Best Shower filter Reviews 2017/2018

As we all know that water is the most important thing of our life. We can’t think of our lives without water. Have you ever thought that while taking a shower the water coming from our shower is clean and healthy enough to take shower with it?  I hope many of you didn’t think of that, all of us just go to the bathroom take our regular shower with waterfall shower head. But now we all need to concern about the shower water because many skin diseases are affecting everyone because of non-filtered shower filter for shower or for hard water. You will be suffering from skin diseases as well as heavy hair fall if you use non-filtered water. In the water, there may be some harmful chemicals which can make your skin dry and itchy.

There are some chemicals in shower water such as sulfur, chlorine and hard metals that are really very harmful to our skin and hair. All these chemicals make our shower water impure and hard that’s why we need the water  filter. By using a good shower filter you can get rid of all these problems. Isn’t it great that you can avoid your hair fall and skin diseases by installing a shower filter?  But finding the best shower filters is not easy for everyone especially for the newbie. But don’t need to worry about it as we are here with the shower filter reviews. In this review, you will also know about which is the shower filter for hard water.

What you should consider while buying shower head filter:

As it there is several shower head filter are listed, you may get confused to get your one. You may need a best shower filter for well water or a shower filter for hard water or a shower head filter for hard water. But after reading this shower filter reviews you will know which one will be good for you.

Below are some factors to consider –


Compatibility is the first and important factor to choose the best shower filter for you. You need to check the compatibility of the shower filter with your shower head while buying shower filter well water. There are some shower filters that are compatible with all the shower head which is called universal shower filter. So, you can get a universal shower filter if you want.


You need to check the filter at the time of buying shower filter. There are some shower filters with extra stages which are good because they filter your shower water in different stages. Every stage avoids chemicals and fungus from the water. There are two different stage type of a shower filter head for the hard water. One is a 7-stage filter and another one is a 3-stage filter. The 7-stage filter is better than the 3-stage filter.


Durability is another important factor that is needed to check before buying shower filter. Durability means you need to check the cartridges of a shower filter that is replaceable. Some filter cartridges last around 6 months. Some filters are replaced by checking the water amount and for this type of filter 10,000 gallons are the standard.


This factor is completely up to you because everyone’s choice is not same when you need a shower filter for hard water. Many styles and design of shower filters are available out there to choose such as chrome plated and plastic shower filters.


You can go for a mid-range shower filter if your budget is low and if you are willing to get the best shower filters then spend some money.

Let’s come to the list of shower filters reviews –

Best Shower Filter Reviews – Top 3

  1. AquaBliss High Output Universal Shower Filter with Replaceable Filter

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AquaBliss is one of the best shower head filter out there. If you are suffering from skin diseases and hair fall then this will be the best option for you to choose as this shower filter is the top one in the list of our shower filter reviews. With different filtration media, the filter can purify water amazingly. There are several purifiers in this filter such as KDF 55, calcium sulfite, and activated carbon. All these chemicals will remove chlorine from your water and you will get a good smell from your shower water.

Activated carbon can kill the bacteria and fungus from the water and keep it clean. You can replace the filter and this one filter will serve you for 6 long months. The best feature of this shower filter is that it’s a universal shower filter that means you can use it with any shower head.

  • Removes chlorine, bacteria and heavy metals
  • Multi-stage filtration for pure water flow
  • Universal shower filter
  • 6 months durability
  • Size is a bit large


  1. Culligan WSH-C1215 Wall-Mounted Filtered Shower Head with Massage
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The Culligan WSH-C125 is the best shower head filter in the market right now. It’s got the 2nd position in the list of our shower filter reviews with its efficient water filtering capability. There are two versions available of this filter one is wall-mounted and another one is handheld version. This one is a wall-mounted filter with massage.

This is a premium quality shower filter for well water that can deliver completely pure and healthy water flow. It is capable of removing fungus, bacteria, heavy metals and exceeding chlorine. You can use up to 10,000 gallons of water then you have to replace the filter cartridge. You can get soft skin and it will also reduce your hair fall. The shower head filter for hard water is easy to install. If your shower water is smelly just install this filter and see the result yourself.

  • Good water flow rate (2 gallons/minute)
  • Simple to install
  • 5 spray settings for better use
  • Replaceable filter cartridge
  • Design is average


  1. Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter
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Aquasana AQ-4100 is may be the best shower filter you can get on the market right now. It’s a dual-stage filtration system filter that is extremely efficient for purifying shower water. There is a copper stage which removes most of the chlorine and it also increases the pH balance of water. Then is the coconut shell carbon stage removes other dangerous chemicals that are harmful to our body skin. This is the total dual-stage purification system of this water filter that cleans the water perfectly.

Another unique feature of this shower filter is its adjustable water pressure system that means you can make the water pressure high and low as per your need. There is also a massage setting in this shower filter that will help you to relax after a busy and tired day.


  • Dual-Stage purification
  • Removes bacteria, chlorine, and fungus
  • Efficient water purification
  • Adjustment is not so good