The installation of the ring video doorbell can happen through the simple procedures of app and hardware. If you have an existing doorbell, you can remove it and unplug the power connections. Hardware installation starts with the drilling of anchors if the wall is concrete or brick. 

App Installation 

Install the ring video doorbell app onto your smartphone that is working on android or IOS. 

Device Setup

  • Open the main menu and choose Set up device option
  • The system displays a wizard.
  • The first screen is for login. You can use your existing account (username and password) to log in. 
  • If you don’t have an account, it is possible to create one by entering your first name and last name. Click on Continue. Input your email and type in a password of your choice. Make sure it is an alphanumeric combination of at least 8 characters. Then you can click on continue. 

Product Selection 

The system will display a list of products and models from Ring video doorbell. You need to choose your model and then click on Continue. In the next step, you can select a name for your ring video doorbell. Choose a name from the available options or click on custom and enter a name of your choice. 

Location Mapping 

In the next step, the device will ask you to confirm your geographical location with a map. You can point to the exact location on the Google map. Alternately you can also input your address and click on continue.

Wi-Fi Configuring 

In the next step, you can configure the Wi-Fi. For this, you have to select the Wi-Fi network at your home from the list. Input the password and click on Continue. The app installation and system configuration are complete. 




Motion Zone Setting 

The first step in customization is setting up of motion detection zone. Open the app on your smartphone and choose the ring device. 

  • Select zones and range from the menu.
  • The system will display multiple motion zones in the form of a semicircle with sectioned zones. You can tap on the screen to turn it on or off. 

Motion Zone Schedule 

By choosing the day and time from the system, it is possible to deactivate or activate the alerts during a particular time. You can also change the schedule at any time by changing the settings. 

Position Setting 

You can change the sensitivity of the system by choosing the right installation angle and position. Avoid direct exposure to sun and UV. You also need to ensure keeping the system away from automobile fumes, and sources of noise. Recommended height of ring video doorbell is between 48” and 50” from the floor level where you plan to install. You can also choose to mount the doorbell at an angle of 45-degrees to the horizontal line if you wish to increase the horizontal coverage angle. 

Shared Users 

You can create more than one user account for monitoring the ring video doorbell. You have to install the app on their smartphones and create accounts for the same device. 

Recent Activity 

Ring video doorbell gives you options to save the recently recorded activities onto a log. You can view it later whenever required. For this, you need to buy updates from the Ring app stores. They can give you the required disk space on the cloud server depending on your requirement. 

Chime Configuration 

 Ring video doorbell allows you to change the chimes. You can choose from the inbuilt options or download from the app store. 


Ring video doorbell gives you compatibility for configuring its app for the Windows mobile phone or the OS on your desktop system. Then you can use the system for monitoring the activities while you are at home. 


The firmware on your ring video doorbell is its heart which makes it function. It provides a connection with the app on your smartphone. The initial updates will be done automatically by the system on the first setup. You can set the mode to automatic or choose the manual mode for firmware updates. This feature helps in updating your ring system with the changing options on the app. You can also put the app on the auto-update mode by customizing the settings. 

Security Alerts 

You can set up the security alerts on the system with the help of settings in the app. There are two modes in which it can work. 

  • Ring Mode: It gets activated when somebody rings the doorbell. Then you can have a conversation with the visitor and view him through the video camera. 
  • Motion Mode: It can activate the alert when the system detects suspicious motion within the zones marked. In such cases, you can customize the alert tones based on your preference. Make sure the two alert tones are different, and you can differentiate between them. 

False Alerts 

The Ring video doorbell is designed to avoid false alerts with its advanced technology. However, the changing traffic conditions on the road may cause false alerts. In such cases, you may have to change the sensitivity of detection in certain zones. Then the system can detect the patterns and avoid the false alarms by default. You can also change the alert conditions between light and standard mode. 

Once you make the settings, they stay resident in memory until you change them again. Hence, you should use caution while setting up the zone and sensitivity. The best option is to use the scheduling option for the time day. It can avoid unnecessary confusions. 

Anchor Installation 

Measure the distance between the mounting holes on the device on the anchor plate. Drill holes on the wall and install the anchors at same distances from each other.  They provide structural support for the doorbell. The depth and diameter of the holes should not be higher than the diameter and length of the anchors. 

Mounting Plate Installation 

The ring video doorbell comes with rechargeable battery and an option for hardwiring to the power cable. You can connect the two ends of the power cable from the AC power supply which powered your earlier doorbell. 

You can find the two connectors on the hind side of the device or the front of the mounting plate. Plug the two cables onto the twin connectors and put on the screws. In some models, you may have to solder the twin power cables.  Make sure the source power supply is from the 8-24V-AC transformer. 

Hold the mounting plate so that the four holes are directly over the anchors. Use a power drill to install the plate. Push the screws until their heads touch the base of the plate after removing the leveler. 

Mounting the Bell

Mount the ring video doorbell onto the base plate until the latches on your device align with the hooks on the plate. Press gently. The system will automatically lock the bell firmly onto the mount. You can find two security screws at the bottom. Drill them in using a manual screwdriver. Now your ring video doorbell hardware setup is complete.  Once the installation is complete, you can test the functionality of the ring doorbell. The system needs no more configurations and additional tools to function.