If your car seems to be running a little rougher than normal, if there’s backfires, stalling or even what seems to be a jump while driving, then this article is for you.

Especially if you’re spending more time having to put fuel in your vehicle (first indication) than actually on the road. The best thing to check initially, would be your spark plugs as they may need to be replaced. Also see our reviews on fuel injectors here

Spark plugs are essential in helping the engine of your car run. They are in essence, electrodes that produce a high voltage spark used to ignite the fuel of your car, power the engine, and enables the wheels to turn.

NGK-G Power Spark Plugs
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The spark erodes tiny amounts of metal from each plug every time it is sent in between the plugs. This creates a gap between them and become huge for sparking efficiency. When this happens, your car gets misfires, rough running, check engine light, and excessive gas consumption.

This calls for a replacement of your car’s spark plugs, learn more about the importance of a spark plug here. Such maintenance is very easy to be done yourself if you feel capable. Most car manufacturers and mechanics will suggest that you check and replace them every 25,000 to 40,000 miles run. But how would you know that you are using the best, right spark plugs? Continue reading to learn more about the best spark plugs available in the market and know how to pick the right one that exactly fits your vehicle.

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It is a normal maintenance measure to change the spark plugs of your car to operate and function well. Consider the roaring power that originates from the engine of your vehicle caused by the explosive combustion churning pistons in their cylinders. The spark you may need differ according to your car model as well as its engine. And with the wide selections of spark plugs out in the market today, choosing the best among the rest can be tricky. Solve this problem by going deeper into the description and specs of the tried and proven effective spark plugs. The best of them are as follows:

#01  NGK (7090-4PK) BKR5EGP GPower Spark Plug

 (4.4 / 5) (63)

NGK (7090-4PK) BKR5EGP GPower Spark Plug
F-Power Platinum Alloy Spark Plug NGK (7090-4PK) BKR5EGP promises excellent performance through its lower emissions, faster starts, and more improved fuel efficiency. This spark plug reduces the required voltage with its 0.6mm laser welded fine platinum tip intended for high durability and consistently stable spark. The plug is made up of special configurations for its insulator noses for the improvement of throttle response and the control of corrugated rib fouling. Its platinum alloy ground and center electrode are developed to cause a greater spark of your vehicle while ensuring its precise gap during its life cycle. Its trivalent metal plating feature provides superior anti-seizing and anti-corrosion properties. Meanwhile, its triple gasket seal aids the elimination of the combustion gas leakage. Many auto owners or consumers consider it as the best when it comes to the valued economic cost. NGK (7090-4PK) BKR5EGP improves the fuel efficiency and reduces the emissions of your vehicle. The plug prevents fouling resulting in corrugated ribs on your vehicle’s insulator. It helps improve fuel line efficiency. It aims nothing but excellence in terms of quality. Many car owners preferred to purchase it because it is inexpensive. However, some manufacturers complaint that this spark plug may not work efficiently in older vehicle model.

#02  Bosch YR7MPP33 Original Equipment Fine Wire Platinum Spark Plug

 (4.8 / 5) (47)

Bosch YR7MPP33 Original Equipment Fine Wire Platinum Spark Plug
Noted as a genuine equipment replacement plug, Bosch YR7MPP33 Original Equipment Fine Wire Platinum Spark Plug is particularly designed to comply with or even to exceed the OEM specifications. The copper core of this spark plug offers wider heat range that provides more resistance to both fouling and pre-ignition. Its nickel-plated rolled threads offer great protection against complete anti-seize and corrosion. Never worry when you encounter misfires due to flash-over because it is has an angled and ribbed insulator. It guarantees a high service life that comes from its platinum-enhanced center electrodes and its ground electrodes. These electrodes are then fused into an extended ceramic insulator. What happens next is that a powerful spark produced by its fine wire platinum center electrode sees to it that the combustion is complete. Bosch YR7MPP33 is available in platinum series spark plug gift abundant of self-temperature for your car to start quickly. The spark plug even improves the starting mechanism of the car even in cold weather. It helps increase fuel ignitability for the car’s tapered and v-profile nickel ground electrode. It offers superior operation under any driving conditions, most especially for the supercharged and turbocharged engines.

