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Top 10 Best Pool Cues Review 2018

top 10 best pool cues
Written by Mike Chrest

Top Rated Pool Cues 2018

We have unbiased Pool Cue reviews by players , so you can find the right Pool Cues for your game…..Here’s the list

Pool Cues Reviews

Billiard is one of the most infatuating games that people play during their leisure time or in the weekend.But Choosing the best pool cues and players pool cues  is kind of hard. After a busy working day when people get some off time then they play this fascinating game to refresh their mind. Like all other sports Billiardscues  also needs some items and accessories to play the game. The best pool cues  is the most important item of these items and pool cue is used to hit the cue-ball. Forprofessional players pool cues needs to be great in both performance and design


Whenever you’re going to buy pool cues, a lot of questions will be going through your mind and you will get confused.

Maybe the questions will be like:

  • Which pool cues are best for you?

When you are about to buy pool stick  this question will arise first in your mind. But you don’t have to worry about it because I’m here to help you with the answer to this question. To get the appropriate answer you just need to go through this article. To check this article you just need to be a little patient. I hope you won’t be disappointed after going through the whole article.

  • What are the best pool Sticks Brand?

  1. Players pool cues
  2. Viper Pool cues
  3. Cuesoul
  4. Trademark
  5. Valley House
  • Which pool cues are Good Cheap Pool Sticks?

To find good cheap pool cue you can check the comparison table with the price range and ratings or else you can go through the article if you have time.

SerialBrand NameCheck Reviews &
Expert's RatingPrice Range
1Trademark Global Billiard CueReview
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2Viper Commercial 1-Piece Hardwood Billiard/Pool House CueReview
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3Valley House Bar Pool Cue (Set Of 4)Review
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4Viper Junior 48-inch Pool CueReview
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5Players C-960 Classic Crimson Birds-Eye Maple with Triple Silver Rings CueReview
See Price
6Imperial Premier Cyclone 2-Piece Hard Rock Maple Billiard/Pool House CueReview
See Price
7Players Technology Series HXT15 Two-Piece Pool CueReview
See Price
8Iszy Billiards 58-Inch Hardwood Canadian Maple Pool Cue (2 Piece)Review
See Price
9Cuetec Gen-Tek Series 58 inch 2-Piece Pool CueReview
See Price
10Mizerak Recreation 2-Piece HardwoodReview
See Price
  • Where to buy pool Sticks?

Nowadays, a lot of eCommerce sites are there from where you can buy anything you want with a single tap with your smartphone or mouse click. They will ship the product

to your doorstep. In my opinion,  amazon.com is the best way to find your desired pool cues and as you know that amazon is the no 1 eCommerce site in the world right

now. You can also check other eCommerece sites like eBay, BestBuy and so on.

Pool Cues Under $200 Price Comparison and Rating Table

I, Here, in this article tried to round up the best 10 pool/billiard cues/sticks. I researched all over the web to enlist the best 10 pool cues. Let’s see Pros and Cons of these pool cues.

Top 10  Pool Cues Pros & Cons

  1. Players C-960 


Get a classy impression on the pool table by bringing wonderful Players C-960 pool cue. Renowned pool cue brand Players Pool cues created this fascinating pool stick

with great elegance and class. It is most attractive to all the billiard players because of its classical style. The cue is designed with a crimson maple shaft and the wrap of this

cue is made of Irish Linen, which gives the cue an exotic look.

  • Hard Crimson Maple shaft
  • Le Pro Tip
  • Thin 13mm Shaft with long 29 inches of length
  • Affordable
  • Wrap made of Irish Linen
  • Used Maple-Birdseye wood
  • Stainless Collar


  • A bubble near the grip kills the look

Geek’s Opinion:

With all features that are needed in a pool cue is present in this cue and it is also affordable because of its low price range. You can surely get this one, I guarantee you that it will give you the best performance ever and it will make your impression great on any pool table.

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  1. Lucasi Custom Super Birds-Eye Maple Sneaky Pete 


This cue is in the 2nd place in best pool cues list with all impressive and correct features. Lucasi Custom Super Birds-Eye Maple Sneaky Pete Pool Cue with Upgraded

Shaftis designed with a western and classical mix of woods to create the breathtaking art. If you are thinking to buy a cue with the great performance as well as the

incredible design then this is for you from Lucasi. Curley maple handle of this cue will definitely hold your eyes and your heart also. This cue looks big but the weight of

this cue is light and light weight cues are always a great choice for all the professional billiards out there.


