Towable tubes

Well, the summer is here, and what could be more delightful than chilling down in the water in this sweltering heat? And one of the most fun methods of doing this is with towable tubes.

Speeding through the lake, while clinging to an inflatable tube, during a beach party, heightens the thrill factor. Everyone enjoys it, from little kids to daring adults, as all you require is a rope to link to a boat.

But, if you lack a dependable unit, this summertime fun might turn into a disaster. In order to help you in making the right decision, our buying guide not only includes a plethora of important information, but it also features evaluations of several towable tubes. Let’s get going.

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5 Best Towable Tubes

1.     Airhead Mach Towable Tube

At the top of our ranking is the Airhead Mach Towable Boat Tube. This tube comes in a range of sizes and, thanks to its cockpit-style construction, air-cushioned seats, and knuckle guard grips, is incredibly stable and cozy. Riders adopt a beach chair position by sitting up straight and bending their legs. It is quick and simple to inflate and deflate thanks to the speed safety valve.

This filled tow tube has an 840 D half nylon cover. Since this cover is incredibly strong and wear-resistant, you would be safe while enjoying the water.

The product’s longevity is ensured by a robust drop-stitched nylon casing and a massive PVC bladder. If you want to provide a calm and enjoyable trip for your kids, this is the ideal entry-level tube.

The flimsy seat cushions on Airhead Mach towable tube are our only minor complaint, as they can grow uncomfortable over time.

  1. Sportsstuff Big Mable Towable Tube

The Sportsstuff Big Mable is a comfy and safe towable tube that is enjoyable to ride forward or backward and is perfect for two people. It has a nice balance of capabilities and value. It is constructed of a robust, durable PVC material. The gaps are welded to prevent ripping and leaking. The cushioned walls and seat also provide comfort and support.

A Speed Safety Valve is a characteristic of the Super Mable. One-way compression is possible thanks to its unique design, so you’ll rarely lose air when you put the lid on. The faucet will be secured in place by the dual safety valve. And deflation is equally quick and practical. Simply turn the nozzle open and let the air out.

The Big Mable offers a variety of methods to delight yourself, unlike many other towable tubes. You can lie down, in addition to obviously sitting. On the Big Mable towable tube, you are free to squat and even stand. You may be confident that you will be cozy no matter whether you’re sitting or standing, and the air-cushioned edges will protect you on board. A one-year limited warranty is also included with the Sportsstuff Super Mable.

  1. O’Brien Super Screamer

The O’Brien Super Screamer may be the ideal towable tube for you if you’re not looking for many emblazonries. It employs the traditional form of a straightforward tube that can support up to three riders at once. This is an excellent option if you’re seeking for a jarring, enjoyable ride.

EVA knuckle protectors are present on six handles. This guarantees that you have some flexibility in your stance. There is a single-chamber bladder that is 26 gauge. Moreover, it includes a massive, complete nylon cover to boost its toughness and longevity. You may sit or squat on it due to its flat shape.

When it comes to towable tubes, O’Brien has been steadily increasing their creativity and is currently standing beside Sportsstuf and Airhed. They have grown to be one of the most renowned businesses recognized for their gadgets and equipment for water sports and parties.

You will need to grab on tightly to avoid falling into the water since this structure allows for incredibly fast speeds on the water. Also, keep in mind that O’Brien’s Super Screamer Towable Boat Tube is not for the faint of heart. Additionally, you should be aware that this device has a one-year limited guarantee.

  1. Airhead G-Force 3

The Airhead G-Force, another towable tube from Airhead, is our next formidable contender for the title of the right towable tube. Not for the timid, the Airhead G-Force 3 is a powerful weapon. With its open-topped design, you may obtain air and do some serious splashing and recreation if you believe crouching or sitting is too simple. This plan is presumably the main factor in the adrenalin rush’ love of G-Force 3.

This smooth-top tube is comprised of 840-D dual-stitched nylon with a 30-gauge virgin PVC core, making it sturdy enough to carry up to 3 people. While floating, you have two supporting fins to hold you upright, but there is no assurance you won’t fall in.

To suit varying party sizes, the Airhead G-Force comes in a range of sizes. There are two sizes of the Airhead G-Force: one is for one or two riders, whereas the other is for a maximum of four riders.

We adore this tube’s quirky and eye-catching appearance. You’ll stand out on the Airhead G-Force 3 with its graffiti-style artwork and black, red, and white colors. It is one of the greatest towable tubes now on the market thanks to all these wonderful characteristics.

This tube has a one-year warranty to provide you with more assurance about its durability.

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  1. Airhead Hot Dog

Everyone will grin when they see the quirky design on this tube. Three riders may ride in single line thanks to the design. Neoprene knuckle protectors are encased in nylon on the grips. This enables you to have a secure grasp. Neoprene seat cushions and a 30-gauge vinyl 3-chamber bladder system are both used. This boat tube is designed to be used whilst sitting upright, unlike certain boat tubes.

