At the , we consider exterior painting as an art for enhancing the aesthetic appeals of your home. It is also a protective layer from the environmental elements, and to make the exteriors durable for decades. We handpick the paints that are approved by the American EPA for environment performance rating, primer combination, latex finish, gloss level, finishing, resistance to weather, and insulation standards.

 Field Testing

At Earl’s Paintworks we subject all our paints to extensive field testing before recommending for our clients. Our testing procedures are approved and certified by the EPA for all practical purposes. We guarantee zero damages to your residential exteriors, zero carbon emission, zero VOA, and highest performance rating.

Architect’s Choice

Our paintworks are endorsed and recommended by the leading exterior designers and architects in and around Calgary. The primary reasons can be attributed to the unique characteristics of the products we use and the methods we follow to accomplish our tasks.

  • Weather Resistance: Exposure to sun, wind, humidity, rains, snow, and other external elements has no effects on the paintings we finish. The walls, roofs, shingles, porch, extension, windows, shutters, and other parts of your home get multilayered protection.
  • Strong Ingredients: The paints we recommend at Earl’s Paintworks for your residential exteriors contain strong and eco friendly ingredients. For the walls we can use water or oil based paints depending on the requirement. The unique combinations of pigments, carriers, and the thinner make a hard exterior coating possible. Once the water /thinner evaporate, your home’s exterior walls will have the optimum coloring with the best possible protective layer. We test the elements to ensure longest durability and resistance to abrasions of all forms.
  • Beautiful Finishing: All the grades of paints we use at Earl’s Paintworks have been tested and approved for the best of finishing. You may opt for matte finish, glossy finish, satin finish, or the other types as your preference. Our workforce ensures the completion of task exactly according to our expectations.
  • Protection Range: At Earl’s Paintworks we have a unique approach to every part of the exterior we take up for painting. For example, the roof paints we choose reflect UV radiation and heat up to 95% during summer. The paint ingredients we use for the exteriors ensure protection from algae, mildew, and other forms of fungal growth. The ingredients also prevent the peeling of the paint with time. They preserve the brightness and the gloss for many decades without fading. Chalking is another risk factor that affects most of the exteriors. Our paint ingredients are created with high anti chalking properties. The paints we use for the exterior wood contain natural binding elements with the painted surfaces. They get absorbed by the wood and form a fine layer of film. The fine combination of alkaloids, solvents, carriers, and solids make the paints extremely durable. The exterior paints we use for metals (balustrades, window mesh, pipes, etc) are combined with the best of metal primers and adhesive elements. The ratios of sealants, oxidation inhibitors, binders, pigments, and solvents are kept at the most optimum levels to ensure protection.
  • Aesthetic Elements: Color is the key element that enhances the aesthetic characteristics of the paint. The color combinations enhance the style and exterior décor appeals. We use them optimally to achieve natural appearance effects to your home’s exteriors. At the same time we make sure it reflects the expressions you wish to showcase to the external world. The methods we use for the exterior paints largely depend on the architectural design, construction model, shapes and dimensions of objects (For example, walls, pillars, windows, doors, roofs, chimneys, etc), and the open exposure space. Our experts can show you the virtual preview of the finished painting on your home exterior by using advanced technology tools and models. This will help you in suggesting changes before the painting process starts. It will also avoid the expensive costs of reworks and repairs at the later stages. The range of colors and finishing are also plays an important role in determining the quality of work. At Earl’s Paintworks we offer gloss, satin and flat finishing for the exterior paints. You can choose the flat type when you wish to avoid reflecting light. We usually recommend it for vertical exterior structures other than the walls and windows. The stain finishing is good enough for the walls, while the gloss finish is great for door, windows and other wood exterior surfaces and objects.




Painting Service Range

Stucco Painting

The finest of stone and concrete surface coloring drive the ideas behind our Stucco painting at Earl’s Paintworks. We can create the finest of exterior effects that are derived from slate, quartz, silicon, and cobbled textures.

