Liquid Glass LG-100 Polish
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Meguiar's G18216 Car Wax
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Finish Kare Hi-Temp
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It goes without saying that we want our cars to be of great value for potential resale and to simply last for a long time, have reliability , hence we keep up our cars with simple things like best car polish.

If you feel this way as much as we do, then you must keep it shine up finish through regular car polish waxing to protect the paint while making cleaning the outside a lot easier. This is to ensure that your vehicle continues to look impressive and attractive to others while sporting a shiny surface (finish) using car polish. some of the advanatges are : waterproof , glassy crystal , smoothness , wet , fluid flow and durable

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Now that you have an idea of the type of car waxes available on the market today, you need to narrow down your choices until you come up with the best one. How would you know that it is the best car wax for your vehicle? Keep the following considerations in mind:


An easy spray car wax is what it takes for your one- or two-year-old car. Just keep note that car waxes quickly wear out and are suitable for special-occasion and weekly applications on your cars finsish. No wax actually improves a new car’s shine while this approach of wax treatment freshens the appearance of the car. Waxing helps preserve your car’s finish as time passes if you have no plans of replacing them yet.

POTENTIAL ABRASION from formula  Car Polish

Harsh chemical and car wax tiny particles can leave fine scratches. Take note that dark-colored cars can show scratches more easily compared to the lighter-colored cars. Be cautious on products scoring low in the hazing and scratching tests. Abrasiveness can make clear-coated surfaces of your car look cloudy or hazy when its finish is marred by fine scratches that give the paint a duller look than before you apply wax.


Your chosen Liquid Glass Car Wax should match to your car needs. It has been tested and proven that paste waxes are easier to use compared to the liquid waxes; liquid waxes are the best cleaners, and the spray waxes are the easiest when used and left the fewest stains on the plastic parts.


Choose a car polish which scored well in the compatibility-with-plastic tests if your car has plastic body panels, door trim, and bumpers. This is also applicable to newer cars. It may be required to use a plastic cleaner to mitigate any residue.

Auto Waxing Tips and Techniques

Okay, let’s say that you already have your preferred car polish, what’s next? Even if the wax is the best, you may not have the knowledge on how to use and make the most of it. Damage may become a potential problem to the surface of your car. So with our help, here are some tips to help you with the next steps:


  1. It is recommended to first try using the car polishon an inconspicuous area before applying it on your car. Never expect any wax to last indefinitely regardless of how much you’ve spent, what longevity manufacturers claim, or how much effort you did.
  2. Avoid using terry cloth rags for waxing because it makes residue removal harder. Use micro-fiber rags instead.
  3. Carefully wash and dry your car before waxing with a clean solution that is intended for the automotive finishes. It is a bad practice to wax or wash your car if its paint is hot or under a direct sunlight. Sun rays can soften its paint, which makes it more vulnerable to scratching.
  4. Have your car waxed every two months since it is a little bit tiring and it takes some time. Never overdo this task because it may cause damage to your car as well.
  5. During wax application, make sure that you are in the garage or under the shade. Never apply wax when under the sun.

Always exert an effort to keep your car tiptop shape with maintenance car care products like car wax. The sparkling shine of your car should be properly maintained. This will give you pride in driving it down the highway and increases its lifespan. For a more step-by-step guide in waxing your car, click here!

Best Car Wax For Automobiles – Car Waxing Like A Pro

The application of the formula  after washing your vehicle prevents rust formation and protects its paint job from debris, dust and any other particles. What happens next is to find for the car wax that rightly fits your car needs. Of course, you need to choose one that will not damage the paint or surface of your car’s exterior.

Which is why, knowing the description, specifications, and other detailed information about the available car wax on the market are imperative in making a sound decision. For more help in ensuring your car’s lifespan, checkout the best fuel injector cleaners on the market today! Among the top car waxes you should include in your shortlist are as follows:

#01 Liquid Glass Polish LG-100 Ultimate Auto Polish or Finish – Best Wax For Your Money

 (4.8 / 5) (1,046)

 Liquid Glass Polish LG-100 Ultimate Auto Polish or Finish

Liquid Glass Polish LG-100 Ultimate Auto Polish is considered as one of the carnauba wax  for the finish offering superior protection of your vehicle  with high customer rating in the 2022 survey. Notwithstanding the similarity of its features to auto wax, it is actually a sealant for the cars finish and awesome protection  . This sealant can be easily applied and removed leaving a glossy finish when applied well and deeply. It does not turn yellow or crack when it starts to wear out. Your car gets amazing results when you apply it in full sun. It also quickly bonds when done this way.