This tube is covered with massive nylon and, like Airhead’s earlier towable tube types, is connected to the towing boat by a strong and effective Kwik Connect rope. There is a speed safety valve for rapid inflation and deflation, as one might anticipate. A patent-protected one-way inflation design is also a feature. The nylon material covers the whole surface, so there are no visible weak places.

This can be the greatest towable tube for you if you’re looking for a larger-sized choice. When completely filled, it measures 103 inches in length.

How to Choose Your Boat’s Best Towable Tube?

You must first take the requirements of the rider into account before choosing a towable tube for your boat. Let’s be clear: The type of tube you must purchase depends on the rider. Similar to selecting the appropriate car seat for your child, choosing the right tube to pull after your boat is important.

Similarly, there are several inexpensive towable tubes for boats available. You do not want to put your money in an investment that could be risky or ineffective. Similar to low-quality rafts, many cheap tubes have unsteady rides and are susceptible to breaking. The greatest inflatable tubes will strike a balance between quality and price, as well as enjoyment and relaxation.

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Type, Shape, and Size

The very first thing you need to be aware of while hunting for the towing tube is its different available types.

Additionally, you should also think about who will utilize it. Will you and your spouse use it? Will it be available to the whole family? Are you planning to be the only one riding it?

You would be able to reduce the alternatives in terms of kind, in addition to size and form, as you reach a decision in this regard. Each kind, as we’ve already said, is available in a range of sizes and forms, as well as according to the number of people it can accommodate simultaneously.


Be mindful of the towable tube’s inflation requirements. Traditional towable tubes have a straightforward latex valve. This may be blown up directly or by attaching it to an air pump. These can be slow to inflate, and excessive inflation could have disastrous effects.

In order to use a tube on a boat, it should include a one-way speed safety valve. That implies that the air won’t simply backfire if you stop pumping. A lot of premium inflatable tubes also have speed Safety valves. These make it possible to fast inflate and deflate. You’ll save time and hassle by doing that. Nobody intends to spend hours on the beaches inflating their tubes.


Keep in mind that a tube will be subjected to a significant amount of stress on the water. In the rear of a boat, these tubes are frequently beaten about. You also never tell when you could unintentionally run into gravel or a bush. Therefore, the strongest covers are used to create the finest inflated tubes. To safeguard the interior, you should choose nylon material of the highest quality. The best material is heavy-strength double-stitched nylon, such as 420-denier nylon.

The interior thick gauge PVC bladder will remain secure in this way. You may upgrade to a stronger material, like as 840 denier nylon, for extra safety. This is really robust. On your body, it could feel a bit more abrasive. Before purchasing your inflatable tube, you must try it out to determine whether it feels sturdy but usable.

Riding style

Which way would you like to maneuver your towed water tube? Some are better enjoyed while standing, while others are best enjoyed while sitting. Styles for quick excitement and slower, more leisurely rides can also be found. Before choosing a tube that will restrict your possibilities, make careful to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each style.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a towable water tube operate and what is it used for?

Towable water tubes are enjoyable floating toys for outdoor enjoyment that include secure locations for securing a tow line so that a boat may draw the tube over the surface of the sea. They are built with components that are incredibly strong and can resist being pulled at incredible velocities as well as the force of wakes and waves.

There are many different sizes and forms of towed water tubes. sone tubes are built for the single rider while the majority can accommodate one to four passengers at once. There are some bigger tubes that may accommodate plenty more. These tubes offer supporting elements including many grab handles, reinforcing walls, and non-slip cushioned coverings to secure you on the tube when it is going.

What length towing rope is ideal?

Activities like tubing require a rope. Towing would not be possible without the rope. Get a line that is a minimum of 20 feet long. This distance is taken to guarantee that there won’t be any risk of poisoning from carbon monoxide. For tubing, rope lengths between 50 and 65 feet are ideal.

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 Is It Possible to Fix a Hole in Towable Tube?

Using a tool kit and a few easy procedures, you can patch up the holes in your tube. The bladder should first be taken out of the nylon casing. Dish soap and water are combined in a bottle. When soap produces bubbles, it is sufficient.

After that, wipe the solution-dipped sponge over the bladder to locate the leakage. Mark a circle around the hole.

Rinse the liquid off and allow the part to thoroughly dry. Cut a portion of the patch to cover the tear from the tool kit. Next, trim the patch into an ellipse or a circle. The very next step is to dab the patch and the surrounding region with a thin coating of adhesive.

The fix should be applied to the leak after at least a minute of waiting. let it dry for an hour and the tube is ready for air filling again.


Well, we really appreciate your arrival at the end of our buying guide for finding the top towable tubes. Tubing may be dangerous even if it is one of the most alluring and enjoyable pastimes. That’s why we are focusing greatly on getting high-quality tubes.

Everyone can have a ton of fun with the finest towable tube, from young children to the elderly. No matter if you want to unwind or get a decent shot of adrenaline, a reliable tube can handle it all!

However, even while having a wonderful time, remember your boat safety teachings. Make sure you are safe and enjoy yourself.