When it comes to best ceramic coating for cars protecting your car and maintain its aesthetics, car wax polish  has been on the top of the list. However, recently, the ceramic coating has become the talk of the town, and the reasons are very clear. It offers high-end benefits and is becoming increasingly popular as a better choice than car wax.

The ceramic coating offers long-lasting results, better protection, and an added appeal to your car’s aesthetics. It is important to keep in mind that you cannot pick any ceramic coating that you find. They vary in features and degree of quality they deliver. Based on ease of usage, longevity, weather resistance, and other such factors, we have narrowed down some of the top picks for ceramic coating for cars available out there.

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The Best Ceramic Coating for Cars 2022

You can pick any of the following ceramic coatings for cars to make an affordable purchase. And if you are a DIYer, you have landed just atht e right place to learn about the best ceramic coating kit

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1.    Avalon King Armor Shield IX DIY Kit  The best ceramic coating

Armor Shield IX DIY kit coming from the house of Avalon King is all you need for perfect ceramic coating for your car. It comprises of a top-grade microfiber rag, safety gloves for protective usage and undoubtedly one of the best cream-based ceramic coating product. Many people have been using Avalon King ceramic coating for a long time, and neither of them intends to give any other ceramic coating a try.

Unlike other ceramic coating manufacturers, armor shield ix review adheres to the claims it has promised and how long does armor shield ix last. And, that’s what makes it the best choice for the best ceramic coating for cars. The first thing, you will be saving hundreds of dollars. It is not cheap but cost-effective. Any cheap ceramic coating potentially lasts up to one or luckily two years at most. But, Avalon King Armor Shield IX gives at least three and up to five years of protection for the avalon king ceramic coating.

It is specifically designed for cars which are on the run all year long. For daily drivers, this ceramic coating is the best way to provide Hollywood shine and appearance on your rides. All of this comes without paying for professional assistance.

When it comes to the application, Avalon King delivers top of the line application. It is not only flawless in appearance, but it is really easy to do if you follow instructions that come along. With no spots and near to zero buffings, you get the most durable coating for your vehicle. In terms of quality and performance, nothing else on the list matches the level of Avalon King Armor Shield IX DIY kit.

Specifications of the automotive ceramic coating

  • Features innovative nanotechnology
  • DIY kit means a self-cleaning mechanism
  • Easy usage and application
  • how long does armor shield ix last – Last for up to 5 years
  • avalon king instructions are clear and easy to follow 

Pros of armor shield ix diy kit

  • Nanotechnology ensures longevity and durability
  • Protects against bad weather
  • Cost-effective


  • how to apply avalon king ceramic coating – The application needs time and effort

2.    CarPro Cquartz 50 ml Kit

CarPro is another big name in the automotive industry, and as we look into its creaming coatings, CarPro Cquartz 50 ml Kit comes as the topnotch ceramic coating for cars. It is a professional product featuring advanced formula and longer protection for your car. A number of professionals worldwide are using the CarPro Cquartz Kit for superb results and ultimate ceramic coating benefits.

According to some top tier professionals, Cquartz has made to the best products hitting the market lately. This ceramic coating is really easy to use, delivering expertise that many professionals around the world claim to offer. The major difference between the CarPro Cquartz Kit and other ceramic coating products is its relative use of use for daily drivers and professionals alike.

As you put your hands on this product, you won’t realize how quickly you are done with the application; this is all due to its quick action formula. You need not spend a lot of time or effort in understanding the instructions.

This Cquartz kit comes with high purity percentage and around 70% quartz, making it resistant to bad weather, bird waste, wash stains, induced marring, and high traffic impacts. It protects your car from extreme temperatures as well as from dirt, smoke, rain, and whatnot.

Each kit includes a Cquartz coating product, microfiber clothes made of suede, an applicator, and a rearview mirror for optional use.


  • Features 70% Quartz and high purity level
  • Advanced quick action formula
  • 50 ml. weighing 3.2 ounces
  • A complete application kit


  • Longer results from the tiny kit
  • A higher level of purity for best performance
  • Protects against bad weather perfectly


  • Longevity not specified

3.    Color N Drive Car Ceramic Coating Kit

Here we have another high-end ceramic coating kit for cars. Coming from Color N Drive, this car ceramic coating is a great solution for your car protection needs. It combines the properties of wax and car sealant to offer the perfect formula for your car’s exterior. This makes it a unique ceramic coating product on the list.

