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What it Means CBD?

CBD is the short form of cannabinoid. It is derived from the cannabis plant. In some cases, it can be derived from hemp also. When derived, the compound will have two main types of ingredients. They are THC and CBD. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a psycho-physiological compound, which can have psychic effects. CBD is a pure pharmacological compound which has high medicinal value. 

CBD preparations like tinctures, vapors, oil, capsules, and other forms may have a small percentage of THC. In some countries, the percentage should be less than 0.3% to consider it as a medication. CBD has typical characteristics of healing a vast range of infections and disorders from the common cold to cancer like conditions. We have discussed the multiple applications and benefits of CBD in the following sections. 

Skin healing and care is one of the main benefits of using CBD. You may apply the CBD oil in diluted form with natural oils. Regular massage can reduce the probability of acne, rashes, fungal infections, and different kinds of dermatitis. 

CBD is a trusted medicine for cardiovascular disorders that is common nowadays. You can use it if you have problems with your lungs or respiratory organs. It has the property of removing the mucus from the two organs. 

 Is CBD legal?

CBD is legal as a medicine in most of the states in the USA. There are two essential compounds in the original cannabis plant. They are THC and CBD. THC is a psychological compound which can often alter the mood swings and cause adverse effects. Hence, the compounds containing more than 0.3% of CBD could be considered illegal in many states. 

CBD is extensively sued as medicine for curing many of the incurable diseases like liver cirrhosis. It is also required for healing the internal organ disorders from the cardiovascular systems to the metabolic and excretion systems. 

CBD, in its pure form with less than 0.5% THC is legal. According to the reports in 2019, CBD is made legal in states like Alaska, Colorado, Maine, California, Washington, Oregon, and Vermont. Total of 47 states in the USA have made it legal to use CBD for medications. However, there are certain conditions, which the patients have to follow for getting permission to use. 

  • The volume of THC should be less than 0.5% (in some states it could be 0.3%)
  • The patient should have a prescription from the FDA licensed physician 
  • The dosage should be obtained from FDA controlled medicinal CBD stores only
  • The physician should have a record of dosages given to every patient
  • CBD should not be used as a recreational compound 

CBD can be possessed by patients while traveling out of state or country. They should carry the prescription with them. 

The laws related to CBD may vary between the states related to the volume and the stain. For example, some of the states in the US have made it legal to use CBD for recreational purposes also. Some of the states are Alaska, Washington, and Colorado. 

  You have to consult an FDA approved physician or specialist to understand the legal state of CBD in your state. The year 2019 has brought much relief to the patients suffering from physical and psychological problems, as the laws have been made flexible and straightforward. However, you have to ensure that CBD is safe for you to use, and it will have no side effects on your body and mind. 

Does CBD do anything?

CBD is the physiological and psychological healing of natural medication. It is supposed to work better than the other medical solutions due to the CBD receptors in the human body. They are present in almost all the parts from the brain to the toes. 

CB1 Receptors

CB1 receptors have proteins as the main ingredients. Their locations are in the peripheral and central nervous system. They can bind with the CBD ingredients after ingestion into the body. The process starts from the brain and continues to the affected parts of your body. They are responsible for healing, the formation of new tissues, and promotion of growth factors within the wounded and damaged parts. 

Skin Healing 

The role of CBD and cannabinoid receptors in human skin is highly essential for the healing and protection of skin layers. The interaction between skin cells and tissues with the lipids in CBD is stated to be mainly responsible for the initiation of healing. 


CBD has high anti-inflammation property. The ingredients can heal all types of skin disorders from allergy and itching to different forms of dermatitis. CBD is responsible for the production of collagen on a large scale when the skin sufferers an injury or internal damage. The activity of fibroblasts also increases significantly during this time. CBD can enhance the properties of skin like 

  • Immunity to inflammation and allergic conditions 
  • Oxygen ingestion of skin cells in the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis layers 
  • Supply of nutrients from the veins to all the layers
  • Balancing of sebum 
  • Production of sweat and elimination of heat
  • Synthesis of proteins, vitamins, and peptides 
  • Strengthening of coetaneous skin cells 

The anti-inflammation properties of CBD can heal and strengthen many of the nerves, cells, and tissues in the skin layers from the epidermis to the subcutaneous sections. Similarly, you can use CBD for improving skin condition and treat disorders like eczema, aging, psoriasis, and many others. CBD is also a precious skin brightening and beautifying agent available in the forms of oil, cream, pills, and others. 

