An arborist is responsible for pruning, removal, care, and preventive maintenance services of trees in your garden. He is also an expert in planting the right kind of trees in your garden, depending on the landscape soil conditions, and risks to neighboring property. Since your task could one or more of the above specified parameters, it is important to find an experienced arborist company with license, liability insurance, and certifications from American Society for Consulting Arborists (ASCA), Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), or International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). They can perform the task of tree maintenance and cutting to precision without any risks.

Why Opt for Arborist Company

An established arborist company in your region will have a license to operate with authorization from the state and local governments apart from the US forest service. They employ trained and skilled employees who know their job well. Even they would have received training from the ASCA, ISA, or TCIA certified centres. A company will have accountability for its actions. You can claim damage claims and get insurance coverage. An individual arborist may be highly specialized in the procedures. But he may not have the legal and insurance coverage you may require.

Search Online

You can search online for the best arborist company in the local directory listing. Or you can logon to social media network and talk tour friends over there. They can suggest good service provider based on their personal experience.

Take Referrals

Finding a local arborist company becomes easier when you talk to your neighbors and take referrals from them. It is considered safe because they know the company and have the practical experience. Being a neighbor, even you might have seen the way arborists completed your neighbor’s project. It is better to choose a local arborist company, rather than calling someone who is located at a distance of 200 miles from your home, unless there is no other option.

Check License and Insurance

Professional Arborist Company should have license from local and state governments, apart from permit from US forest service department. They should also be aware of the laws related to tree cutting and utilization of wood afterward.

The arborist company should also have liability insurance to compensate for damages to your property or neighborhood property during operation.

Talk to Service Providers

Best practice is to talk to Arborist Services Company about their experience and expertise. Ask them to provide client referrals who can give valuable feedback about quality and dependability of service they got so far.

Get Arborist Quotes

Professional Arborist Company will inspect tree cutting site in your garden to evaluate procedures, list out equipment and manpower requirement, assess risks, and evaluate best practices. They can also estimate the required time for project completion. They give you a detailed quote for the project with drill down costs for each task. You have to compare this quote with at least 3 to 4 other companies to take a decision. Don’t look only at the cost, but also the quality of workmanship and the risks to property in your garden and neighborhood.

Check Certificates

As a potential customer, you will have the right to inspect ASCA, ISA, or TCIA certifications of arborist. You can also talk to the technical team and evaluate their expertise and experience levels first hand. It gives you confidence about the capability of the arborist company.

Decide on Arborist Service

Disease Treatment

You may require arborist services for purposes other than cutting trees alone. For example, you may need them to take care of your tree from infected by diseases. You might have seen the early symptoms of the disease and want to have it treated. In such cases, your arborist should have complete knowledge of the disease symptoms and know its cure and preventive care.

Nature of disease may vary depending on the type of tree you have in your garden. For example, maple trees may have cankers, girdled roots, or fungus infections. Cherry trees may have diseases related to rotting, pests, roots and crown diseases, etc. So, your arborist should know about the treatment procedures, fungicide usage, diagnosis methods and risk analysis in the near future.

Some of the insects have a tendency of eating into the branches or the roots. An experienced arborist will know the efficacy of treatment within a short span of time. He will suggest whether you can continue with the treatment, or it is better to cut down the tree to avoid unexpected damage risks.

An arborist should be aware of all types of diseases and the related treatments. He should not suggest you to cut the tree just because he doesn’t know the treatment methods. Most of the experienced arborists have a support system from which they take consultations. They will try out all the possible methods to save the life of your garden tree.

Tree Trimming

You may need an arborist service to cut down only extra growth of trees like branches. In such cases the arborist should know how to analyze the risks of branch cutting and felling. He should know how to safely cut the branch carry it away from the risk site and deposit at a safe location.

Tree Maintenance

Tree maintenance is the other key task for which you may require the services of an arborist company. It may involve trimming of branches, fertilizing, and watering. Diagnosis of disease risks and taking preventive actions to prevent diseases are some of the basic services of an arborist for maintenance. You can take references from your neighbors or known people from social media for suggesting the right arborist.

Arborist Can Also Plant Trees

When you need a maple tree in your garden and you can’t wait until the plantlet grows into a tree, you can depend on an arborist company. They can plant a grown tree in your garden with its roots intact. They will have the experience and the machinery to carry large trees to your garden without causing any damages to the neighboring property or to the tree.