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Top 5 Best Trail Camera Review 2017

In present days trail camera is the most commonly used tools in the sector of hunting. The trail camera is now getting popular among many hunters out there. Now if you don’t know what best trail camera is, then this question will go through your mind. A trail camera is a different type of remote camera which can capture images and also make a video of a moving object. The best part of the best trail camera is that it is weatherproof as it is designed for outdoor use. Hunters use the images captured by these cameras are used in games that’s why game camera is another name of the trail camera.

You are at the right place if you are here to gather some knowledge about best trail camera. I know that it is hard for a newbie to find out the best trail camera in the market as there are lots of trail cameras in the market. After going through this post about trail camera reviews I can assure you that being a newbie you can buy the best trail camera. Below I have listed all the components that you should consider before buying the best trail camera.

Best Trail Camera – Things you Should Know Before Buying

Camera Resolution:

Resolution is the most important part you should check on a good trail camera. To get a higher resolution photos camera needs to have more megapixels. You can go for a 1080p camera if you need to get high-resolution photos otherwise, you can go for a 720p camera.

Battery Life:

Battery life is another important factor of a trail camera. The best trail camera can take up to ten thousand photos with a set of battery. On the other hand, other cheap cameras need several sets of the battery to get the good amount of photos. You also need to consider the size of the batteries, AA batteries are better than D batteries.

Trigger Speed:

Most of the purchasers don’t pay attention to the factor of trigger speed while purchasing a good trail camera. When any animal comes into the frame of trail camera then it captures an image this is called trigger speed. You need to check the trigger speed before buying the best trail camera.


With the advancing technology, the video is added in the trail camera as an advanced feature. There are many cameras out there in the market which can shoot High-Definition (HD) videos. But for this feature, you need to spend a little extra money.

LCD Display:

LCD display is an advanced feature of the best trail camera. It will allow you to see all the photos or videos anywhere. You can also set the camera with the help of this LCD display.


Now let’s come to the rundown of the best trail camera. Below you will find the trail camera reviews which will ease your work to choose best trail camera.


Top 5 Best Trail Camera 2017 – Individually Reviewed

  1. Crenova  Trail Hunting Camera 1080p HD

Best Trail Camera Review 2017

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Crenova 12MP trail hunting game camera is one of the best trail cameras in the market right now. Wide-angle capture range and good LCD screen of this camera can make it easier to find the best shot of your desired animals. With its big 12MP resolution you can capture photos and shoot videos in HD quality. The camera is designed in a way that it can fulfill the desire and need of using the camera on hunting. There some advanced and special features are added in the camera which can fulfill all the needs of a hunter. Its bold design and good battery life make it more durable and popular as well.

This camera will automatically operate through PIR sensors and with the help of these sensors it will capture photos or shoot the video of that object/animal, only if it enters into the targeted area of the lens. By using the advanced Time Lapse technology you can capture slow movements and also shoot a long distance. For example, the flowering process which is a long process but the Time Lapse feature can convert this long period of time into a short period of time. To shoot at the night there is a hyper night vision technology which will allow it to capture and record video even at night.


  • Long battery life
  • HD camera resolution for better image quality
  • Night vision is available
  • Weatherproof
  • LCD screen for easy use


  • Trigger time is average

  1. Bestguarder HD IP66 Waterproof Infrared Night Vision Trail Camera

5 Best trail Camera Review

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In this list of best trail camera reviews the Bestguarder IP66 trail camera got the second position with some of its quality and advanced features. This HD trail camera is one of the best and popular cameras for scouting and hunting on the market at present. Now the question is that is it the perfect one for you? To get the answer to this question you need to go through this post.

Now let me tell you the features of this camera. First of all video and image quality which is the most important feature of a trail camera. The IP66 trail camera comes with a 12MP camera and it is capable of shooting videos at a high resolution of 1080P. 12MP camera is more than enough to get clear and sharp images. To get best pictures this camera also have 36-piece LED “ghost” flash that means you can get color balanced, crystal clear photos and it can also record videos at night with the clear view.

The Bestguarder IP66 trail camera features long distance capabilities. If you need to capture images and videos from a distance then this camera is just the right choice for you. Because this camera is capable of capturing images and record videos from a decent distance of 23 meters (75 feet). The best part of this camera is that it is weatherproof as well as waterproof.


  • Trigger speed is fast
  • Excellent performance
  • Takes crystal clear image
  • HD (1080p) video quality
  • Extreme body for outdoor use


  • Motion detection in video is poor

  1. Bushnell Trophy Cam HD E2 12MP Trail Camera

Best trail camera Review

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Bushnell is the name of the excellent standard in the industry when the topic is about making trail cameras. This always was the dominator and still dominating other brands of trail camera in the market. The Bushnell Essential E2 comes with some high-end features that you can expect from this renowned brand of trail and game camera. With an advance design of a previous model, Bushnell developed this model with some improved features. The functions of the camera are super smooth and easy to operate. An interesting feature of the camera is that it supports sim card and with the help of this sim card you can easily setup the camera within a minute.

With the help of the sim, users can access the data sharing feature which makes the camera more advanced. One of the best features of this camera is that you can control and manage the camera from anywhere. There are two systems to control the camera from anywhere one is web system and another one is smartphone system. The camera supports multi-image mode which means you can get multi images per trigger. Trigger speed is very fast around 0.3 seconds. The durability of this camera is outstanding.


  • Setup is easy and simple
  • Hyper night vision feature for night capture
  • Long life battery
  • Extreme durability
  • Remote control is amazing
  • Trigger speed is quick


  • Video trigger is average
  • Not compatible with rechargeable batteries

  1. BEAN 12MP 1080P Hunting Trail Camera

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If you are a sports freak and crazy about scouting then this camera is the right choice for you. The TEC.BEAN hunting trail camera has so many advanced features which can catch your eyes for sure. The camera is just extremely good to use outdoor as it is waterproof, industrial grade dust proof, and shockproof which will give you extreme durability during hunting. The camera is password protected so that you don’t need to worry about misappropriate use.

If you are in need of a camera which cannot be easily stolen then it is the right choice for you. Because the camera supports an anti-theft lock which will add extra protection to your camera. But it doesn’t come with the camera, you need to buy the anti-theft lock separately. Specs of this camera are extremely good, it has a display of 2.0” color TFT LCD, a 12MP camera with the image sensor, and it supports SD card up to 32GB.


  • High-definition (1080P) video quality
  • Extremely durable
  • Long life battery
  • Long night vision range


  • Trigger speed is not so fast

  1. Distianert 12MP 1080P Low Glow Black Infrared Trail Camera

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The Distianert 12MP trail camera is per perfect for those who are in search of a good trail camera with a cheap price range. Because the price of this camera is under $$$, but still the camera is capable of delivering some good features. With its 12MP high-quality camera, you can get crystal clear pictures. You can even set the moon phase, time stamp, and date of capturing an image. The camera is capable of taking pictures with alive colors in the daylight and black and white at night. It can record high-quality video with a resolution of 1080P.

For accurate and clear audio quality there are IR sensors. To get the best images and sharp videos there is an 850nm infrared flash that is consists of 42 LED lights. 2.4 inch LCD display which will let you to setup the camera simply and you can also see the settings and data stored in the camera. It supports SD card up to 32GB.


  • Wide angle for best image quality
  • Good trigger speed
  • Long life battery
  • 2.4 inch LCD display for easy setup
  • Affordable


  • Video trigger is poor


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