Liver Healing 

CBD can be highly effective for many of the complex liver disorders like cirrhosis. The main reason for this disorder is stated to be the overproduction o scar-tissues from extensive damages. For example, it can occur due to alcohol, hepatitis, excess of fat, defective bile, autoimmunity, and other genetic factors. 

Cirrhosis is a complex disorder to heal with conventional medication and treatments. It could take months or years to heal. The relapse of the damaged condition can occur whenever there is a slight fluctuation in the diet and lifestyle patterns. 

CBD is a better healer due to the vast number of cannabinoid receptors in the layers of the liver. The CB1 receptors in the liver can absorb all the CBD ingredients completely. Natural healing starts from the first day. Healing time is also relatively lesser than conventional medications and treatments. Moreover, the short and long term side-effects are almost near to zero. Hence, CBD is one of the strongest and natural medicines for liver diseases. 

Psychosis Healing

Psychosis is a state of mental disorder, wherein the patient loses his reality senses. It can result in extreme behavioral disorders like depression, anxiety, stress, and hallucination. The person may withdraw into loneliness and sink into traumatic conditions.  Though the exact causes are still unknown, the probable cause could be an addiction, alcoholism, brain damages, and genetic conditions. 

CBD has been an effective remedy for the disorder from the moderate to the critical and chronic conditions. The cannabinoid receptors present in striatum, midbrain, and the temporal cortex show significant bonding with the CBD ingredients. The process of healing may take time, depending on the existing conditions. However, practical tests have shown encouraging results. 

Similarly, CBD, with its CB2 receptors, has been a proven healing and recovery method for many of the other physiological and psychological disorders, including cancer. 

Why is CBD illegal?

CBD is illegal only when the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) ingredient is present in the compound beyond the approved volume (0.3% in some states and 0.5% in others). The natural CBD derived from the plant can contain up to 30% of THC. In the original form, it is marijuana, which is a definite mood-altering drug. According to the FDA, the CBD derived from hemp is dangerous to the physiological and psychological status of an individual. Hence, they have considered it illegal. 

Not all the states in the US have declared CBD to be illegal. For example, you can consider Washington, California, Alaska, Colorado, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Michigan, Vermont, and Maine. These states have declared CBD to be legal in the form of hemp and marijuana. You have to get a recommendation from a federally approved physician that it is essential and safe for you to use. 

There are about 16 other states in which CBD without THC is legal. Here, you can get the prescription from your physician or surgeon for the medical uses of CBD. They may include CBD oil, capsules, and liquids. You can consume them with fruit juices, tea, and other vital fluids required for the sustenance of your health conditions. 

The other states have considered CBD to be illegal when the percentage of THC is above a specific limit as formulated by the state governments. 

CBD Addiction 

CBD can become addictive when the average daily consumption goes beyond the recommended volume. Also, when the THC is more than 0.3% in CBD, it can become addictive. When used within limits, it can relieve chronic pain in the various sections of the human body. It can transmit through the periphery and the central nervous system to relieve the pain from the brain to the toes. 

Addiction starts when the user begins depending on the compound beyond the prescribed level. Then the body gets conditioned to THC in the CBD. He will need a higher volume of THC to reduce the pain. It is an endless cycle, which can worsen the physical and psychological conditions of the patient. 

Physical Dependency

The central nervous system, neuromuscular system, the liver, and other internal organs start accumulating THC internally. They can’t function normally without consistent ingestion of the compound. FDA considers it as the chronic stage of physical dependency. The possibilities of paralysis, breakdown, and damages are incredibly high at this stage. In many cases, it can also result in the premature death of the patient. 

Mental Obsession 

Even if the patient were to come out of physical dependency with treatments like Detox, the probability of mental obsession wouldn’t allow him to stay away from addiction. He may go through anxiety, depression, amnesia, insomnia, and other disorders. His twisted mental attitude will always compel him to go for substance abuse. Many times it can lead to insanity and chronic behavioral disorders.