It claims to deliver flawless aesthetics and long protection for your car, and surprisingly we have seen the results it claims. Its top coat ensures ultimate protection against bird’s drop, bad weather, iron powder, scratches, and paint fading. It keeps your car safe from UV light as well as extremely low temperatures.

The best thing about the Color N Drive Car Ceramic Coating kit is that it features 9H Nanotechnology. The manufacturers promise that the coating on your car stays for 5 long years and does not require any intense maintenance. While you go ahead with regular cleanliness and car wash, the ceramic coating keeps doing its job.

The paint sealant does not make it any hard to clean but, in fact, adds to the ease of a swipe. The sealant remains intact up to 150 washes, thanks to its hydrophobic nature. Another good thing about this car ceramic coating kit is the ease of use and application it offers. With its sponge, it is really easy to spread the sealant evenly and ensure there are no scratches. Following the instructions, you only need to apply a single coat in your car, and you are done.

Each Color N Drive Car Ceramic Coating Kit includes two spraying bottles (one for spraying and other for additional polish for a second use) and a premium coated sponge.


  • Features 9H nanotechnology
  • Lasts for up to 5 years
  • Hydrophobic nature
  • Acts as a sealant


  • Stays intact for more than 100 washes
  • Easy to apply
  • Affordable


  • Only offers a single coat

4.    Migliore Strata Coating Car Ceramic Coating

Migliore Strata Coating is made in the USA by Migliore Luxury Car Care Company, which has a great reputation in the industry. This ceramic coating offers some topnotch benefits to your car. It is a glossy and thick ceramic coating that adds a Hollywood touch to your car and makes it as attractive as you have always desired.

Other than this, it offers resistance against UV rays and water to save your car from the harmful effects of UV light and damage done by the water. It is a very durable ceramic coating for a high degree of protection. Its special formula makes it a great ceramic coating to protect your car’s exterior from harmful contaminants. Other than this, Migliore Strating coating keeps your car safe from dirt, storm, salt, and bird’s drop.

As far as the application is concerned, this ceramic sealer features a very straightforward application. No matter what your skill level is, you can get along this ceramic coating in no time. Due to its self-cleaning mechanism, you can go for a DIY application without having to contact a professional. Also, it makes sure that you do not have to go for car wash frequently, which means less washing days, Woah!

It is not possible to compare Migliore Strata Coating with any ordinary wax or car sealant because it offers a lot more than what they do for your car. In between car washes, it keeps your car appear glossier and looks cleaner that no other wax or sealant is capable of.

However, you need to know that Migliore Strata Coating offers only up to a year of protection. Other than this, it is a very user-friendly product and will ensure easier application and high-quality results.


  • A yearlong protection
  • UV protection and water resistance
  • Manufactured by Migliore Luxury Car Care Company in the USA
  • Extremely glossy and self-cleaning effect


  • Easy and simple application
  • The high degree of protection
  • Better than any other car wax or sealant


  • No nanotechnology
  • Good for up to a year only

5.    CarPro Reload Spray Sealant

Here comes another top-of-the-line ceramic coating product from CarPro; CarPro Reload Spray Sealant. If you are looking for an effective car coating that protects the surface and offers a remarkable shine to your car’s exterior, this is the best option to consider. Coming with nanotechnology, this delivers longer and better protection against dirt, bad weather, and other harmful environmental effects.

This topnotch protection kit is a great solution to your car’s protection needs, no matter what kind of surface it has. Designed as the high-end UV protection coating, it has become popular as the stand-alone sealant in the industry. No other manufacturer has been able to match the standards of CarPro Reload Spray Sealant. It is important to note here that this ceramic coating is good against the sun and is equally protective against water. It is safe for use on the outer surfaces of your car like rims, wheels, and windshield.

