Best Wifi Extender

The top Linksys Wi-Fi extenders are available in the wired and wireless models from the stores near to you. They are known for the consistent connectivity, maximum range, compatibility with the routers and devices, dual band coverage, MIMO functionality, and the conformance to the IEEE 802.11ABGN quality standards.

wifi extender reviews are highly portable with compact design and lightweight construction. They are built to work under tough conditions and last for many years without any functional flaws. In this article, you can read about some of the top Linksys extender models for your office and home applications.


The LINKSYS RE9000 is the Tri-band extender which can work at speeds higher than the standard dual band extenders. The practical tests and the user experiences have show the gadget to be at least 3 times smarter and faster. The RE900 is powered by the Media-Tek chipset to generate the maximum power and speed for the long range client device connectivity. The design of the extender enables it to transmit the high-speed data packets from the routers without any losses on the path. Hence, the devices receive the maximum signal strength and frequency, regardless of their distance from the extender.

Maximum Throughput

The LINKSYS RE9000 twin band modes of 2.4GHZ and the 5GHZ range. At the lower end it can maintain the speed of 400MBPS. At the higher end it offers dual speed modes of 870MBPS and 1730MBPS. The throughput enables you to connect the gadget to the XBOX console, smart TV, multimedia devices, and advanced gaming RIGs.

The higher speed ranges allow you to play the best of MMORPG, FPS, VR, and the RPG games in the multiplayer mode. The advanced Media-Tek chipset is designed to provide the maximum processing speed of its Quad –Core processor. The dual band mode enables the various access points to get the best throughput from the intelligent extender.

Enhanced Functionality

The LINKSYS RE9000 is more than a mere extender which increases the router’s reach and boosts its signal strength. The smart gadget uses its four sensitive antennas to scan and detect the output signals from the tri-band and dual -band routers with the same efficiency. Then the Chipset splits the signals based on the 2.4GHZ and the 5GHZ range and re-transmits the signals onto the client devices. The boost in the signal strength enables the data packets to travel over extended range without experiencing any drop or distraction.

Practical experiments from the OEM have reportedly shown the coverage to be around 10K square feet around the extender. The gadget is supposed to eliminate all the points of void in this zone and work at the maximum throughput efficiency.

Output Ports

The Ethernet NIC connectivity extends up to four ports, while the wireless-LAN can support more than 32+ devices in real time. Categorization of the device and applications into the three speed range can be copied from the tri-band compatible router and used in the extender without making any changes at all.

Quad-Pro Chipset

The smart Media-Tek Quad-Pro chipset can be programmed to work for the best QOS and prioritization tasks, similar to the source router. Enabling the auto configuration mode makes it is possible to tune the features between the router and the extender. Whenever you make changes in the source router transmission properties, they get reflected onto the extender automatically.

MIMO Technology

The LINKSYS RE9000 works on the MIMO technology for the gaming, 4D-HD video, browsing, and other related applications in an efficient manner. You can fine tune the multiple devices to work at optimum speeds, by switching the priority based on demand.

User Interface

The linksys e1200 presents you with the simplest user interface for monitoring and controlling the extender functions. It lets you prioritize the media, allow limited guest access to the temporary users, enable full access to the authorized users, and calculate the statistical details about the gadget and device usage. It is the one system which can solve most of the persisting problems of the router extension over the tough to reach zones in your home and office.


The LINKSYS RE7000 has many of the functional features that are similar to the RE9000 model. For example, the maximum range of the extender is 10K square feet. It supports the MIMO. It works on cross band technology to provide the maximum speed for the vast range of client devices.

Spot Finder

The LINKSYS RE7000 uses the spot finder technology to determine the most appropriate location for installation within your home and office premises. Hence, you don’t need to use the trial and error methods to find out.

The LINKSYS RE7000 can establish automatic synchronization with the existing routers without any manual intervention. In case you make a mistake in placing the extender at the right spot, the indictor in the gadget will display the error code and suggest you to put it on the right spot.


The feature enables the extender to focus it’s throughout onto the specific devices. The dual mode output works at a speed of 300MBPS within the 2.4GHZ range and a speed of 1700+MBPS at the 5GHZ range. Hence, there is no drop in the efficiency of functionality at any application point.

Wire and Wireless Modes

The LINKSYS RE7000 works with the Ethernet NIC and the GIGABIT cable to connect with the advanced gaming and multimedia devices. Apart from them, it supports Wireless-LAN for the vast range of devices.

User Interface

The LINKSYS RE7000 offers you the most sophisticated user interface for configuring the extender and device settings to achieve the maximum synchronization. You can set the controls for the accessibility, security, and flexibility features of the gadget.

Other Linksys Models  

The Linksys RE6250 AC750, Linksys RE6350 AC1200, Linksys RE6350 AC1200, and the Linksys RE6300 AC750 are some of the other top models from the OEM. You can choose the best among them according to your specific home and office requirements. Follow the user manual for the installation and configuration procedures.