Internal Damages

Internal organs like liver, Kidneys, lungs and cardiovascular system can suffer damages due to addictive consumption. AS you know, the liver is one of the strongest internal organs of the human body.  You might have seen many alcoholics with years of abuse getting away with little or no damages to the liver. However, it has a weak structure when it comes to marijuana and THC. 

The damages to the liver can be very gradual in the beginning. The patient may not even be aware of the internal injuries until they become critical or chronic. These are some of the reasons for which CBD is illegal in many states of the USA today.  

What is CBD in simple terms?

CBD is cannabidiol, which is the direct derivative from the cannabis plant. It is found in the flowers and leaves of the plant. The primary compound consists of two key ingredients called the CBD and THC. There are other compounds which count up to 113+. They act in combination to provide many healing effects to the human body from diseases and disorders. 

The other primary ingredients are Cannabigerolic acid, Cannabidiolic acid, Tetrahydrocanabivarinic acid, cannabichromenenic acid, tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, and Cannabichromevarinic acid. The processing units can separate the compounds according to the specific applications for treatment and healing. 

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is stated to be in the ratio of 30% in the original cannabis when derived from the plant. It is lipid which has a low water solubility and high solubility in other lipids and alcohol. THC can help in storing energy within the human body cells. 

Fatty Acid Interaction

THC interacts strongly with the fatty acids of the adipose tissues. It can extract them and release them to the bloodstream from the muscles, tissues, and the internal organs of the human body. The ingredients of THC can initiate the metabolism of fatty acids within the liver and the intestine to release energy, which in turn gets utilized by the muscles for fat burning and slimming. 

Prescription by experienced and federally approved physicians for THC can help in the elimination of obesity and the development of lean muscles. The ingredients provide a high level of stamina and strength to the muscles during workouts. They can also induce hypertrophy of muscles, resulting in growth and strengthening. 

Metabolism Improvement

THC in prescription quantity can improve metabolism and cardiovascular activities. It can boost the intake of high-calorie foods for better muscle building. The energy generating and storing capacity of the muscle tissues and fibers can increase considerably. 

Effects on Central Nervous System (CNS)

THC in prescription quantity can have many positive effects on the central nervous system. For example, it can reduce the communication of pain signals from the wounded parts of the body to the brain. Hence, the intensity of pain decreases to a significant level. 

THC can reduce the probability of inflammation in the muscles, skin, joints, and limbs. It can also reduce the possibility of neurodigestive disorders like sclerosis and Parkinson. Sclerosis can reduce the signal communication capacity of the CNS significantly. It can also cause numbness in the muscles. THC can restore the structural and functional conditions of CNS when consumed within the prescription quantity. 

 Cannabidiol (CBD)

 CBD is the second strongest ingredient of cannabis derivatives. It is a nonpsychotic compound which comprises of many cannabinoid ingredients. CBD is mainly useful for the restoration of health conditions within the muscles, ligaments, joints, and the limbs. 


CBD is an antibacterial compound, which can eliminate all the pathogens within the human body. It can also provide immunity from general infections like cough and cold to extreme congestion of mucus within the respiratory tracts and the lungs. 


CBD can inhibit many of the cancer types of cells within the bloodstream. It has the natural tendency to bond with the white blood cells for improving their strength and effectiveness. CBD blocks the supply of nutrients to the cancer cells, causing them to die and disintegrate naturally. 


CBD can prevent many forms of seizures in the human body by activating the energy levels within muscles and tissues. The ingredients tend to rejuvenate the nerves, which often cause seizures. 

Other Benefits

 CBD has many other benefits on the human body like the reliever of anxiety, muscle spasms, diabetes control, prevention of artery blockage, and other disorders. 

Is CBD a drug? 

You can categorize a drug into pharmacological and narcotic types. CBD can belong to any category, depending on the concentration of its primary ingredients within the compound. For example, you can consider the pharmacological forms like tinctures, capsules, sprays, topical, and VAPES. They can heal many types of physical and psychological problems when consumed with prescription quantities. 

