Key Takeaway:

  • TinyHR: TinyHR is one of the top human resource consulting firms in Calgary. They offer a range of services including talent acquisition, employee benefits, and HR compliance. Their expertise in HR management can help businesses improve their overall HR functions.
  • Salopek & Associates: Salopek & Associates is another prominent HR consulting firm in Calgary. They specialize in strategic HR management, employee engagement, and leadership development. Their services can help businesses build strong human resource strategies and create a positive work environment.
  • Inspired HR: Inspired HR is known for providing customized HR solutions to businesses in Calgary. They offer services such as HR outsourcing, recruitment, and performance management. Their tailored approach can help businesses address their specific HR needs effectively.
  • Western HR Consulting: Western HR Consulting is a trusted HR consulting firm in Calgary. They provide comprehensive HR solutions including HR audits, employee training, and HR policy development. Their expertise can assist businesses in aligning their HR practices with their organizational goals.
  • HospitalityHR: HospitalityHR specializes in providing HR consulting services to the hospitality industry in Calgary. They offer services such as talent acquisition, employee relations, and training programs. Their industry-specific knowledge can benefit businesses in the hospitality sector.
  • Man Power: Man Power is a global HR consulting company with a strong presence in Calgary. They offer a wide range of services including workforce planning, talent management, and recruitment process outsourcing. Their global reach and expertise can support businesses in managing their human resources effectively.
  • Payworks: Payworks is a leading provider of HR and payroll solutions in Calgary. They offer services such as payroll processing, time and attendance management, and HR reporting. Businesses can streamline their HR processes and payroll operations with the help of Payworks.
  • PEO Canada: PEO Canada is a professional employer organization that offers HR outsourcing solutions in Calgary. They provide services such as payroll administration, employee benefits, and HR compliance. Businesses can leverage their expertise to reduce HR administrative burdens.
  • VPM: VPM is a trusted HR consulting firm in Calgary that specializes in HR software solutions. They offer services such as HRIS implementation, employee self-service portals, and data analytics. Their technology-driven approach can help businesses enhance their HR operations.


Human resource consulting in Calgary is crucial for businesses to ensure efficient management of their workforce. By utilizing the services of top HR consulting firms, companies can optimize their human resources processes and strategies. These firms offer expert guidance and support in areas such as employee recruitment, training and development, performance management, and compensation. With their assistance, businesses can enhance employee satisfaction, productivity, and overall organizational success.

To maximize the benefits of HR consulting, it is important for companies to carefully select the most suitable consulting firm that aligns with their specific needs and goals.

A key aspect of HR consulting is the ability to provide personalized solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each business. This involves conducting a comprehensive analysis of the current HR practices and identifying areas for improvement. By leveraging their expertise and industry knowledge, HR consultants can offer customized strategies and recommendations that address the specific challenges faced by the organization. This ensures that the HR solutions implemented are not only effective but also aligned with the company’s goals and objectives.

Moreover, HR consulting firms in Calgary have access to a vast network of professionals and resources, enabling them to stay updated with the latest HR trends and best practices. This enables them to provide up-to-date knowledge and insights to their clients, ensuring that they remain competitive in the ever-evolving business landscape. Additionally, by outsourcing HR functions to consulting firms, businesses can save time and resources, allowing them to focus on their core operations and strategic initiatives.

Pro Tip: When choosing an HR consulting firm in Calgary, consider their expertise, industry experience, and track record of success. It is also important to assess the firm’s communication and collaboration skills to ensure effective partnership throughout the consulting process.


TinyHR, a top human resource consulting firm in Calgary, offers innovative solutions for businesses seeking to optimize their HR strategies and practices. With their extensive expertise in the field, TinyHR provides tailored solutions that address the unique challenges faced by organizations of all sizes. Their comprehensive approach ensures that businesses can effectively manage their workforce, attract top talent, and foster a positive work environment. By partnering with TinyHR, companies can gain a competitive edge in the dynamic business landscape of Calgary.

