Our Collection of Best 5 Books on Urban Farming – Best Books to Help or Top Books to Learn


With the advancements in science and technology, we saw the trend of an Urban shift. Many of the people settled in little towns and villages moved to the developing cities in search of better employment opportunities and thus a better living standard. The cities promised greener pastures – well only as a matter of speech! Once the towns grew larger and spread wider, the same people who left their villages began to miss the countryside for their cities were turned into a concrete jungle!

But we, the contemporary generation, seemingly holds the answers to almost all of our problems, now don’t we! I am talking about the blooming concept of Urban Farming. Carry on reading with us to know about our compilation on Urban Farming – Best Books to Help or Top Books to Learn. These are the books we have found to be the most useful and comparatively easier to understand as well as own since they are not as expensive as you might think!

But before we go off about how these books will help you, we must first acquaint you with the idea of Urban Gardening.

Urban Farming / Urban Gardening Explained:

These terms might sound very familiar to you since every other high-end business or a multinational company is found promoting as part big their corporate responsibility. Urban agriculture is the process of harvesting, utilizing, and dispensing the harvested food crop or even a type of cash crop food within the confines or at just the outskirts of a town nor a city. One of the most commonly known subsidiaries of the urban agriculture is called as “horticulture” and is very common in many circles already.

Make Urban Farming Work for You:

Looking to live a little more sustainable life in the metropolis? Then make the most out of Urban gardening. It is just not about finding zen in the chaotic metropolitan life, but having the skill to harvest your own crop empowers you to live a healthier lifestyle and not solely depending on your neighborhood grocers to feed you with processed junk. Furthermore, the greenery from your garden will also induce natural scenic beauty to the concrete, chaotic surroundings and also promote wildlife and bring calmness and serenity right where you need the most – your home!

Our Collection on Urban Farming – Best Books to Help or Top Books to Learn:

With these books, you will be able to grow all the plants and the food you want right on even the tiniest area of land you have available on hand. These amazing books will acquaint you with the basics of how you could grow your very own garden or even a little farm right here in the city.

  1. ‘Urban Gardening: How to Grow Food in Any City Apartment or Yard No Matter How Small’ by Will Cook




With a total of 14 chapters written very persuasively in this piece of worthwhile reading, this might just end up being the one you need to be own in order to create a beautiful garden of your own. Learn the basics like how to choose the seeds, designing the outlook, plant maintenance, pest control and harvesting, etc.

The book is Priced at $9.97

  1. ‘Urban Farm Handbook: City-Slicker Resources for Growing, Raising, Sourcing, Trading, and Preparing What You Eat’ by Annette Cottrell



Annette Cottrell’s book promotes the idea of gradually leaving the commercial lifestyle and turning to the fundamental basics. The book has received high praise for not just complete sets of instructions on how things are done but also on the inclusion of real life stories, referential charts, grocery lists, potential recipes and also calendar entries to be mindful of. The 400 paged book does not just provide guidelines on frowning your own fruits and begs but also brings to light numerous self-sustaining lifestyle Do It Your assignments like using your home grown begs to make beauty products. How cool is that!

The book has a Price of $20.35

  1. ‘Small-Space Container Gardens: Transform Your Balcony, Porch, or Patio with Fruits, Flowers, Foliage, and Herbs’ by Fern Richardson


Fern Richardson has done a marvelous job at bringing about one of the most easiest approaches to go about urban gardening. The author promotes the notion of dumping the stereotypical idea of utilizing our smaller spaces with installing an AstroTurf and dressing it up with plastic garden chairs. The books offer a more light and hands-on usage of using the smallest off-the-wall spaces. For small outdoor spaces. The book with comprehensive 9 chapters provides guidance on selecting the plants as well as the pots they go in, in addition to knowledge of your climate, various kinds of best-suited plants, creating personal space with flora, in any dimensions you want to.

The book is Priced at $14.96

  1. ‘The Edible Balcony: Growing Fresh Produce in Small Spaces’ by Alex Mitchell


As a part of our Urban Farming – Best Books to Help or Top Books to Learn, this book by the maestro Alex Mitchell takes you a bone step ahead in Urban Gardening by sharing his tips on growing and taking care of your plants so as to yield maximum successful harvest all year round! There are also easy sets instructions on how to design, plant and maintain your small farm along with some exciting projects like developing plant containers and plant support items. With a lot of comprehensive chapters on most of your kindling questions, this book is undoubtedly an exceptional asset for the ones intending to spend a more sustainable life in a metropolis.

It has a Price of $15.86

  1. ‘Urban Farms’ by Sarah Rich


A galvanizing book with a detailed account on 16 urban gardens in the U.S. Most of these gardens are individually or family-owned and also being operated by them. Few are community catered. Sarah Rich provides in-depth analysis of the urban agricultural movement and what changes the cities like Brooklyn, Oakland, Milwaukee, and others have witnessed. The book has a beautiful pictorial evidence of every farm and outlined details. But if you are a beginner, then thus might just lack the necessary instructions.

It comes at a Price of $24.99













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