You will be glad to know that it belongs to CarPro top tier products, including Cquartz and CarPro Gliss. This car sealant has a great reputation among professionals and retailers alike. Currently, it is among the top car sealants on the store shelves. It comes with an instruction manual to help you through the application and answers all the related questions as well.

CarPro Reload Spray Sealant allows application on dry as well as wet surfaces. It is good to remove water spots instantly, provide a layer of transparent protection, enrich the shine, and ensure crisp paint.

If you have no prior experience of applying a car sealant, it is best to start with a test on a little portion of your car. Make sure the surface is clean before you apply this sealant. If you notice any uneven areas, all you need is isopropyl alcohol to wipe off the excess product.


  • Safe to use for any kind of surfaces
  • Repels grime and water
  • Offers UV Protection
  • CarPro 113 weighing 1.15 lbs


  • Best for use on any surface
  • Adds a shiny touch
  • Easy to use and apply
  • Currently the best car sealant


  • Longevity not specified


NASIOL LOVE & PROTECT THE ORIGINAL ZR53 Car Coating is another unique ceramic coating. Based on nanotechnology, it has been designed to go well with all the types of car paints. As you apply the coat, this ceramic coating ensures protection for up to 3 years. With regular maintenance, you can keep you clean and protected for a long time.

It also features 9H water-resistant properties to protect against water, be it in the form of car washes, rain or melted snow. There are going to be no car spots on your car’s surface at all. Due to its two-layer technology, it keeps the paint flexible and free from any surface effects. You get a hard top layer while a soft layer beneath. What else means perfect protection?

When it comes to the application, Nasiol ZR53 is exceptionally easy to apply. Without needing to have any prior skill or a great deal of knowledge, you are good to go ahead with this ceramic coating for cars. All you need to do is clean your car’s exterior of any dirt, water drop marks, grime, and mud. Once cleaned, apply this car ceramic coating, and you get a superior shiny effect immediately. Yes, no extra effort required to add a glossy effect!

As this is a hydrophobic product, washing or cleaning is not going to take the shine off. Your car remains shinier, cleaner, and healthier for a long time due to its easy self-cleaning mechanism. It is important to know that this ceramic coating is suitable for use on plastic surfaces as well. This means you are free to apply it to bumpers and rims.

Its nanotech effects result in some crystallization; however, it does not harden completely.


  • Nasiol ZR53 weighs 1.76 ounces
  • Nanotech ceramic coating
  • Two-layer coating system in a single coat
  • Lasts up to 3 years
  • 9H water-resistant and multi-layer technology


  • Nanotechnology offers great protection and glossy finish
  • Repels against water, UV rays, and bad weather
  • Easy application with a single coating only


  • Not suitable for use on all kind of surfaces such as glass

7.    Shield One Advanced Nano Hydrophobic Coating

Shield One ceramic coating is known to ensure that your car remains as new as it was the moment you bought it. As the name suggests, it features nanotechnology that protects against all kinds of harmful weather effects, pollution, dirt, grime, mud, bird droppings, and whatnot. Also, it guarantees longer protection and unharnessed durability.

The unique thing about this car ceramic coating is its advanced polymer composition, which ensures protection and acts as a shield against chemicals, water, or any other bad contaminants. As we look into the base level, this polymer bonding keeps your car’s surface perfect for longer. Only after one application, you will notice the richness added to its color and surface. This makes this ceramic coating stand apart from other ordinary ceramic coating products.

Also, Shied One ceramic coating is suitable for use on all kinds of surfaces like glass, rubber wheels, and plastic. It allows easy application, and a single coating makes sure your car’s surfaces are well-protected. You will be glad to know that this sealant is not only good for your car but any other device or item in your home. You can use the leftover product for your monitor, laptop, smartphone, furniture, and whatnot. This is an all-around, multifunctional cleaner that holds up to your expectations.

Given its hydrophobic nature, it goes well even after 100 to 150 washes. Lasting for up to 5 years, this ceramic coating offers all-rounder protection.