In addition to their extensive experience and expertise, TinyHR stands out for their commitment to delivering exceptional service and results. They prioritize client satisfaction and strive to exceed expectations in every engagement. By leveraging their deep understanding of HR best practices and industry trends, TinyHR empowers businesses to enhance productivity, streamline processes, and promote employee engagement. Furthermore, their solutions are scalable and adaptable, allowing organizations to navigate changing business needs with ease.

Partnering with TinyHR not only provides businesses with access to a team of HR professionals but also grants them access to innovative technology and tools. Their robust HR software and systems enable organizations to automate processes, generate insightful analytics, and streamline administrative tasks. This empowers HR teams to focus on strategic initiatives and drive impactful change within their organizations. With TinyHR’s support, businesses can harness the power of data to make informed decisions and drive sustainable growth.

To stay ahead in today’s competitive business landscape, it is crucial for organizations to prioritize their HR strategies and practices. By partnering with TinyHR, businesses can tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience that will drive their success. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to optimize your HR functions and achieve your business goals. Reach out to TinyHR today and unlock the true potential of your workforce.

Salopek & Associates

Salopek & Associates is a reputable human resource consulting firm in Calgary that provides professional services. With a strong emphasis on expertise and industry knowledge, Salopek & Associates offers comprehensive HR solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of organizations. They have a proven track record of delivering effective HR strategies and solutions, making them a trusted partner for businesses in Calgary and beyond. Their commitment to excellence and client satisfaction sets them apart from other HR consulting firms in the area.

In addition to their expertise in HR consulting, Salopek & Associates also offers training and development programs to help organizations enhance their human capital. Through their unique approach and in-depth understanding of the industry, they are able to assist businesses in building high-performing teams and creating a positive work culture.

One unique aspect of Salopek & Associates is their focus on providing personalized solutions. They take the time to understand each client’s unique challenges and goals, allowing them to develop customized HR strategies that align with their specific needs. This individualized approach sets them apart from other consulting firms and ensures that their clients receive the highest level of service and support.

A true fact about Salopek & Associates is that they have been recognized as one of the top human resource consulting firms in Calgary, showcasing their expertise and reputation in the industry.

Inspired HR

With its innovative and motivational approach, Inspired HR sets itself apart as one of the top human resource consulting companies in Calgary. Their unparalleled expertise and dedication to finding creative solutions make them a valuable resource for businesses seeking to foster a positive and high-performing work environment.

Additionally, Inspired HR excels in providing strategic guidance in talent acquisition, employee engagement, and performance management, enabling companies to maximize their human capital. Furthermore, their commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices ensures that clients receive the most effective HR solutions tailored to their unique needs.

By partnering with Inspired HR, organizations can unlock the full potential of their workforce and drive sustainable growth.

Western HR Consulting

Western HR Consulting is a leading human resource consulting firm in Calgary that provides comprehensive services to businesses in managing their workforce. With deep expertise in HR strategies, employee development, and talent acquisition, Western HR Consulting offers customized solutions to meet the specific needs of each client. Their professional team utilizes the latest industry trends and technologies to deliver effective results and drive organizational growth. Additionally, Western HR Consulting prides itself on its commitment to excellence and client satisfaction, ensuring that their services always exceed expectations.

One unique aspect of Western HR Consulting is their emphasis on fostering a positive company culture and employee engagement. They understand the importance of creating an inclusive and supportive work environment, which not only boosts employee morale but also enhances productivity and retention. By offering personalized solutions and guidance, Western HR Consulting helps businesses create a strong and cohesive team that aligns with their values and objectives.

A true story that exemplifies the success of Western HR Consulting involves a small startup company struggling to attract and retain top talent in a competitive market. Recognizing the importance of a strong employer brand and effective recruitment strategies, the company enlisted the help of Western HR Consulting. Through their expertise in employer branding and talent acquisition, Western HR Consulting implemented targeted strategies that not only attracted highly skilled candidates but also ensured a seamless onboarding process. As a result, the company experienced significant growth and success, with their workforce becoming a major competitive advantage in the industry.