Compared to the other vehicle  waxes and finishes, this sealant is less expensive. It actually leaves your vehicle with a glossy finish that stays for several months. You will be assured that no stains will be developed. It can even stay at the surface of your vehicle  to as much as 12 months just apply it more often to get a better result.

The sealant only guarantees satisfactory results based on its customer review ratings. It lasts for months on your car as well. However, the results will continue to get better when often applied. Well, you have to get one yourself to see how it offers results to your car. The results on the finish speaks for itself

#02 Meguiar’s 16 Oz Ultimate Liquid

(4.7 / 5) (1,194)

Meguiar’s 16 Oz Ultimate Liquid car Wax

Cost-effectiveness is the primary feature of Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax . This wax comes with an applicator pad and a microfiber towel for its best application. The polymers found in Meguia’s G18216 allow this sealant to come up with a mirror-like shine. The water forms beads of the vehicle paint when it’s rained on. The wax stays up to 6 months on the surface of your car. It gets a commendable rating of 4.7 stars following its over 120 customer reviews. Meguia’s G18216 car wax is made up of synthetic polymers to make sure that it provides your car with a mirror-like shine.

It creates a cross-lining barrier on your vehicle’s paint that gives it a great shine overall. You may apply this wax in full sun even without tampering its results. Its long-lasting protection helps extend the durability of your vehicle. It also protects your car paint against water works. This wax is preferred by some because of its easy application, affordability, and water beading protection. It can even protect your vehicle from the harmful UV rays for as much as 6 months.

03 15 Oz Finish Kare 1000P Hi-Temp Paste

(4.8 / 5) (51)

15 Oz Finish Kare 1000P Hi-Temp Paste Car Wax

Long-weaving and ultra heat-resistant protection is the highlight of Finish Kare 1000P Hi-Temp Paste Car Wax. This strong protection capability is attributable to its German-inspired synthetic formula. This car wax can withstand high temperature up to 250 degrees. It provides high gloss, extreme slickness, extreme hardness, and intensive wear with no fluctuations. Its application is very easy by just grabbing at the car paint. Keep in mind that this wax does not load on the applicator like that in most waxes. You may use a soft, clean foam applicator when you spread it on the surface in circular motion. Let it dry for 15 minutes before you buff it using a clean microfiber towel. also check here to remove car scratches

The paste wax is applicable on all metal surfaces, gel coat, and automotive paint. It is considered as one among the car waxes other than a great choice for RVs and boats with its durability. It offers heavy-duty resistance to acid rain, bug remains, tree sap, hard water, UV, and any other contaminants. The high melting point of this wax surpasses that of carnauba wax, which contains the highest melting point of a natural wax. You will definitely love the smooth and slick surface it brings to your car without any worry on the extreme heat brought by the hot sunny days. It is very easy to apply creating great shine on the car. Also, it protects the automotive parts from both the UV light and dime.

#04  Optimum (SW2008P) (17.oz )

(4.7 / 5) (90)

Optimum (SW2008P) liquid Car Wax (17.oz )

The fantastic formula of Optimum (SW2008P) Car Wax provides additional gloss and distinct slickness. This is the car wax you exactly need for all the exterior surface paint, which is suitable for any surface like paint, plastic trim, glass, and chrome. Another surprising feature of this wax is its UVA and UVB absorber-content that helps protect car paint from the sun’s UV lights. This is attributable to the combined sealant polymers and carnauba wax offering unparalleled sun rays protection.

In terms of application, it is the easiest as you only have to spray it on your car and then spread the formula all over the paint with its microfiber towel. It only takes 15 minutes to let it stick for a 5-month long service. Removing it for replacement is also easy. It has no abrasives or cleaners so you need not worry about having your vehicle scratched with its optimum car wax. Optimum (SW2008P) Car Wax cares for the environment with the absence of any harmful chemicals like VOC’s and other pollutants. It last long in both regular and harsh weather conditions. It guarantees a sparkling shine. It even protects the automotive parts of your vehicle from dust, dime, and dirt.

Car Waxing Like Never Before – Cheap Yet Reliable Car Wax

#05  P21S 12700W Carnauba

(4.7 / 5) (399)

P21S 12700W Carnauba Wax

You can rest assured that your vehicle will have an amazing shine without a powdery residue when you applied P21S-12700W Carnauba Wax on its paint surface. The wax does not leave any stains on the surface that is made of plastic or rubber. It comes in a box that is enough for a number of waxing job. P21S 12700W Carnauba Wax is the best wax choice when your vehicle is colored black or dark. It promises a glossy finish and great deep shine. Don’t worry about any residue when every after buffing because it is non-powdery. It makes your car empowering with the premium shine it offers to your car. It quickly dries without further delay and it lasts long. While it ensures a flawless shine on your car’s paint job, it is being sold at low price.

