In recent days everyone loves to play computer games and there are lots of games which require the internet connection to play such as DotA 2, Overwatch, CS: Go League of Legends and so on. These games are known as online games. To play online games you will need a good stable and strong internet connection. I believe every gamer knows how important a stable internet connection is to play these online gamesand so Best Wifi Adapter For Gaming . So, if the internet connection begins to lag in the middle of the game then it will be horrible for you. Sometimes many gamers lose because of slow and weak internet connection.

Many of you out there tried everything to fix the weak internet connection of yours. Some of you bought pricey wifi router, some moved your router from here to there to get a good stable connection. But still, you are not getting the lag-free strong connection. There are so many reasons which can be the cause of your slow internet connection such as your computer/laptop is a bit far from the router in your house or there are so many users in your home who are always connected to that router and so on.

As we all know nowadays technology has improved incredibly. So, luckily there is a very simple solution to your problem and the simple solution is to have a gaming wifi adapter. Now you can ask what a wifi adapter is. Wifi adapter is a simple device that connects your computer to internet connection wirelessly. All you need to do is just find the best wifi adapter for gaming and plug into your computer, that’s all of these devices are plug and play system. By using a wifi adapter you will not face all these problems with your internet connection which I told you above.

How to find a wireless adapter for gaming?

To buy the best wifi adapter you need to check some factors which are given below.

Dual-Band Support

The first thing you need to find out is whether the wifi adapter you are buying supports dual band or not. Dual band means it will support 2.4 GHz standard as well as 5 GHz standard. In the single band, you will only find 2.4 GHz standard. So, go with the one that supports dual band. Because the dual band is way better than single band wifi adapter.

WiFi Standards:

Make sure you are buying a wifi adapter that supports latest wifi standard which is 802.11ac. You will get this standard only if you buy a wifi adapter that supports 5 GHz band which means you need to buy a dual band wifi adapter.

Internal or External Antenna?

Don’t go with an adapter that has the internal antenna if there are too many walls between your computer and router. Because internal antenna can’t go through too many walls. If you are a room away from your router then you can go with internal antenna otherwise choose an external antenna. But let me tell you one thing about the internal antenna, as the antenna is hidden in the body of the adapter it looks very compact and transportation is simple too.

Best USB wireless adapter for Gaming

  1. Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 Wi-Fi USB Adapter (A7000-10000S)

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So in this list, the top position is taken by Netgear Nighthawk A7000 wifi adapter. This adapter has so many strong features that made it the first one on the list of the best wireless adapter. The model of this adapter is quite similar in design to the same model of the router. The design of the adapter is very compact and looks gorgeous in glossy black. You can take it anywhere you want as it is small in size. The size is small because it has four internal antennas.

It’s a dual band wifi adapter which ensures the highest speed of 1.9 Gigabits. Four internal antennas can deliver you the best wireless internet connection and you will also have no lag in internet connection while playing your favourite online games. If you are thinking about the compatibility with your OS then you don’t need to worry as this adapter supports in both Mac and Windows.

The adapter also has some important and useful features as the magnetic cradle which allows you the flexibility to place it anywhere. For faster wireless connection it supports USB 3.0.



  • Incredibly fast speed
  • Strong stable connection with a long range
  • Beamforming technology for stability
  • Can be moved easily


  • A bit pricey
  • Everyone will not agree with the design


  1. BrosTrend 1200Mbps USB wireless Adapter

best wifi adapter

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BrosTrend AC1200 is one of the best wireless USB adapters for gaming. If you want to increase your internet speed to improve your gaming experience then it is the best choice for you. It is a dual band wifi adapter that comes with two external antennas. These external antennas will allow you to get the maximum coverage all over your house and it can also offer you a stable internet connection. You can enjoy 4k video streaming on your computer without any lag. You can move this adapter with you anywhere easily as it has a compact design.

This adapter will offer you incredibly fast speed by using both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band. It can transfer data 10 times faster than USB 2.0 as it comes with USB 3.0. USB 3.0 can deliver you the best transfer rate which will help you to experience best gaming and streaming ever. So for lag-free gaming and streaming, you can go with this one.


  • USB 3.0 ensures high-speed transfer rate
  • Compact design
  • Covers long range
  • Extremely fast internet speed
  • Dual band ensures great stability


  • Sometimes it drops speed


  1. Asus USB-AC68 Dual Band AC1900 

best wifi adapter for gaming

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If you are looking for a wifi adapter with extremely powerful range and maximum speed then the Asus AC68 wifi adapter will be perfect for you. It has two external antennas and dual internal antenna which can offer you the best distance coverage with maximum internet speed. It supports USB 3.0 for high data transfer rate. It’s a portable wifi adapter which can be moved easily from one place to another.

The placement of this router is very easy as it uses the cradle. You can increase the speed of your wifi 3 times faster by using this adapter to enjoy lag-free gaming and video streaming. Most importantly it supports beamforming technology that will help you to get a stable connection all the time. This is one of the best wifi adapters for gaming.


  • Supports beamforming technology for stable connection
  • High data transfer rate with USB 3.0
  • Placement is simple and easy
  • Portable as external antennas are foldable
  • Compatible with various OS



  • Expensive