  • Advanced polymer composition
  • Features nanotechnology
  • Hydrophobic nature
  • Suitable for all kinds of surfaces


  • The best solution for water and dirt resistance
  • Protects against harmful weather effects
  • Lasts for up to 5 years


  • A bit pricy

8.    Ethos Handcrafted Car Care Ceramic Wax

This Car Care Ceramic Wax is a car coating considered as the shiniest and slickest sealer for your car’s surface. Enriched with wax and sealant properties, the manufacturer guarantees the product to stand out in the crowd. The degree of gloss and clarity it offers does not match with any other ceramic coating out there, thanks to its silica-infused technology.

This handcrafted car ceramic coating allows for easy application. Whether you plan to apply it with a machine or by hand, it delivers equally perfect results. If there is any excess product, all you need to do is wipe it off. The application does not require any specific tools or ceramic coating skills. Just follow the instructions, and you are good to go.

Just like any other high-end ceramic coating, this Ceramic Wax saves your vehicle against UV light, water drops, bird drops, and all the other harmful contaminants. Given the hydrophobic nature, there is nothing to worry about. It survives 100 to 150 washes with great ease. Also, its self-cleaning effects ensure no more difficult maintenance or everyday wash.

This ceramic wax results in a semi-permanent barricade that lasts for up to a year if properly maintained. It also adds the shine and gloss to your car’s surface, making it look newer and attractive. Moreover, this ceramic coating is safe to use on all kinds of surfaces, such as motorcycles, stainless steel, monitors, smart devices, and whatnot.


  • 30% pure silica-infused
  • UV protection
  • Hydrophobic nature
  • Safe for use on all kinds of surfaces


  • Easy application
  • Forms a semi-permanent barrier
  • Protects against water, UV light, and contaminants


  • Lasts for up to a year only

9.    Sonax Ceramic Coating

Sonax Car Coating is another unique product that differentiates from other ceramic coatings on more than one property. Your car requires a soft touch that offers quality protection and guaranteed durability. Sonax Ceramic Coating offers it all. It is a flexible car coating as it does not only provide protection and safe use but adds to the aesthetics of your car.

Due to its advanced formulation, it delivers a profound glossy effect and a year of protection. The application of this ceramic coating is really easy as the package includes all the tools to do the job. With no additional equipment or a unique skill set, you can get done with the application in a single go.

As you complete the application, your vehicle has a glassy finish that acts as a barrier to contaminants and UV lights. As it is itself protected from harmful environmental effects, it keeps your vehicle’s surface safe as well. With Sonax Ceramic Coating, you can say goodbye to dirt, road and industrial pollution, and traffic effects. However, the protection lasts for a year only. If you love the results, you will need to go for another application after 12 months or so.


  • Sonax 236941 weighs 11.2 ounces
  • The kit offers all the required tools
  • UV protection and water resistance
  • Equally great for professional and novice users


  • Offers a glass-like finish
  • Adds a glossy touch
  • Delivers a great level of protection


  • Lasts for up to a year only

Best Ceramic Coating for Cars Buying Guide

Factors to Look Into When Getting Ceramic Coating for Cars

Ceramic coating cannot be used for any vehicle but for the kind of vehicle that the product comes specified for. You need to consider some significant factors to make an informed purchase before you buy car ceramic coating. Highly considerable factors include:

1.      Weather

If you are resident in an area where summers last for longer periods, your car will be directly exposed to UV light most of the day. To protect your car against the sun, you need to go for a ceramic coating that offers UV protection. The one that does not keeps your car safe from damaging UV rays is going to do no good.

However, if you have a colder climate, you need not go for a UV protection ceramic coating.

2.      Longevity

Every ceramic coating for cars comes mentioned with the number of years it is going to last. If it does not, you must do some research to find out how long a certain ceramic coating will remain intact. As the ceramic coating is not something you can go for every other day, get the one that offers longer years of protection.

While most ceramic coatings offer a year of protection, some high-end ceramic coatings remain intact for 3 to 5 years.

3.      Hydrophobic Nature

If a ceramic coating features hydrophobic nature, it ultimately results in lesser car cleaning and non-frequent car washing. Ceramic coating makes the surface of your car self-cleaning one, and so, it requires little to no maintenance. Always go for a hydrophobic ceramic coating.