CBD can also be a narcotic drug when you increase the quantity of THC within the compound. For example, you can consider the CBD leaves or flowers in the hemp form. They act as psychedelic agents to change the behavioral patterns of the mind. It happens mainly through the manipulation of brain cells with the narcotic compounds. 

Many of the countries around the world have removed the pure CBD from the list of narcotic drugs. It is a prescription-medicine as long as the ingredients of THC are less than 3%. In many states, the limit is within 2% or lower. 

CBD Tincture

CBD tincture is a potent concentrate with a high amount of cannabinoid content. Some of the specialists may recommend 0.3% of THC if you want to have psychological stress-relieving effects along with physical relief of pain. The preparation methods use glycerin or alcohol as the steeping compound. You may apply it beneath your tongue in small quantities. The effects of pain relief will be instant and powerful. 

Overuse of CBD tincture can’t produce the narcotic effects unless the THC levels are higher than the prescription limits. You can get the prescription from an FDA approved physician to avoid any legal problems. You can also refer to the list of FDA approved pharmacies in your city to get the prescription medicine without any legal hassles. 

CBD Capsules

CBD is available in the form of capsules for healing physical and psychological disorders. It is a pharmacological medicine in the natural form. It can heal many forms of skin disorders like acne, rashes, eczema, warts, and other inflammations. 

CBD capsules are highly recommended for muscle recovery during the post-workout time. The muscle fibers can absorb the CBD ingredients for relaxation and recovery within a short time. The ingredients are highly powerful for reducing the inflammations in the skeletal muscles, joints, and the neurons which connect to muscles from the brain. 

CBD capsules can never act as a narcotic drug because the THC percentage will always be less than the prescribed limit by the FDA or zero. Moreover, the other ingredients of CBD are in the pharmacological and herbal medicinal zone. 

CBD Spray

CBD spray is a simple way of ingesting into the bloodstream. You have to spray the liquid into your mouth and swallow after a few seconds. Testing of the ingredients shows that it is not a narcotic drug, for the reason that THC content is zero. The ingredients are glycerin, propylene glycol, and CBD extract only. The percentage of CBD may vary, depending on the purpose of the application. 

CBD Topical 

CBD topical is a natural derivative from the cannabis plant which you can apply directly onto any part of your body which requires healing. For example, it works as a skin moisturizer, anti-inflammation compound, anti-allergen, etc. You may also apply it to the joints and muscles to relieve pain, heal stress, moisturize the muscle tissues, etc.  

CBD topical is not a narcotic drug, because the THC percentage is below 0.3% (as allowed by the FDA) or zero. 


CBD VAPE is the vapor form of CBD oil. It has all the ingredients of CBD oil plus the compound which converts it into a vapor. THC is generally less than 0.3%. Hence, the CBD VAPE is not a narcotic drug. 

FDA Categorization of CBD

The legal status of CBD in the USA varies between states. The applicability of CSA and FD&C acts are also not the same for all the states. The FDA authorized physicians and health care specialists across the USA can take the final decision on the categorization of specific CBD products as a narcotic drug or herbal medication for healing and recovery of patients. 

Does CBD help anxiety?

The human brain consists of several anxiety cells within the hippocampus and hypothalamic circuits. They get activated when exposed to risks and threats. The threat could be real or perceived. The brain and body coordinate with each other to fight or flight when the threat is real. The brain comes back to the normal conditions, once the threat has passed away. The anxiety cells are no more active. It is the normal behavior in every human being. 

Anxiety cells also get activated when the perceived threat is nonexistent. It could happen under conditions of psychological disorder. The causes of disorder could be addictions, alcoholism, genetic problems, congenital brain problems, etc. 

The level of anxiety could be moderate in the beginning stages of the disorder. It could progress and reach a critical or chronic stage. Medical science has so far not been able to solve the problem entirely. It could be due to the limitations of treatments to reach the anxiety cells. 

Why CBD for Anxiety

 The hippocampus region of the human brain consists of several cannabinoids (CBD) receptors. Categorized into CB1 and CB2 receptors, they perform several functions related to the healing and recovery from many psychological disorders, including anxiety. CB1 and Cb2 are groups of G-proteins. The brain consists of many gene transcripts associated with Cb1, which can trace the characteristics from the congenital levels. 