  • Slate Stucco: The traditional cement plaster effects can be produced with our slate stucco colors. It is gentle in aesthetic appearance, reflects mild volume of light, and it is best suited for the classical models of homes.
  • Marble Stucco: The marble stucco finishes from Earl’s Paintworks are best suited for modern home exteriors. We offer the best of color combinations for the windows, walls, roofs, and the other parts of the exterior with marble stucco finishing.
  • Quartz Stucco: The quartz stucco finishing from Earl’s Paintworks are generally recommended for poolside structures, fountains, and the other water bodies in the exteriors. We have the expertise and the experience to provide luxurious finishing to the colors, textures and patterns to create stunning visual effects.
  • Silicon Stucco: The silicon stucco we use for the exteriors are preferred by the ultra modern homes with high tech view. The finishing is always highly glossy and reflects 100% of light from the surface.
  • Cobbled Stucco: Cobbled stucco finishing from Earl’s Paintworks is known for its highly aesthetic finishing for the artistic design and color lovers. The paints generate a distinct feeling of abstractness that spreads all over the exteriors, making your home highly attractive and innovative in appearance.

Brick Painting

The types of paints we use for the external brick painting are flat, gloss and partial gloss. The use of porous paints enhances the surface finishing and helps the brick retain the paint for many decades without fading. You can opt for a simple lime based whitewash, or clay paints. They can also be extensively used for concrete and stones with equal efficiency. You can choose from range of more than 100 colors to enhance the exterior design and décor features of the exterior brick walls and structures. The methods of priming we use for the brick painting ensure minimum permeability and maximum retention of the colors. It is the quality of the base prime we use that makes the brick painting high in quality.

Deck & Fence Staining

  • Stain Removal: The first step we take in Deck & Fence Staining is the removal of old stains. We use the top quality materials and methods to ensure complete removal within the shortest span of time.
  • Cleaning: Our next step is cleaning and brightening of the deck and fencing. We use natural cleaners and brightening liquids to increase the sheen of the surface and removal of dark spots.
  • Waiting: We allow a time of 24 to 48 hours for the surface and the material to get back to its natural state. The base material could be wood or combination with concrete, marble and other materials. Once the water content and moisture dries out completely we are ready for the staining process.
  • Multi-coat Staining: At Earl’s Paintworks we use the best of paints with natural colors, primer composition, liquid base (oil/water), pigmentation and adhesives. We paint multiple coats to ensure faster absorption of the interior coating and retention of the exterior coating. We opt for hand brush or roller for the painting as they help in maximum retention of the paints for many decades.

Wood & Cedar Staining

The staining of wood and cedar provides a translucent coating that penetrates into the base of the painted surface. At Earl’s Paintworks we ensure maximum protection to the wood and cedar exteriors, while enhancing the aesthetic appeals and brightness of the finishing. Our staining process is eco friendly as there is absolutely no carbon emission from the exteriors we stain.

  • Weather resistance: The stains we use for the wood and cedar provide protection from weather elements at the external and the interior layers. Our experts use excellent methods for ensuring long term resistance to water, heat, humidity, and other damaging elements.
  • Rotting Proof: The quality of stains we use for the wood and cedar makes them resistant to rotting. It also acts as protective layer from termites and the other wood damaging elements.
  • Coloring Agent: Wood and cedar can retain the stains and enhance the exterior coloring effects to a comprehensive level. We can literally convert the entire range of wood and cedar into an artistic gallery with our finest craftsmanship and skills.

Exterior Protection and Renovation

The process of protecting the exteriors and renovating the old and worn out surfaces is the other branch of service at

  • Concrete Sealing: The concrete sealing service we provide consists of the best solvents and other ingredients. We follow several steps like the preparation of surface, cleaning, and the application of the sealants. We perform the sealing from one end of the joint to the other for ensuring uniformity and continuity. We generally use the roller and hand bush to ensure complete sealing.
  • Pressure Washing: The methods we use for the pressure washing is used for cleaning the exterior of the house after completion of painting and renovation works. We also do it when the exteriors get faded due to aging and weather factors. We use the machines that generate appropriate pressure range depending on the age of the house exteriors. For traditional and classical homes, we use the soft pressure techniques to avoid any potential damages. All our machines are equipped with latest equipment and accessories. We can perform horizontal, vertical, and angular pressure washing throughout the exteriors. We use only the natural cleaning liquids for performing the task with no hard and hazardous chemicals. This ensure eco friendly environment and protects the hygiene of your home perfectly.
  • Siding Painting: The siding painting services we offer enhances the appearance and protective features considerably. Our quality product range consists of large range of colors, varnish, solvents, and painting tools. We provide the best quality services in Calgary. With our vast experience we can be the most trusted partners.
  • Elasastomerics Services: The Elasastomerics paints we use provide the best quality finishing and exterior aesthetics to your home. We have been working with this range for many years and we are the best experts you can find in and around Calgary.