4.      Age of Your Car

Ceramic coating is a thing for new cars or relatively new cars. If you are going to sell your old car and want to enhance its appearance, know that ceramic coating is going to do no good. An old car already has a weakened color, and ceramic coating can react with the surface to offer damaging effects. That’s surely not what you want!

5.      Price

With unlimited manufacturers and ceramic coating products, you can get a very cheap, as well as a too expensive product on the store shelf. Always aim for products that deliver great value for money. It should not be cheap or expensive, but cost-effective!

Benefits of Using Ceramic Coating for Cars

Why are people giving up on car wax and going after ceramic coating? Because of the high-end benefits, it delivers which include:

Longer Protection

Watching your car paint fading every day is really painful. Well, what are the reasons behind that? The dirt, UV rays, water drops, bird droppings, harmful contaminants, and pollution in the air. To address these reasons, you need something that protects these. Yes, ceramic coating!

With ceramic coating, there forms an even barrier between the surface of your car and the harmful exterior element that can damage it. Dirt particles cannot decrease the value of your vehicle, and water drops just dry up quickly. Most of the ceramic coating for cars offer long years of protection, say up to 5 years.

Easy Maintenance

Ceramic coating is the best solution if you are looking to make your maintenance routine easier. As ceramic coating ensures self-cleaning, you need not wipe the dirt off your car every day or go for a car wash. High maintenance requirements immediately jump to little maintenance after a single ceramic coating.

Aesthetic Appearance

Applying a ceramic coating on your car will add to its aesthetics. Many ceramic coatings result in a glass-like finish and a glossy touch, which makes your car appear new and unique. Even with regular use, your car maintains its aesthetic features.

The Right Way to Apply Ceramic Coating

The key to a durable ceramic coating lies in the application process. A lot of people apply ceramic coating but do not find long-lasting results. Well, that’s because you did not follow the right way to apply the ceramic coating. Here’s is a step-by-step guide to applying ceramic coating:

  • Wipe off any dirt or watermarks from your car
  • Place your application sponge in the given cloth
  • Pour some drops on the cloth
  • Apply it over your car’s surface gently
  • If you see any excess coating, remove it using a wet piece of towel
  • Make sure the coating is even
  • To let your car air dry, leave it for up to 48 hours

And you are done!

However, it is best to understand and follow the instructions that come with your ceramic coating product.

Ceramic Coating FAQs

1.      For how long does a ceramic coating remain intact?

Well, that varies from one ceramic coating product to another. Usually, a ceramic coating is known to last for longer than acrylics or car wax. It offers a higher degree of protection against sun, water, dirt, and contaminants. Most of the manufacturers claim the ceramic coating to last for 3 to 5 years.

However, it largely depends on maintenance and application. A ceramic coating can last very long, but if you have not applied properly or have taken good care, it might not last even a year. No matter what the product says, you can make it last that long only if you ensure good maintenance.

2.      Is car ceramic coating better than car wax?

Definitely yes!

The ceramic coating contains a liquid polymer to enhance the bonding capability. It binds to the surface of your car to remain intact for longer. As it forms a solid layer, it offers protection for longer years.

Car wax, on the other hand, requires a frequent application and regular abrasive washing. Ceramic coating, once applied, can never be taken off your car.

3.      Does ceramic coating prevent scratches?

The ceramic coating does not make your car unsusceptible to scratches. However, if you have followed the application process properly, the ceramic coating can definitely play a role in avoiding scratches.

4.      How should I look after my ceramic coating?

To maintain your ceramic coated car, all you need is a neutral pH car shampoo and a consistent washing routine. There is no need for polishing or using any rim cleaners. Just wash your car once a week and make sure you only air dry every now and then.

Another good way to maintain your car is by using spray shampoo and cleaning off your car with a dry or damp microfiber cloth. It eliminates the need for water consumption, adding to the longevity of the ceramic coating.

Final Verdict

Now that you are well aware of the considerable factors, benefits, and ways to apply car ceramic coating, you must be able to pick the best one out of the list mentioned above. However, our top pick is Avalon King Armor Shield IX Kit, as it is the best ceramic coating for cars  product and will keep your car well-maintained and protected 365 days of a year. It forms a top coat over the surface, which keeps your car safe from bad weather, UV rays and fading.