs. But don’t go with its light-weight and think that it is not that good in cleaning. It is the most advanced pool cleaners that can clean your pool with more efficiently than other pool cleaners.

Let’s talk about its functioning, it works by rolling above the surface of your whole pool. It collects any debris and vacuums it greatly from the water. You can get the job done within 2.5 hours with the help of this robot if you have an average size pool and in larger pools, it will need a bit extra time to clean and clear the pool. If there is smaller debris in your pool which can’t be cleaned with other cleaners then you don’t need to worry about that if you have this robot. Its cleaner comes with a built-in filter that will help you to get rid of that smaller debris from your pool.



  • Light-weight so that you can control it easily
  • Best robotic one within this price range
  • Extremely efficient
  • Swivel cable doesn’t get tangled
  • Doesn’t get stuck
  • Cleans pool walls, stairs and floors


  • It has no remote control
  • Caddy missing


#2 Hayward Poolvergnuegen Pool Cleaner 

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There are lots of competitions going on over automatic pool cleaners and everyone is looking for the best automatic pool cleaner. Hayward Poolvergnuegen Automatic Cleaner is one of the best automatic pool cleaners that has some quite efficient features that made it in the second choice in this list. It comes with a patented tire tread that has deep grooves which make sure it overcome all the obstacles so that it can clean the pool floors, walls, and stairs.

It has adjustable roller skirt which is another great feature and it helps to navigate the terrain of your pools with great efficiency. You will get maximum suction from all over the surfaces of your pool with the help of this feature.

There is a good feature in this automatic pool cleaner which is called patented self-adjusting turbine vanes. With the help of this feature, it can clean all the big debris with a magic by optimizing the power output.

To cover every inch of your pool the Poolvergnuegen has some preprogrammed steering sequences. This feature always keeps commanding the cleaner to turn and operate at some points to get full coverage of your whole pool.

The most important feature of this PoolCleaner is that it suits any pool size from average to large. It comes with three interchangeable throats that will allow you to optimize the suction performance which means you can use throat according to the suction you need. For example, if you need to get rid of large debris then you can choose the large one from the 3 throats.



  • 5HP pump for great power
  • Very light-weight (4.9lbs)
  • Two wheel drive
  • Interchangeable throats
  • Covers entire pool
  • Self-adjusting tire vanes
  • Suitable for almost every size pool


  • If your pool walls are curved then this one won’t work great


#3 Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner 

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Another one from the Dolphin brand made it in the list of top pool cleaners. The Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner is an inground pool cleaner that comes with lots of unique and great features that made it the third one on the list. It will take your pool maintenance to the next level with its completely multi-media filtration system that has four different types of filters that can be used for cleaning your pool more efficiently than ever.

You can get rid of algae, bacteria, virus, and biofilm with the help of the microfilter of this cleaner. It also comes with a dual filtration system that will clean larger debris such as acorns, leaves, sticks, twigs and pebbles. A disposable debris bag is included in the fourth filtration system of this pool cleaner that can be used easily. Other robotic pool cleaner doesn’t come with this several filtration system. If you want all these filtrations in another robotic pool cleaner then you have to buy these filters additionally. By using this four filtration system you can clean your pool very efficiently in comparison to other robotic and automatic pool cleaners.

There is a PowerClean brush feature that comes with high RPM so that it can clean up the toughest algae and biofilm which are usually impossible to remove. This robotic cleaner is also capable of saving energy as its motors use only 180 watts to operate. You can also save money if you have this because it will only cost you 5 cents of energy every hour.

The Dolphin Premier will save your time greatly as you don’t need to clean your pool every day. With this pool cleaner, you just need to clean your pool 2 to 3 times per week. It will ease your work so much that you will have extra time to do something important. It comes with a remote control system that will give you the power to run it automatically. Though the cleaner is a bit pricey but doesn’t think that the money you are spending is as wastes rather think as it is a lifetime investment. You can also see how many important features it is offering you as well.



  • 4 filtration system in one cleaner
  • Energy efficient
  • Good durability
  • Advanced cleaning efficiency
  • A remote control system to run it automatically


  • A bit pricey
  • Heavy in weight


#4 Intex Auto Pool Cleaner 

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Nowadays we don’t have so much time to clean a pool for hours. We can let that job to the automatic pool cleaners which are popular in these recent days. We all want a pool cleaner that has good features and also comes with the low price. So if you are looking for a cheap pool cleaner with great efficiency then this is the one that you really should consider.

The Intex Auto Pool Cleaner is the one you are looking for within a short budget. It is an efficient tool that can be used to clean your pool from time to time. Capable of removing all the dirt from your pool with good speed. It can save your time by cleaning your pool within less time period than manual pool cleaner. You can have a clean pool if you get this amazing tool in your home.

It is capable of cleaning all the dirt from the surface of your pool water. Anyone can use it easily as it is very simple to use. The size and design of this automatic pool cleaner are very compact that you can use it anytime without any interrupt. To get the maximum performance it clears all the air pockets from the cleaner hose. It is specially designed for those who own Intex pools. The size of the hose is about 24 feet which will be very helpful to clean average size pools.



  • Easy to use
  • Above the surface of your pool can be cleaned easily
  • Automatic pool cleaner
  • Cheap in price


  • Not suitable for inground pools
  • It gets stuck sometimes

#5 Polaris F9550 Sports Robotic Pool Cleaner 

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The Polaris F9550 is the last one on the list but not the least. This is an amazingly designed pool cleaner that is similar to a remote control car which is great for cleaning your pool. It actually comes with a remote control system so that you can easily run it automatically from a distance.

The Polaris is an extremely efficient pool robot that is very simple to use. It is in the 5th position in the list because of its heavier weight. The weight of this bot is about 43.6 pounds which is obviously heavy. But you don’t need to worry about the weight while moving it because it comes with an Easy Lift System that will help you to easily press a button on the remote to run it on the pool surface. It also has a transport caddy and it is designed in a way that helps you to get it transported easily. Though it is heavy still it is easier to manage.

The most amazing feature of this bot is its user-friendly remote control that lets you manage where it will go. It also has a 7-day programmable timer with customizable cleaning cycles and these cleaning cycles will climb on the walls to clean.


  • Cheaper in compare to Dolphin
  • Very efficient in cleaning
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to use and control
  • A remote control is given
  • Cleans walls, stairs, and floors of your pool
  • Canister filters are very easy to clean


  • A bit heavy