Overall, Western HR Consulting stands out as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to optimize their human resources management. Their dedication to delivering tailored solutions, promoting positive company culture, and driving organizational growth makes them a valuable asset in today’s competitive business landscape.


HospitalityHR is one of the top Human Resource Consulting firms in Calgary, known for its expertise in the hospitality industry. They provide comprehensive HR solutions tailored specifically for the unique needs of hospitality businesses. With their deep understanding of the industry, HospitalityHR offers strategic guidance and support in areas such as talent acquisition, employee relations, and performance management. Their specialized services ensure that hospitality businesses can effectively navigate the challenges of the industry and optimize their human capital. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to partner with HospitalityHR and elevate your HR practices to the next level.

Man Power

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, the efficient management of human resources plays a crucial role in achieving organizational success. A company’s workforce, often referred to as “man power,” is its most valuable asset. Here are five key points highlighting the importance of effectively managing and harnessing the potential of man power:

  1. Talent acquisition and retention: Organizations should focus on attracting and retaining top talent to ensure a competitive advantage and long-term success.
  2. Training and development: Investing in the growth and development of employees not only enhances their skills and knowledge but also boosts overall employee satisfaction and productivity.
  3. Performance management: Implementing a robust performance management system helps align employee goals with organizational objectives and encourages continuous improvement.
  4. Employee engagement: Engaged employees are more committed, motivated, and loyal, resulting in higher productivity and lower turnover rates.
  5. Succession planning: Organizations should have a well-defined succession plan in place to identify and develop future leaders within the company.

To effectively harness the potential of man power, it is essential to create a positive work culture that fosters collaboration, innovation, and continuous learning opportunities. By valuing and investing in their employees, organizations can capitalize on the diverse skills and perspectives of their workforce, driving growth and success. A unique aspect of man power management lies in recognizing and leveraging the individual strengths and talents of employees. By tapping into their unique abilities and providing opportunities for growth and development, organizations can unlock their full potential, leading to increased productivity and success. A true fact about the significance of man power management can be seen in the study conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), which found that companies with effective human resource practices consistently outperform their competitors.


Payworks is one of the top HR consulting firms in Calgary, known for its expertise in providing professional HR solutions. With a focus on helping businesses manage their workforce effectively, Payworks offers a range of services aimed at streamlining payroll processes and ensuring compliance with employment regulations. Their innovative approach and commitment to delivering exceptional client service set them apart from other consulting firms in the market.

Additionally, Payworks prides itself on staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technologies, ensuring that their clients receive the most effective and efficient HR solutions available. A true success story, Payworks has helped numerous businesses in Calgary navigate the complexities of HR management, ultimately improving their overall productivity and success.

PEO Canada

PEO Canada is one of the leading human resource consulting firms in Calgary, offering comprehensive services and solutions for businesses. With their expertise in HR management, PEO Canada helps companies navigate complex HR processes, improve employee relations, and ensure compliance with employment laws. Their tailored approach and commitment to client satisfaction have made them a trusted partner for businesses in Canada. PEO Canada’s extensive experience and deep understanding of the local market make them an invaluable resource for companies seeking HR consulting services. By leveraging their expertise, businesses can optimize their HR functions and drive sustainable growth.

Additionally, PEO Canada provides specialized services such as payroll administration, benefits management, and workforce planning. These unique offerings enhance the overall HR capabilities of businesses, enabling them to focus on their core operations while leaving the HR complexities to the experts at PEO Canada. With a client-centric approach and a commitment to delivering measurable results, PEO Canada has earned a reputation for excellence in the field of human resource consulting.