03 Denso (4504) PK20TT Platinum Twin-Tip Spark Plug

 (4.5 / 5) (339)

Denso (4504) PK20TT Platinum Twin-Tip Spark Plug
Denso (4504) PK20TT Platinum Twin-Tip Spark Plug is designed and manufactured to specifically withstand the rigors of driving. This spark plug guarantees quick flame propagation for complete combustion. It actually applies platinum to both ground and center electrodes maximizing the spark plug’s longevity and strengthening its durability. The platinum offers maximum corrosion and erosion resistance for consistent plug performance. Its purified alumina powder insulator provides dielectric strength and thermal conductivity of the spark plugs for its horsepower allowing the material to withstand extreme stress. Its small diameter maximizes its firing potential saving your vehicle from excessive fuel consumption. It is precisely set for your car’s perfect performance and gap. More and more car owners and manufacturers favor Denso since it is very affordable and remarkable among the best spark plugs available on the market. This spark plug has longer functional life compared to the others because it is specifically designed to deal with extreme stress. It comes with an exceptional performance with its twin tip technology. On the other hand, some of its users experience that it runs extremely hot that leads to misfires in your engine. It can also be difficult and a threat in particular car models.

#04  6-Piece NGK 3403 NGK G-Power Platinum Spark Plug TR55GP (6 Pieces)

 (4.6 / 5) (233)

6-Piece NGK 3403 NGK G-Power Platinum Spark Plug TR55GP (6 Pieces)
This Fine Wire Platinum Tipped spark plug promises excellence in durability and platinum performance at its very competitive price quote. NGK 3403 NGK G-Power Platinum Spark Plug TR55GP’s central electrode reduces the required voltage for superior engine acceleration, increases its fuel economy, and have better starts. The trapezoid of the spark plug cuts the ground electrode, on the other hand, it reduces its quenching performance. Its anti-seizing and anti-corrosion properties are attributable to its trivalent metal plating. Having flashover issues? Don’t worry since its corrugated ribs will be taking care of it. With its Pure Alumina silicate ceramic insulator feature, it will have better heat transfer as well as superior strength. Also, the copper core in its copper spark plug aids in removing the heat from the plug, while its Triple Seals helps prevent any possible leakage. NGK 3403 NGK G-Power Platinum Spark Plug works perfectly with nearly all car models and types. This spark plug has competitive, but good price. You will make the most of it as it is very durable even when temperature is high. Manufacturers also note that it may have a negative effect on the fuel efficiency of some car models.

#05  Autolite AP104 Platinum Spark Plug

 (4.8 / 5) (134)

Autolite AP104 Platinum Spark Plug
Autolite AP104 Platinum Spark Plug is a platinum-based spark plug that measures 1 x 1 3.4 inches in terms of dimensions and 1.6 ounces in terms of weight. This spark plug has a center wire platinum firing tip that is intended for reduced gap erosion, more durability, fewer misfires, and better performance. The high nickel alloy side electrode of the product helps maintain a precise gap and a complete platinum tip to eliminate the gap erosion. The necked-down electrode can fires cleaner, quicker, and with reduced voltage for faster acceleration, more improved fuel economy, and easier starts. Its steel shell is strategically plated with nickel for a lasting resistance to any corrosion. Maintenance of the precise gap comes from its Yttrium enhanced, high nickel alloy side electrode. When you use Autolite AP104, it is guaranteed that there will be no gap erosion, which lengthens the life of the spark plug. The plug uses less voltage in starting the vehicle. It has an extended durability, long service life, platinum-to-platinum firing. Yes, it offers efficiency, but not in all types or models of car. Some vehicle owners even complain about the insufficiency of its striking power for greater engine performance.