CBD can handle multiple types of perceived anxiety in the brain accurately, based on the individual patient’s physical and psychological conditions. Anxiety can be induced due to many reasons like 

  • Stress 
  • Uncertainty 
  • Tension 
  • Unfamiliar environment 
  • Drugs and alcohol 
  • Genetic disorder etc 

The most critical factor is the genetic disorder because the present medical science has not been able to detect the causes and find accurate solutions. 

Genetic Anxiety Factors 

CB1 receptors can interact directly with the ingredients of CBD compound. In fact, they act as connecting channels between the gene transcripts and CBD ingredients. Hence, the effect will be much better than what the conventional medications offer. 

Stress Anxiety Factors

Now, let us look at the stress factors. You may assume that stress develops only after an individual reaches youth or adulthood. Researchers have shown that stress can develop from childhood and turn into anxiety factors. The hidden factors emerge when the individual goes through tense situations. They may also erupt when an individual consumes drugs or alcohol, which later becomes an addiction. 

Stress can be moderate, critical, or chronic. All of them turn into anxiety factors and affect the hippocampus section of the brain. It is when the anxiety cells get activated. The intensity depends on many internal and external factors. 

CBD and Anxiety Healing

CBD can heal all types of anxiety by interacting with the CB1 and CB2 factors in the hippocampus and other sections of the brain. The process could be gradual in some cases, while it could be faster in others. The psychiatrist who treats the patients will know how much of CBD dosage to administer on each ingestion. It could be in the form of CBD VAPES, capsules, or others. 

Can you get addicted to CBD?

Extensive research works have shown that it may not be possible to get addicted to CBD when it is used in the purest form. It means the THC ingredients are less than 0.3%. You can use it as a medication under the FDA approved health specialists’ prescription. The treatment period could be limited to a few days, weeks, or months. In some cases, the treatment procedures may prolong for many years. The possibility of addiction is very rare during such treatment procedures. 

CBD for Detox

Detox is the first step to de-addiction. It is the process in which the doctors remove all the toxic agents from the patients’ body. Years of drug or alcohol abuse will have had its impact on all the internal organs, including the liver, kidneys, pancreas, cardiovascular system, and metabolic systems. The other forms of toxic elements come through processed foods, smoking, pollution, and others. CBD can act as a suitable Detox compound. It performs many actions within the human body including 

  • CBD can cure complex liver disorder like cirrhosis and chronic failure condition 

  • CBD can eliminate the deposition of hepatic-stellate-cells responsible for the cirrhosis condition 

  • CBD can heal the neurological and circulation systems within and around the liver

The liver is the first stage of Detox for the patients affected by addiction. CBD can effectively clean up kidneys, pancreas, intestine, and other internal organs which are affected by drug and alcohol addiction. Once the Detox process is complete, the patient will be ready for the de-addiction treatments. 

CBD for De-Addiction 

 CBD has been used for treating patients with critical and chronic additions to drugs like heroin, LSD, and others. CBD has many types of stains, in which Sativa is stated to be the main. The stain can reduce the craving for drugs. Recovering patients have found CBD to be useful for prevention of relapses. There are many valid reasons for the CBD to act as anti-relapse medication. For example, you can consider

  • Elimination of impulsive behavior 
  • Enhancement of tolerance limits
  • Stress relieving characteristics 
  • Restoration of impulse control 
  • Long lasting effects after the completion of CBD treatments 

CBD for Rehabilitation 

Rehabilitation is the last stage of restoring the addicted patient to normal lifestyle conditions. The physical craving for drugs and alcohol will no longer exist in the patient’s body. However, the mental obsession could be still persistent. It can lead to relapse at any point in time. The triggering points could be anxiety, fear, resentments, and many others. Discontentment in life could be the other major factor, which can become a main triggering point for relapse. 

Controlled administration of CBD in the forms of tinctures, VAPES, or capsules can reduce the causes of anxiety and stress. The doctors will know the dosage and duration of CBD treatments. It depends on 

  • Intensity and duration of addiction
  • Present health condition
  • Other prescription medicines 
  • Present psychological condition etc. 

When does CBD Cause Addiction 

CBD may cause addition when the patient tries to consume it after drinking alcohol. The other situation is the consumption of CBD after taking drugs like heroin. The patient has to be very careful and avoid substance abuse during the CBD treatments. 