#06  Waterless Wax Kit (144 0z.)

 (4.8 / 5) (55)

Waterless Car Wax Kit (144 0z.)

Ammonia and alcohol are out from the component of Waterless Car Wax Kit, which makes it a very amazing car wash on the market. This car wax is safe when used on the internal and external surfaces of your vehicle because it is environmentally friendly. In fact, it has already met all the necessary standards for a car wash wax kit.

Waterless Car Wax Kit has an excellent UV protective coating that gains its recognition as one of the best car waxes in 2017. It offers multiple applications before the car gets exhausted. It is biodegradable and human-friendly as it does not cause irritation when in contact with your skin. Also inside the kit is a free user manual for its proper usage. You know that it is a product of high quality because it is usually used in military activities. This natural car wax is very easy to apply and guarantees great protection from the UV lights. It has the capability to remove dust and spots safely. It even provides deep shine to your vehicle.

#07  Griot’s Garage Premium Carnauba Paste

(4.8 / 5) (55)

best Carnauba Paste Wax

Do you have a very hectic schedule that you are almost always in a hurry? Worry no more because Griot’s Garage Premium Carnauba Paste Wax quickly dries up. The high carnauba content of this car wax helps increase water beading that allows water to quickly glide off the surface of your car. Applying this wax is effortless, very easy. It is not too hard and it quickly cures time because of its special carnauba and other ingredients.

Griot’s Garage Premium Carnauba Paste Wax makes the surface of your car really smooth that water will just glide right off. This keeps the formation and settlement of deposits allowing the wax to stay for more years.

#08  Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish

(4.5 / 5) (726)

Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish

Unlike the other car wax products, Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish is applicable in direct sunlight. This synthetic sealant alternative does not require rubbing or buffing and it does not have polish or wax. It is available both in soft paste and liquid form. It is of great help in sealing the paint job of your car against debris and dirt. The manufacturer of this product points out the superior protection that Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish offers to the other products out on the market. It can also be used in protecting airplanes, motorcycles, and fiberglass. However, there are also customers complaining about its protection issues especially of stain removal.

#09  3M Perfect-it Show Car Liquid Wax

(4.5 / 5) (75)

3M Perfect-it Show Car Liquid Wax

3M Perfect-it Show Car Liquid Wax produces a deep wet and gloss finish. This car wax offers protection against grime and dirt. It prevents your car paint from potential damage caused by UV rays. Its slick and shiny finish helps deter both grime and dirt to keep your vehicle cleaner and last longer. It can be regarded as an aid in light oxidation removal from the finish of your vehicle. 3M Perfect-it Show Car Liquid Wax can be applied using a machine or your bare hand that makes it a versatile formula. On the other hand, some of the users of this product observe its problem when it comes to streaking.

Best Car Wax Buying Guide

Remember that not all premium car wax brands necessarily hold up any better than lower-priced alternatives. While putting together this list of top car waxes, we have skimmed through enough brands and found them to offer exactly the same features, if not better, than those premium brands, and that too at a much lower price.

The 9 products we have reviewed above from different brands are pretty good and rated excellent on Amazon. But besides that, you should know a general rule of thumb for choosing a car wax for your automobile. Here is how to do that!

Usually all car waxes require elbow grease, patient and plenty of time. On average it takes at least one hour to fully wax a car. However, it also depends on how fast you wax and the size of your vehicle. Let’s dive in deep into the top factors to consider when buying a car wax.

1: Age of Your Car

If you have a one or two year old car, or if it already has a nice finish, you are better off buying a spray wax. Although spray waxes wear out the quickest, but they are best suited for to weekly or special occasion applications. I must mention here that no wax will ever replenish the true and original shine of your car.

However, if you don’t intend on replacing your car anytime soon, then waxing it is the best way to preserve its finish. If you own an old car or the worn that has started to oxidize and has embedded grime, then go for a carwax that has a good score on dealing with such issues. Ideally, liquid waxes provide the best results for such issues.

2: Abrasion

Do you know car waxes can be abrasive too? Often times, some car waxes have tiny particles or some harsh chemicals that will leave fine scratches or haze on your car’s finish. These scratches are more visible on dark colored cars. If you drive a car that has a black finish or a dark color finish, be careful of the car wax you choose. Choose the ones that score low on scratching and hazing tests.

