Whether you find yourself mounting a new TV, installing shelving or simply hanging a picture projects , we all understand how frustrating it can become to miss the metal studs , wood studs , screws and nails  and end up damaging the wall.

To avoid this situation, you should consider investing into a stud finder of high quality so that you dont waste time using nails or screws that dont hold depending on your needs . It will enable you to accurately and safely attach items to a wall without damaging it and make the projects  easier.

Read through the follow article to find out more about the best stud finder and how to choose one when using nails. Also keep in mind that when using any type of tool like to detect studs, it’s best to use a quality and comfortable pair of safety glasses. Its a must have in your toolbox.

CH Hanson 03040 Magnetic Stud Finder
4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)
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ProSensor 710 Franklin Sensors ProSensor 710 Precision Stud Finder Yellow

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
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Zircon Multiscan i520 Center-Finding Stud Finder
4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)
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A device which is used for locating and marking the studs behind the surface of a wall is called a stud finder. Both professional tradesmen and DIY lovers use this device when necessary making useing nails easier something . Stud finders are categorized into two main types:

  • Magnetic Stud Finders that use magnets
  • Electronic Stud Finders  with sensor

The  sensor function of electronic stud finders is to detect the wall density and identify solid areas like metal studs  that are created due to studs or nails. The advantage of electronic stud finders is that they can scan multiple studs. They are battery operated, and they include AC detectors sensor and levels. The magnetic stud finders have relatively a simple design and use a simple magnet to detect nails and screws . They detect metal fasteners on wooden studs to identify the location of those studs.   


You should use stud finders when you need to attach things like  projects TV mounts, mirror ,  shelving etc. to a drywall using screws or nails . It helps you to know the location of framing studs so you know you are attaching your things to something safe. If you are attaching your shelves on the drywall without finding the studs, there is a high chance you will damage the wall. Even if nothing happens at that time, the wall will surely get damaged when you put something heavy on your shelf. Therefore, it is wise to invest a small amount to buy a stud finder than to damage your wall and pay for expensive repairs.


Many people need a stud  sensor finder for safely putting up some shelves or other projects . If you are one of them, you do not need to buy a very expensive model of the device sensor . A magnetic sensor one is enough to do your job because you will not be needing the features, durability, and specs of high range stud finders.


The requirements of a tradesman for this tool is very high. His device should be reliable, durable, and highly accurate sensors. If that’s you then you should buy an expensive model which is an electronic stud finder with LCD display. The device should have multi-sensors so it accurately detects the studs. For professional use those electronic ones are the best which can identify multiple studs at the same time.


The price range of stud finders vary very much. You can find one ranging from ten dollars up to seventy dollars or even more depending on the sensors. The cheaper ones are magnetic models while the expensive ones are high-end electronic devices. Depending on your budget, you can buy a decent model for an amount between ten and forty dollars. Sometimes tradesmen find expensive models less useful despite inclusion of gimmicks and extra gadgets. They prefer basic models for a variety of reasons. In other words, the high price does not mean you will get the perfect product you are looking for to detect studs with sensors.


#01  C H HANSON 03040 

 (4.6 / 5)



The C H Hanson  Magnetic Stud Finders is a perfect bang for the buck!

c h hanson is a basic one that is highly reliable and portable. You won’t need any batteries to operate it and can easily slip it into your pocket. Its two-way level feature makes the tasking of marking a spot very easy. Surprisingly, it is the most accurate stud finder on the market. The design of the product includes ergonomic grips so you can comfortably hold it for a long time. The powerful magnet of the stud finder enables you to measure and mark without holding it. This a must have for your toolbox.

The c h hanson has no electronic readers or LCD display. However, it’s simple design is very helpful for doing DIY jobs on the interior walls of the house. Both DIY enthusiasts as well as tradesmen consider it to be the best model because of the convenience and portability it offers. Although it does not have functions of electronic stud finders, it is very useful for the tradesmen.

All users of this  stud finder ch hanson model said it is highly reliable, durable, and very accurate. More than eighty percent users said the model is the best one they ever had. Amazingly, the price of the product is also quite low. hanson magnetic stud finder costs a little more than ten dollars which is very low and has built in bubble level.