  • Implex Collar
  • North American A Grade Hard Rock Maple Wood used
  • Used Uni-Loc Quick Release joint
  • Shaft of Everest Tiger
  • Wrapless Curly Maple Grip


  • Wrapless Maple
  • Expensive

Geek’s Opinion:

Go for it if you are looking for a brandy and high-grade cue. Lucasi  comes with lots of features and an elegant look to keep you up all the time on a pool table.

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  1. Viper Graphstrike 58″ 2-Piece Fiberglass Graphite Composite 

viper pool cue

Viper Pool Cues got the 3rd position in the top ten list of best pool cues list with its low range price tag, which is just under $50. It’s a cool cue with a classy design

and it can deliver a great durability while you are using the cue every day. Viper pool cues are some of the most used by professional players around.  With these maroon,

black and blue colors design of the cue looks fascinating.

The tip of the cue made with high-grade leather which will help you to aim the ball better than other typical cues out there. For a sensational grip pressed Veltex wrap is

comfortable and prevents slipping on the  pool stick.  You will get  no wooden materials it is impervious to warping and is an ideal billiard cue for damp locations that will

provide you high-grade durability.


  • warp proof fiberglass graphite composite butt and shaft
  • High-Grade Tip
  • Black and white Implex joint collar
  • Affordable
  • Veltex wrap wrap for better grip
  • Standard light weight 18-21oz
  • Long lasting fiber ferrule


  • Joint collar is not flexible
  • Very large

Geek’s Opinion:

If you wish to have a good pool cue with affordable price then this Viper pool pool cue is just perfect for you. You can use this pool cue with amazing flexibility and

durability. It is capable of giving you a very well performance with awesome efficiency.

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  1. Valley House Bar  (Set of 4)


Amazing pool cue sticks that are manufactured by the company named Valley-Dynamo. It’s in the 4th position in the list of best pool cues list because of its

large price tag.  These set of 4 sticks can get lots of cool compliments because of its ultimate durability. The manufacturer used polycarbonate high-density

ferrule to increase the durability of the cue with perfection and these Valley House Bar pool cue sticks are capable of providing extremely well performance.

Because of the high-grade wood that is used in these cues, you can use these cues for several years without any doubt. All these cues come with four different

weight – one is 18oz cue, the second one is

Because of the high-grade wood that is used in these cues, you can use these cues for several years without any doubt. All these cues come with four different

weight – one is 18oz cue, the second one is 19oz cue, the third one is 20oz cue, and the last one is 21oz cue. These different standard weight systems will give

you the opportunity to use for different shots required at the pool table. Set of 4 Valley House Bar pool cue has a price tag of $144 and the set is available on Amazon.


  • 4 different cues in one set
  • Standard weight available 18oz-21oz
  • Leather tip is used
  • White fiber ferrule (3/4”)
  • Hard Maple wood with high-grade
  • Used rubber bumper to save the cue


  • Expensive
  • Fair performance

Geek’s Opinion:

This set of 4 Valley House Bar cue sticks is just well enough for the professional billiard players because it comes with different weights. But the price range is quite

expensive for any beginner. Get this set of 4 cues if you want to play the game with passion and you can get the attraction on the pool table also.

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  1. Valhalla VA341


Valhalla VA341 is in the 5th position in the list of best pool cues list with its affordable price and good performance. Valhalla is a fresh brand in the market but it is

designed by the Viking, which is an old company in the industry of pool cue companies. This cue maintains a great balance in the game and it can deliver an incredible

strike while you are on the go on a pool table.

North American high-quality Hard Rock Maple wood is used to design the cue with tremendous durability. Most amazing feature of this cue is that it has an

Interchangeable Weight System, which will offer you the facility to use this cue with different weights. Engineers of Viking Company made this cue powerful and gave it a

killer design with high-quality performance. Resin wrap will make a great grip hold the cue properly without any slippery.


  • Ultimate leather Tip
  • High-Quality Resin Ferrule
  • Cost-Effective
  • High-Impact North American Hard Rock Maple Wood
  • Ultra-violet Urethane Finishing
  • Stainless Steel Pin used for durability
  • Bumper is made of rubber


  • No Wrap
  • Low performance

Geek’s Opinion:

One of the oldest pool cue manufacturer company Viking made this cue for those who loves to play billiard with a classy style. The cue will deliver a fair performance and

great sort of accuracy too. The light weight of this cue can offer you a good grip on the cue and you can play with the cue with flexibility.

