Tips to have a stress-free moving



Moving is an exhausting task as there is so much that you have to do in it. There is sorting and logistic that goes in the process. The process could be daunting and make you run for cover. While the fun is not guaranteed, you can surely make this process less stressful. All you have to do is a little homework, and you will be able to reduce your work and of course the stress. The basic thing to keep in mind is you know where things are and where they will be going.

Before you start assembling things, put together a checklist. This will help you take a note of all the important things that you need to take and this way you won’t miss any important stuff, and it also helps you to eliminate unnecessary items. Prep your new home before you move in; that means paint walls, install fixtures, resurface floors, etc. this will make your moving process a lot easier. Also, do some deep cleaning; clean your windows, inside the closet, cabinet ticks. This way your post-move cleaning will be easier.

If you are packing yourself or someone else is doing it for you, make sure, you pack efficient. Remember heavy items go in the book boxes or the reusable plastic boxes as they have the ability to bear the weight which standard boxes may fail to do. For packing linen or soft goods such as pillows, use plastic bags as they will protect them from spills. For dishes or fragile stemware, get the boxes which are specially made to pack these items. Afterwards, make sure to make them with bubble wrap or tissue paper.

When moving especially if you are doing it all by yourself, it is better to have a moving file with yourself. Keep all the important information that you might need such as moving the contract, phone numbers, insurance information, etc. Now that you have eliminated all the unnecessary items, start packing. As you pack, make sure to number the boxes or name the boxes. At the end of the day, you will definitely have so many boxes that you would forget what is in which box. For example, label the box “Fragile” in which there are things like vases or other easily breakable items.

There is nothing worse than having to move without any help, you will get all confused, and all your preparation will go to waste. So if you can, ask for some help from your family and friends. Just be practical about what they are capable of doing. Asking your mum to carry the boxes might not be a good idea. And make sure you thank them for their help by maybe buying a meal or a drink.

Once you reach your new place, begin by unpacking the necessary items such as bedding, key toiletries, kitchen supplies, etc. then move towards the other items. While leaving packing for another day seems very tempting, when you have done so much already then it is better to continue while you have the energy and the moment.



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