Buying a Pool Cue

What you should consider before buying 

Nowadays there are lots of pool cues in the market, so it is now too much difficult to choose the premium quality cue or one of the  Best pool cues for you. Many companies manufacturing tons of pool cues every single day, for this reason, people gets confused while they are about to purchase a pool cue. If you are willing to buy a premium quality pool cue then you need to consider some facts before buying a pool cue. To help you with your purchase of a pool cue I’ve listed some facts down here.


Quality is the most important thing to consider while buying a pool cue. Pool cue must be smooth to touch; you can feel the smoothness just by rubbing your hand over the whole cue. If you can feel that the cue has some jab in its edge then the quality of the cue is not good. In a good quality cue your finger can run through the whole cue without any interference. There will be no stains or nicks and no glue can be seen in a premium quality pool cue.

Tip width and Ferrule:

These are the things of a cue with what you will always be using while playing your game. Usually three parts available in a pool cue – shaft, ferrule, and tip. The shaft is the first 12 inches of the cue. The ferrule has to be closely attached to the shaft and the tip also needs to be closely attached to the ferrule.

In this attachment of this three, part glue can’t be seen anywhere of the pool cue and this is what makes a cue incredibly amazing. The tip needs to be in a dome shape and it has to be attached well with the ferrule. If you get all these things settled up in a cue then that is the best cue you get with a great sort of finishing work.


Rings are also the important part of a pool cue and you need to check the quality of a ring while buying your cue. The ring needs to be well attached with the cue and there cannot be any bubbles in the bottom of the finishing. Try to get a cue with metal rings, the reason of choosing metal ring is that it will give a cue the most amazing finishing and it also keeps attached the metal and the wood with the pool cue.


The wrap of a pool cue needs to be smooth and closely stick to the body of the cue, which will make the cue good to strike with. There are several types of wrap in the market such as leather, Irish Linen, and Rubber. If the wrap is of rubber then it needs to be clear and it cannot be lubricous. You can choose a combination of high-quality rubber and silicone and this combination will provide you great performance.

Wrap made with Irish Linen can be tapped smoothly without any poking and this Irish Linen wrap can stick to the cue greatly. The seam of a leather wrap needs to be smooth and it is not quite visible.


The weight of a pool cue is another essential fact to consider while purchasing a pool cue. If your pool cue is heavy in weight then you can’t play with comfort and it will strike the cue ball hardly all the time. You can’t control the speed of your cue while playing with a heavy cue. So you need to buy a light cue to improve the accuracy with amazing sort of controlling speed. Light pool cues are always way better than heavy cues. So, with my advice go for a cue with light weight.


Straightness of a pool cue depends on the finishing of a pool cue while making it. You need to check the round figure of a pool cue as well as the straightness. Because sometimes a pool cue might be straight but it is not round perfectly. Grab a pool cue with both of your hands like you are grabbing a rifle in your hands to check the cue is perfectly straight or not. Look at the bottom of the cue while you are holding the cue like a rifle and if the cue has some fault in any places in the body you will see that. While moving the cue in your hands keep one thing in mind that the tip of the cue stays at the bottom all the time.