Playing Pool Billiards

Welcome to the exciting world of POOL & BILLIARDS


Congratulations on your interest in pool and billiards. Hopefully you will find useful information here that will help you to enjoy playing the game.


Many people pick up a pool stick for the first time without really knowing what to do with it, and this severely limits their interest in the game. Other people have been playing pool for awhile and either find that their game is slipping or they just can’t seem to get to the “next level”. In both cases the information we will provide is guaranteed to help!


Most beginners, and even some more experienced shooters, never bother to learn the basics – and their game suffers for it. If you have been playing pool and billiards for awhile and you’re noticing that your game is slipping I can almost guarantee that your problem is with the basics. If you are a beginner or simply don’t want to look foolish in front of your friends, these pool tips are just the thing you need.


Written in a plain, easy to follow format without too many technical terms, we will give you:


  • The 3 basic rules never to break when shooting


  • Pool Tips for beginners that advanced players need to remember, too. Including Stance, Bridge, Break, Basic Shots, etc.


  • Pool Room/Billiard Hall Etiquette


  • Terminolgy for Pool & Billiards


  • An introduction to Pool Games and Rules



  • Tips for caring for your pool stick, at home and at the pool hall.


The Proper Stance


   The best advice I can give you concerning the stance that you use while shooting pool or billiards is to WATCH. The best pool tips are free, you just have to know where to find them. Watch some pool movies, like The Hustler or The Color of Money – you don’t see those guys standing on one foot to make a shot, do you? Watch the better shooters whenever you go out to play pool – you won’t see them laying across the table or stretching with their pool cue just to reach the cue ball. The reason why is simple, you must have a firm and balanced stance before you even think about taking a shot.


I can’t show you with words how to properly stand to make a shot in a game of pool, and certainly each shot will be different, but I can provide some tips, some guidelines, and some things that you can easily watch for when you shoot.


  • Never Stretch! If you have to overreach or stretch in order to get your stick to the cue ball you will not be balanced, you will not be able to aim properly, and odds are you will miss that shot. If you do make the shot it was luck – and luck is a very poor substitute for skill.


  • Know your shot ahead of time, approach the table, and stop about one foot away from the table. Bend at the waist only, straighten your bridge arm (which culminates at your bridge, where the little end of the cue goes), and position your bridge hand 6-8 inches behind the cue ball. Your bridge arm should be perfectly straight. Your bridge arm should not be supporting your weight. You should be able to easily stand up straight from this position without losing your balance or needing to “push off” of the table.


  • Now check your positioning, and look for the following;

Your cue, your right foot, your right elbow, and your dominant eye

should all line up.

Your right arm (or whichever is holding the cue) should point

straight to the floor.

Your wrist is not cocked either in or out, but is straight in line

with your forearm.


  • Get that head down, and get that cue level! For taller shooters this may mean backing away from the table, but for most players simply bending the knees a little bit will allow them to lower their face towards the cue. Remember – your chin should never be more than one foot above the cue when shooting. Do not contort your body in all sorts of strange and uncomfortable ways in order to reach your shot, take the basic stance and slightly adjust it.


  • Don’t shoot one-handed, behind-the-back, or any combination of things that look more like circus acts than playing billiards. Sure, you might make some shots this way – but luck is not technique and technique is what you want to develop.

Now that you know the basic stance, practice it. Stand up, move to a different area of the table, and set yourself up all over again. Practice getting yourself in to a good, balanced stance before every shot, every time. Don’t give in to taking sloppy shots. Practice and consistency will make you a better pool play