 (4.5 / 5)


The ProSensor 710 Franklin Sensors Precision Stud Finder has unique features making it an excellent electronic stud finder.

The product has multi-sense technology that enables you to locate studs in different locations on a wall. This particular stud finder is very useful for large scale jobs; therefore, tradesmen have really enjoyed it.

The led lights present in this electronic stud finder show you the stud’s location guide  so you can accurate mark the spot. You will need two AA batteries to operate it. The wonderful feature of this device is to detect hidden objects; therefore, you will not be drilling through plumbing or wiring. It is also excellent for detecting metal studs

The product is very popular among home carpenters as well as tradesmen. Seventy-five percent of the users said it is both accurate and reliable and like the led lights guide . They said the design of the device is very user-friendly, and the LED locator lights are very helpful as compared to beep function in other devices. It is an expensive stud finder with a price more than fifty dollars. The manufacturer offers a limited warranty of three months with a built in bubble level.

 (4.2 / 5)



The Zircon Multiscan i520 Center-Finding Stud Finder has wonderful features that users absolutely love to have like detecting electrical wires and live ac through both wood and metal studs.

This device has a laser pointer sensors  guide which detects both wooden and metal studs with great accuracy. It also has an audio tone for sound as well as a well-lit LCD display.

The stud finder can detect live wiring which is two inches deep into the wall. It has four scanning modes that is something which tradesmen really like. The four scanning modes are: AC scan, metal scan, deep scan, and stud scan. Both home carpenters and tradesmen find it to be an ideal device. One of the last thing you would want is to drill into live wiring, and its live wire detector keeps you safe from that hazard.
More than eighty percent users reviewed the product as a very reliable device and a must own for your toolbox.

However, there was some negative feedback too. Those users said that the device is not a tool of professional standards. The clear majority of the users still believe in its effectiveness and reliability. The cost of the stud finder is below fifty dollars which makes it a relatively expensive device. After review, this is the best electric stud finder available for purchase especially for metal studs.


 (4.5 / 5)



The stud finder by Studpop is a simple device with not much complication to it.

The stud finder detects metal fasteners which tend to be found on the framing stud. This is how it locates the studs. The activation of the popper lets you know when the stud is found. Now, this device does not require any batteries and it works on different types of walls including lath, plaster, tile, and sheetrock to detect studs.

The product is manufactured in the United States, and professional contractors specially designed it.More than seventy percent users found it to be a very reliable device. It has been said the product is very easy to use.

The magnet of the stud finder holds it in place when the user is marking the wall. It enables users to use other tools like level to prepare for the next step. The price of the product is less than ten dollars which makes it an excellent and affordable stud finder for home use and is almost as good as electronic models.


 (4.1 / 5)



This model is different from the other models of stud finders Zircon has produced.

It does not have deep scan modes which includes both AC scan and metal scan. The device can simply only do a standard stud scan. The price of this model is around twenty dollars; however, it comes with interesting features like a laser pointer, tone alert, and an LED display.

The laser pointer accurately identifies the structural studs especially their edges making the Zircon one of the best electronic stud finders available in 2018.

A vast number of tradesmen and DIY homes users have tried Zircon StudSensor e50 Electronic Stud Finder. The experience of home users was different from tradesmen. Home users found the device to be very useful and something they were looking for. Tradesmen were not happy with the product’s performance. They said the spots detected by the stud finder were not safe.

It is still believed that the product is very reliable, and one should carefully the read the instructions before he starts making holes in the walls.


 (3.7 / 5)


The Studboss Digital LCD Stud Finder has three features which makes it quite a reliable device.

It has an ergonomic handle that provides the user with a comfortable grip and a precision pointer that helps to mark accurate location of the stud. It also comes with a free nine-volt battery, and it has an LCD display screen.

Around sixty percent of its users say it is a very reliable device to use. With that being said, most people found it to be a very effective device; however, its performance is not as accurate when used on exterior walls.

