Primary Benefits

They primary benefit of working with the tri band router is the availability of 2 bands at the 5GHZ and 1300 MBPS speed. The third band has a lower frequency and speed of 2.4GHZ and 600MBPS. By channeling the data steams to the higher frequency, you can get the maximum speed for your gaming and video streaming applications like with netgear ac1600.

Configuration of the Tri-band wifi  router can be done for the device specific and application specific requirements. Advanced routers allow the QOS optimization to be done for specific ports numbers, MAC addresses, and IP configurations. By having a static IP and data routing at the specific speed, you can dedicate a band solely for the gaming applications. The other advantage of using the Tri-band router is the reduced interferences in the 5GHZ range. Most of the high end games including the MMORPG, simulations, FPS, XBOX, and the other PC and android games require zero lag data streaming. You can get the best performance for the frame rate, dedicated bandwidth, improved speed, and multiple connections to the Ethernet devices.

Tri-Band Technology

The tri band technology reduces the latency in the high end gaming applications by nearly 90% or more. You can make the best precision moves in the multiplayer online games like never before. The resulting quality of the display frame rate, dynamic object movement, accurate game state representation, and real time command execution makes your gaming experience the best ever.

Multiple Device Support

The tri band routers use NIC, Wi-Fi, and USB ports for connecting to the multiple devices like the PC, laptop, Mac, android, and smart phones. The data flow rate for each device could be controlled through the tri band router user interface. The procedure is controlled by the QOS or the prioritization engine within the router.

The best method of getting the QOS on the tri band router is to have a static IP. Customized configuration of the bandwidth to a specific or multiple devices helps you allocate the maximum priority to the gaming, video streaming, and the generic internet applications like the browsers and download managers.

Dynamic Priority Levels

It is possible to categorize the priority levels based on the specific gaming and devices. Many of the advanced routers allow highest priority to one device, high priority to 3 or 4 devices, and the standard priority to 8 or more devices.

You can save the settings in the local storage of your PC or smart phone. Security through Admin controlled dashboards and user interface panels allow you to avoid hacking and unauthorized access. It is the static QOS which can be scheduled for a specific time during the day for multiple applications and devices.

Advanced tri band routers have a system of dynamic QOS. It operated based on the application prioritization that is independent of the device. For example, you can set the top priority to the specific MMORPG game. You may change the device from the tablet PC to a laptop or a smart phone. But the intelligent router can detect the application and grant the top priority regardless of the device.

Enhanced Bandwidth

The bandwidth and the speed of one band don’t affect the performance levels of the others. So, you can load the one 2.4 GHZ and one 5GHZ channels for regular internet applications, video streaming, and the download. The remaining one channel of 5GHZ can be exclusively reserved for the gaming applications.

The CPU controlled tri band router can increase the frame rate of the advanced 3-D gaming apps without reducing the quality or the accuracy. This feature is especially useful when you are involved in a multi player XBOX gaming. The standard latency factors get reduced comprehensively, irrespective of the player numbers and the file size of the game.

Performance Parameters

The performance parameters of the tri band routers are the much discussed issues. The difference between game and video loading methods is obviously in the frequency and the volume of data packets interchange.

Generally it happens between the router and the gaming/ video steaming device hardware. For the gaming it takes initial loading of the entire settings into the memory and the graphics cards. Then you can play the game without having to worry about the variations in the router speed or band width. At some point in the game, the data gets refreshed from the router into the device. Then the speed matters.

The mechanism of data packet transfer for the 4K HD video (or similar types) is based on continuous frequency of data packets exchange. There are no pauses. Hence, the need for tri band router was felt more for the video applications than for the games.

The latest online games are preloaded with higher volume of video inputs, gaming data, and the audio files.  They include the virtual reality, MMORG, FPS, and the XBOX versions. The data packet interchanges from the server onto the router and then to the device happens dynamically. Hence, the dual band routers will not be able to handle such huge gaming applications efficiently.

The tri band router can handle the maximum data packet frequency and load without losing anything in the performance or speed levels. The smart processor in the router and the RAM can handle most of the complex data management tasks, while the gaming device takes care of the core gaming features.

Pricing Factors

Pricing is certainly one of the key factors you should consider while choosing the tri band routers. They cost you much more than the average cost of the dual band routers. But the long term benefits you get from them are more in numbers. The benefits dep3nd on the type of games you play, their frequency, and the volume of data you download or use for the videos, online conferencing and meeting, file transfer, and download.

If the average volume is higher than the handling capacity of your existing router, you can certainly choose the tri band router for your home and office today. You can find many leading brands like the NETGEAR, Norton, and LYNKSYS coming out with affordable versions.