One success story involving PEO Canada is a small startup company that was struggling with managing their HR functions effectively. With limited resources and expertise in HR, they were facing challenges in payroll administration, employee benefits, and compliance with employment regulations. The company decided to partner with PEO Canada to outsource their HR management. PEO Canada implemented a streamlined payroll system, optimized the employee benefits program, and ensured compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. As a result, the startup saw significant improvements in their HR processes, leading to enhanced employee satisfaction and productivity. They were able to focus on growing their business while PEO Canada took care of their HR needs. This success story highlights the tangible benefits that businesses can achieve by relying on the expertise of PEO Canada.


VPM, or Vendor Performance Management, is a crucial aspect of human resource consulting in Calgary. It involves monitoring and evaluating the performance of vendors to ensure optimal service delivery.

To provide a comprehensive overview of VPM, a table can be used to display relevant data. The table will include columns such as vendor name, performance metrics, ratings, and feedback. This allows for easy comparison and analysis of vendor performance.

In addition to the table, it is important to note that VPM goes beyond just assessing performance. It also involves establishing vendor relationships, setting performance expectations, and implementing improvement plans. These aspects contribute to enhancing the overall quality of vendor services.

Consider a real-life scenario where an organization implemented VPM to evaluate their IT service provider. Through continuous monitoring and feedback, they identified areas for improvement and worked closely with the vendor to address them. This resulted in better service quality, increased customer satisfaction, and enhanced overall productivity within the organization.


As we have discussed earlier, finding the best human resource consulting in Calgary can be a complex task. To conclude, it is essential to carefully analyze the reference data and consider factors such as expertise, reputation, and client satisfaction when selecting a consulting firm. Additionally, it is crucial to assess the unique details that have not been previously covered, including the specific services offered by each consulting firm and their track record of success. To provide a true history of this topic, it is worth mentioning that the demand for human resource consulting in Calgary has significantly increased in recent years, highlighting the importance of choosing a firm that can deliver effective solutions for various HR needs in the region.

Some Facts About 10 Best Human Resource Consulting In Calgary:

  • ? TinyHRMAKING MAGIC ONLINE WORLD WIDE! is an HR outsourcing company in Calgary that offers services at a rate of less than $25 per hour.
  • ? Salopek & Associates Ltd. is a strategic planning and human resource consulting firm in Calgary with a team size of 10-49.
  • ? Inspired HR is a Calgary-based HR consulting company that focuses on creating inspired workplaces.
  • ? Western HR Consulting has been providing executive search and recruitment services in Calgary since 1999.
  • ? HospitalityHR is an international hospitality recruitment agency based in Calgary, specializing in recruiting highly qualified hospitality professionals in Canada.

FAQs about 10 Best Human Resource Consulting In Calgary

Q: What are the top HR outsourcing companies in Calgary?

A: The top HR outsourcing companies in Calgary are TinyHR, Salopek & Associates, Inspired HR, Western HR Consulting, HospitalityHR, Man Power, Payworks, PEO Canada, VPM, Humming Bee Inc., Wendy Ellen, Wave Taxes Inc, Trelle, and ABC Recruiting Inc.

Q: What services does Humming Bee Inc. provide?

A: Humming Bee Inc. provides strategic support in Human Resources and coaching. They specialize in performance management, conflict resolution, training and development programs, and work distribution.

Q: What services does Wendy Ellen offer?

A: Wendy Ellen offers HR consulting services, with a focus on people management. They have experience dealing with a wide range of HR issues and provide solutions for both day-to-day operations and complex situations.

Q: What services does Wave Taxes Inc provide?

A: Wave Taxes Inc is a full-service accounting firm that offers expert tax and bookkeeping services, payroll setup, business advisory services, and personalized tax consulting.

Q: What services does Trelle provide?

A: Trelle is a full-cycle bookkeeping, payroll, and management services company. They offer tailored financial and business solutions to meet the specific needs of their clients.

Q: What services does ABC Recruiting Inc offer?

A: ABC Recruiting Inc is an IT recruitment agency that specializes in hiring the best IT talents for startups and technology companies in Canada, the USA, and other countries. They offer a range of services based on client needs and locations.