The retail price of this stud finder is below twenty dollars and the company offers a one-year warranty on both service and parts. Still coming in at the 6th spot of the best stud finder 2021, the Studboss Digital LCD is a good bang for its buck!


 (4.4 / 5)



Coming in hot at the number seven spot of the best stud finders on the market, is the Precision Sensors Stud Finder!

The most amazing feature of this electronic stud finder is its larger area of the sensor pad. It enables the device to detect studs with more accuracy.

The device is designed in a way that inexperienced carpenters can easily use it in any situation. The one touch operation of the device is very easy to understand allowing for it to be the go-to for any user.

The model has introduced a new concept which took the market by storm. More than seventy percent users said they have really enjoyed using it because it has provided them with more functions than the basic magnetic stud finder, and simply because it is very easy to use.

The price of the device is just below forty-five dollars which is quite reasonable if you consider other options on the market in 2018.

Without a doubt, if you’re seriously considering an electric stud finder, then this model is exactly what you need!


 (3.8 / 5)



We’d like to introduce you to the Bosch GMS120 Digital Multi-Scanner!

The most impressive feature of this Bosch device is its three modes of detection. It can detect AC wiring, metal, and wood. The company claims that the device can detect objects that are more than one-hundred-and-twenty millimeters deep behind the wall.

Majority of users say it is a reliable stud finder; however, many people also say it is not as good as some cheaper models. Most DIY enthusiasts said it is not easy to use, and it took them a lot of time to understand how it works. Maybe those people were used to magnetic stud finders, and their lack of experience with electronic stud finders was the reason for bad reviews.

The manufacturer of the device enjoys excellent reputation on the market. Bosch is well-known for manufacturing quality tools. The price of GMS120 Digital Multi-Scanner is seventy dollars. Bosch offers thirty-day money back guarantee as well as one-year warranty. Therefore, one should really consider trying it.


 (3.7 / 5)



As you can image, almost any product from Black & Decker must be pretty good, right?

Well, this is almost true with its stud finder for home use and we’ll tell you why it’s slightly missed the mark. It is a combination of an electronic stud sensor and leveling laser device which is a great idea.

Tradesmen as well as DIY enthusiasts say the device has many functions, but it does not impress the users with its performance. Less than half of the users said they did not find it as reliable as it should be.

The laser level function of the device is very accurate; however, the stud finder function is not reliable. The price of device is fifty-nine dollars which makes it an expensive stud finder. Majority of users say it is not worth investing that much amount into a device when its main function is not reliable.

It’s safety to say that even though we would recommend checking out the above tools before going after the Black & Decker, it’s still a solid product to consider for enthusiasts.


 (3.2 / 5)



Though we try to always find the best in our reviews, detects studs by Stanley is, unfortunately, cheaply made and it comes with unclear instructions.

Half of the users have stated they found it to be an unreliable device in comparison. Stanley is a company that enjoys a well-deserved reputation and they have tried to offer their customers with an inexpensive best stud finders.

However, the device is not worth its price point of around twenty dollars. When you want to put a hole in the wall of your house then you NEED to be sure that you are in the correct spot.

Many tradesmen and DIY home users have expressed that the device has not provided reliable results in terms of accuracy. They say there are more inexpensive models of stud finders that are more reliable despite having the same functions.

For some, it still may be worth the consideration with a price point of $19.99 on sale.


There are several factors that you should consider for the best stud finders. Electronic stud finders have more functions and high price. However, many models of magnetic stud finders are not accurate and sometimes very disappointing. Magnetic stud locater are simple, but they do not come with many features. However, they seem to be more reliable and accurate due to their simple and effective working principle .As we try to always get you the best quality reviews on the market, there are plenty more we have to offer to you at our homepage!

From the above list of best stud finders, we can conclude that magnetic stud finder CH Hanson 03040 Magnetic stud finder is overall the best stud finder 2022. The reasons for its top spot is its reliability, durability, and accuracy. The device is portable and one can slip into his pocket. That is one huge point that both tradesman and DIY enthusiasts have loved about it!