Here’s another set of extremely popular bulbs: the HID 6000K Xenon bulbs from Kensun. These bulbs take roughly less than 20 minutes to install and work with almost all car models, but be sure to check with Amazon’s auto part-picker just to make sure your car is listed, which it probably is.

These bulbs are supposedly some of the most reliable on the market, and the Amazon reviews rave about the longevity of life on these bulbs and the customer service reputation that this company has.


Kensun HID Features



Kensun has built a solid amount of unique features into these small bulbs. Firstly, these bulbs are not traditional halogen bulbs; they are xenon bulbs.

Both halogen and xenon bulbs are types of incandescent lights that have a thin tungsten filament within their glass envelope, and when electricity flows through it, it heats up until the filament glows white hot and produces light (and a lot of excess energy, AKA wasted energy).

The HID 6000K Xenon Bulbs features a universal adaptability policy that claims these bulbs will fit into any socket. These bulbs also pride themselves on brightness, using an ultra-bright fused-quartz X xenon bulb.

This bulb is said to use 80% less power and increases visibility, while also having a long-lasting non-fading lifetime guarantee. You can also choose any bulb size, so all of your options are covered with this specific bulb.


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Kensun HID Pros

There’s a few advantages when it comes to selecting this bulb. Firstly, installation is as easy as any other bulb on the market. You’ll be able to get this light bulb installed in under 20 minutes, and if there’s any issues, you can contact a professional auto parts store to get you covered.

The HID headlight conversion kit is available in various colors, including white, blue, bright yellow, purple, and pink. There’s a certain taste for every consumer, and this kit will ensure that you have the colors to match whatever your taste is.

This is a unique feature that I haven’t seen any other manufacturer offer. Additionally, because this is a fused-quartz xenon bulb, it reduces the drain on your car’s battery by 80%.

If your battery isn’t in the best shape, or if you’re in the market for an energy-efficient bulb, this one is right up your alley. Consumer reviews have also stated that these bulbs are very bright at any color, so you won’t have to worry about not being able to see in certain weather conditions.

kensun hid xenon conversion kit Cons

There honestly aren’t a lot of cons associated with this specific light bulb; however, I noted that this bulb does seem to have compatibility issues with certain makes/manufacturers.

The Audi car models seem to suffer from this more, but most other car manufacturers won’t have these issues. Again, it’s important to do your own research, but if you have an Audi, pay special attention to whether or not these bulbs will work in your car. If your car as d2 type bulbs, you’ll be fine.

Also, for the specific color patterns, you will need to look up (in Kelvin) the various degrees that each light will emit and make sure it’s compatible with your make/model. Most cars will be fine, but it’s important to make sure.


The white color is usually around 5000K-6000K, and the blues come after that. Most modern vehicles shouldn’t have issues with the colors. Amazon’s car compatibility feature is your best friend for these odd situations.

Kensun HID Verdict

Overall, HID 6000K Xenon Bulbs are pretty market-standard when it comes to headlight shopping. However, these offer a lot of different customizability options in terms of colors, sizes, and other features.

Based on your personal taste, these bulbs are certain to meet whatever criteria you’d need for upgrading your headlights. They’re bright, pretty, easy to install for the most part (Audi users beware), and will be more than enough to meet your needs. also see more car posts like :best fuel injector cleaner