CBD can also become addictive when the patient continues to consume it after the prescription period is complete. In such cases, the body and the mind get conditioned to the CBD. The patient can develop an absolute dependency on CBD. It is the stage which the patient has to avoid. The best solution is to consult the physician and take precautionary measures. 

Does CBD oil keep you awake?

No, CBD oil doesn’t keep a person awake after consumption. It is useful for the treatment of insomnia conditions. There has been a vast range of medical research works on the relation between CBD oil and the healing of insomnia symptoms. Adult patients in the age group of 18-70+ can use the oil for normalizing their sleep cycles without any side effects. Here is how it works. 

REM Sleep-Disorder 

REM is the rapid eye movement stage of the sleep. The typical stages of REM are five. It takes up almost 25% of the sleeping hours during the night. Breathing becomes deep, and the heart rate slows down gradually. The muscles go into a state of relaxation. The individual goes into the state of deep sleep after the REM stage is complete. 

REM disorder can happen when the individual is restless while going to sleep. It could be due to physical or psychological stress factors. You might have experienced sleeplessness after a day of physical stress. Even when the body is fatigued, it could be challenging to sleep. The condition can become severe when the body is exposed to continuous stress. Some of the symptoms of REM sleep disorder could be

  • Rolling on the bed or frequent change of posture 
  • Nightmares during partial sleep 
  • Frequent wake-up 
  • Self-talking which could often become loud 

The nerves within the sleep-inducing sections of the brain may have stressed out. Emotional disturbances, workload, uncertainty, and anxiety are stated to be the other causes of REM sleep disorder. 

CBD Healing 

CBD can interact directly with the hypothalamus region of the brain, which is responsible for the           sleep-wake cycle control. The ingredients can also penetrate to the brain stem, which has the communication channels to the sleep-inducing cells. They can cause the production of GABA, which eliminates most of the REM disorder symptoms restores the normal sleeping cycle. 

Sleeping Cycle Restoration 

CBD oil can inhibit all the wake state of the brain from affecting the sleep cycles. It can start its functions from the first stage of sleep from the early stage through the REM stage and after. In the beginning, the restoration process could be gradual. You may wake up frequently as the sleep cycle approaches the REM stage. 

CBD can restore the normal stages of sleep within a span of a few days or weeks, depending on the present health conditions. It may take time to reach the threshold stage. Once the stage is crossed, you can get back to normal sleep cycles within a short time. 

Does CBD oil interfere with medications?

The interference factors of CBD depend on how quickly the compound gets metabolized in your body. It also depends on how medicines get metabolized. CBD could inhibit the activity of Cytochrome-P450, which is a natural compound in your body. It is responsible for the breakdown of pharmacological medications which you consume. The breakdown period can vary for every type of medicine. We have to look at the CBD Vs. Other medicines metabolism rate individually to declare the level of interference, and it is not so easy. 

Consider the example of diabetic medications. CBD can improve the level of insulin when it is lower than the standard volume in your blood. Certain stains of CBD are also known for reducing the insulin resistance within your body. Hence, the need for conventional medicines could become less when you are on CBD. You can talk to your diabetic specialist about how to balance the intake of conventional medications and CBD. 

Next, you can consider the case of hypertension/blood pressure conditions. The probability of interference is more. The impact could be a variation in the blood pressure when you combine CBD with conventional medicines. Hence, you have to consult your physician before starting with CBD, if you have hypertension/Blood pressure problems. 

Other medicines for liver disorders, cardiovascular problems, and other internal organ problems may have interference with the CBD. You have to consult your physician or the specialist before starting with CBD. The same rule applies for the psychiatric and psychological medicines you may be consuming now. Their probability of interactions is much stronger than the others. Regular consultation with the psychiatrists is essential. They can suggest the best methods of consuming CBD with other medicines without interface with each other.   

Note: If you consume alcohol or use any narcotic drug along with the pharmacological medicines, using CBD could be fatal. Hence you have to stop the substance usage and consult your physician. He will guide you accurately on how to use CBD with the other medicines. But it is mandatory that you stop alcohol and drugs.