#06  Motorcraft SP534 Spark Plug

 (4.6 / 5) (83)

Motorcraft SP534 Spark Plug
After successfully tested to Ford’s specifications, Motorcraft SP534 Spark Plug has proven the excellence of its performance and the emission standards for your vehicle. This spark plug is primarily designed to boost its fuel economy, smoothen its acceleration from its 60,000 to 100, 000 best spark plug to improve its gas mileage service gap, and delivers a faster start for your car. It also highlights a platinum pad on its electrodes along with a proprietary platinum pad on its wire electrode. Its nickel-plated shell only aims to resist corrosion and improve its overall appearance. The quality and fit of this plug are considered by car manufacturers exceptional. It has been tested and proven very beneficial since it only provides service coverage compared to none. It even promises quality service like no other in whatever area of any job. Motorcraft SP534 excels when it comes to performance, dependability, and quality. It is preferred and suggested for the Ford vehicles. It comes with an exceptional quality and fit in transmission assemblies, car motor oil, and everything in between them. Some consumers who have used the product recommend it to become available for both its 11 and 12 F150 models. It has an efficient performance in its on-the-road and laboratory tests However, knowledge on this spark plug is required in order to get an easy installation.

#07  Motocraft SP-515 Spark Plug

 (4.3 / 5) (264)

Motocraft SP-515 Spark Plug
The physical details, Motocraft SP-515 Spark Plug measures 6 x 3 x3 inches in its dimensions and 1.6 ounces in its weight. This spark plug has a replacement warranty of one year. One of its highlights is the plug’s direct fit replacement. It is primarily designed for the fuel economy improvement of your vehicle. The product can cost you less especially especially in terms of the fuel consumption of the car. Its promises a warranty of up to 12 months that starts on the date of your purchase. This spark plug is lightweight and is direct fit replacement when not suitable for your vehicle. It is very cost-effective so very affordable to everyone. It guarantees lower fuel consumption as well. Some of those who have been using this plug consider its performance in your car’s operation a crap. The others say it is not really the epic tune-up. There are also those who are struggling in their use of this plug.


Presented above are the top-rating spark plugs in the market and their specs and reviews. Which among them is the best to satisfy all, if not the most, of your car needs? Consider the following list of pointers you should have when you have decided to go to the market and purchase one. If you are unfamiliar of how to change your spark plugs, our friends over at The Family Handyman give you a step-by-step of what to do!

  • It is best to know exactly when the electrode materials used in your car. There are three primary electrode materials including copper spark plugs, iridium spark plugs, and platinum spark plugs. Once you have chosen the electrode material that works pretty well on your vehicle, go work on its proper settings. This will be an aid in monitoring the engine for the greater performance of your spark plugs even at their peak levels.
  • Check out Autozone compatibility tool of your car using its year of manufacturer. This will give you few options from any of the best spark plug brand. Remember the code and then check whether one of the suggested plugs is suitable for your vehicle.
  • You need to determine the specific heat range of your car. This usually requires referencing your car’s manual and a bit of your common sense, of course. Be careful in doing this task since the fuel burns within a certain range.
  • Always remember that higher thermal value of the spark plug comes with a longer tip.
  • Learn the gapping of your spark plug, which is being calibrated to certain gap distance. The calibration of the gap should be in order when you deliver the right sparking to your engine.
  • You should inspect the insulation materials being used in your plug. Most manufacturers now use sintered alumina offering maximum insulation work. This material also provides excellent mechanical support as well as flashover protection to your car.
  • Choose metal casting that can withstand the pressure exerted on the spark plug. Metal casting should be a good heat conductor to allow the plug to get rid of the excess heat from the insulator then to the head of the cylinder. Just make sure that the coating material is made from zinc-chromate metal.
  • Take note of the differences of the plug types because they differ in their respective life cycles including the copper sparks plugs, iridium spark plugs, and platinum spark plugs.
  • Checkout the owner’s manual and purchase what spark plug is being recommended there. The plugs suggested by the automakers will fit and perform the required engine job very well.

To purchase the best spark plugs for your vehicle can be of great help for a better engine performance in every drive that you take. You’re always at your best in this decision-making process when you take the information given above seriously. Keep in mind, your vehicle’s longevity is a very important, ensuring your fuel injection system is clean is apart of this process. This will serve as your guide in finding the best solution for the engine performance that you’ve been looking for your vehicle. Be open-minded on the facts but be very cautious on frauds on the market as well.