3: Considering The Plastic Content

Like the abrasive waxes, there are some car wax products that tend to leave visible residue on the non-glossy, porous plastic parts of your vehicle such as its bumper, plastic body panels and door trim. These parts are often black or grey in color, and some newer cars have a lot of them. If that sounds like your car, then choose a car wax that scores well on compatibility-with-plastic tests.

Types of Car Wax

Never buy a car wax without knowing what type of wax is it and what purpose it serves. You need a wax that matches with your car-care needs. Car waxes are available in three different types: liquid, paste, and spray. The liquid waxes clean the best, spray waxes are easiest to use and leave fewer stains on plastic parts and the paste form wax is easier to use.

  • Spray Wax formula

Spray wax is perfect for new cars that have excellent finishes. They are easy to use and apply, leave fewer stains on the plastic parts and produce the best results. However, they are not good for cleaning and are worst in terms of durability.

  • Paste Wax formula

Paste waxes are perfect application. However, their overall performance is somewhat satisfactory. It is difficult to remove the wax from the container and it usually dries to a haze within 30 seconds.

  • Liquid Wax formula

Liquid wax is great for cleaning, glossing and durability. Remember that liquid wax is a bit difficult to apply and it buffs out. It may dry out quickly to a haze, but depends on wind, sunlight and the thickness of the application.

Waxing Tips

Now that you know how to choose the best carwax product for your precious vehicle, here are some waxing tips that will save you time:

  • Avoid Using Old Rags: If you are using some terry cloth rags, it can make make difficult to remove residue as compared to using micro-fiber rags. You can easily find the micro-fiber rags at auto parts stores, big box chains and also at supermarkets.
  • Test The Wax: Before you apply the wax on your car, we highly recommend you testing it on some inconspicuous area. Moreover, no matter what the manufacturer’s claims are on the wax, do not expect it to last for eternity. Even some of the best wax products don’t last longer than a few months
  • Wash Before Wax: Before you wash and wax the car, thoroughly clean and dry it using some car cleaning solution. Avoid washing your car in the sun. Also don’t wash it if the paint is too hot. It is often susceptible to scratching. Always wash and wax in small sections to save yourself some time. Moreover, when waxing, always start from the top and work your way to the bottom. The lower surface of your car is the grimiest and it can easily contaminate your mitt or cloth. This also increases the risk of scratches.

Although waxing doesn’t improve the shine on a new car, but it can significantly help to protect your car against tree sap, bird droppings and other environmental factors. Although paste waxes are difficult to apply, but they offer the best protection against these factors. some benefits :

  • uv protection
  • coat Shine ( finish)
  • durability
  • less scratches
  • sun  protection for the finish
  • shining look
  • sealant  for paint coating
  • carnauba wax formula

1. Liquid glass wax is a type of carnauba wax that is derived from the leaves of the Copernicia prunifera, a species of palm tree native to Brazil.
2. It is typically used as a coating for automobiles, boats, and airplanes to provide a high-gloss finish and protection from the elements.
3. Liquid glass wax can also be used on household surfaces such as countertops, floors, and windows.
4. When applied to glass, it creates a water-repellant barrier that helps to prevent streaks and fingerprints.
5. Liquid glass wax is safe for use on all types of surfaces and is non-toxic.
6. It is also biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
7. Liquid glass wax is available in both liquid and paste form.
8. It is typically applied with a cloth or sponge and then buffed to a shine.

1. Liquid glass wax is a type of carnauba wax that is derived from the leaves of the copernicia prunifera, a plant native to Brazil.
2. It is composed of esters of fatty acids and alcohols, and has a high melting point, making it ideal for use in car care products.
3. Liquid glass wax is known for its ability to provide a high-gloss finish and protection against UV rays, water, and dirt.
4. It can be applied by hand or machine, and is available in both liquid and paste form.
5. Liquid glass wax is typically more expensive than other types of carnauba waxes, but is considered to be worth the investment due to its superior performance.

1. What is liquid glass wax?
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3. How is it made?
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7. How does it compare to other waxes?
There are a few different types of waxes on the market, each with their own set of benefits and drawbacks. When it comes to choosing the right wax for your car, it’s important to consider a few factors, such as the climate you live in, the type of car you have, and your personal preferences. Here is a comparison of some of the most popular waxes on the market: 1. Carnauba Wax
8. What are its safety concerns?
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10. Are there any other products like it?
No, there are no other products like it.


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Keep in mind that taking good care of your care comes in more than one format. Of course, car wax will help but so will the assistance of the best car scratch removers. The outside is just as important as what’s under the hood. Making sure the spark plugs are changed on time could serve useful. In the meantime folks, please enjoy the rest of your day!