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  1. Trademark Global Billiard Sticks


Trademark Global Billiard pool cue has got the 6th position in the rundown of best pool cues with the most fantastic design. It’s a two piece cue that is made with

Titanium and Graphite composite to give it the best finishing. A resistant wrap of the cue will help you to play a good game on a pool table. Its design looks just

tremendous with a black diamond art with a blue color polish over it, which makes the appearance of the cue eye-catching.

Trademark Global Billiard cue is specially designed for those who loves to play the extreme game with top notch performance.  The cue comes with a hard black case that

has the soft cushion. It has the feature of slip-proof grip, which gives you the comfort to finish your game with a class.


  • Inexpensive
  • Slip-proof grip
  • Weight is 20oz (Medium Weight)
  • Well-Designed


  • Straightness is missing
  • Tip is not durable

Geek’s Opinion:

Experience an eye-catching art and a good performance as well from this budget-friendly pool cue. If you want a wonderful cue with a good performance within a cheap

price then the Trademark Global Billiard cue is the right choice for you.

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  1. Cuesoul 57” House Bar


Cuesoul is a popular pool cue manufacturer company and they made this billiard pool cue with a well-balanced performance. Cuesoul 57” House Bar pool cue is one

of the best cues that made by this manufacturer so far. Irish Linen wrap is used in the cue to make it more durable and it also increases the performance as well. 6 layer

baked pig leather tip of this cue makes the aim of the cue damn accurate.

An incredible fiber ferrule made this cue strong stick. There are some other features, which makes the cue into a good one. You can adjust the weight of the cue to get a

good performance. Because of these strong features, I’ve put the Cuesoul 57” House Bar pool cue in the 7th position.


  • Got a rubber bumper
  • Used high-quality fiber ferrule
  • Affordable price
  • Good performance
  • Got high impact leather tip
  • American Hard wood for durability


  • Cheap cue
  • Finishing is not so good

Geek’s Opinion:

If you are a beginner then you can use this cue with satisfaction because this cue is good in performance. Also, it has got some quality features within this low price range.

The design of this cue can attract anyone and its adjustable weight system is just amazing.

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  1. Viper Junior 48”


Viper Junior got the 8th position in the list with its design. With 48-inch of length and 16 ounces out the cue is a good one for smaller players. The cue looks just

incredible with its unique design and it will set the environment on fire for the artistically designed pool cue hunters.

The design of this cue is damn eye-catching. You can simply create a good impression while playing pool with this amazing cue. The light weight of the cue will offer you a

good performance overall. It’s a 2-piece pool cue and it is made with Canadian Hard Maple wood. Some stainless steel rings around the grip and sleeve made this cue more



  • Light weight
  • Has stainless steel rings
  • Used 13mm Le Pro leather tip
  • Typical rubber bumper
  • Inexpensive
  • ABS joint that delivers good performance
  • Canadian Hard Maple wood used


  • Not good for professional use
  • No wrap

Geek’s Opinion:

Viper Junior Spider pool cue can offer a good performance for the young player who wants a lightweight cue. 2-piece design gives the portability to carry it easily. It’s

tattooed graphical artistic design made the cue look incredible. For a light weight cue lover, this cue will be great.

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  1. Players HXT10 2-Piece


Players Hxt10  is made by a renowned company named Players and it’s in the 9th position of best pool cues list. because of its big price tag. If you are willing to get

the best-looking pool cue with good performance then this Players HXT10 2-piece pool cue is for you. Its smoked stained bird’s eye make the design look so great that

anyone would love the design. For a wonderful finishing, the wood of this cue is hand-selected and the company Players used high-quality North American Hard Rock

Maple wood.

Grey-stained birds-eye maple forearm and midnight black butt made the design of the cue unique. Players used their most amazing technology called HXT ferrule to

deliver the performance a professional billiard pool player wants. Kamui black tip is used in the cue for a good grip, spin, and accuracy. So get this cue if you want to

develop your skills in on the pool table.


  • High-quality hand selected wood
  • Good finishing
  • Used 10 layers Pig Skin tip for accuracy
  • HXT low-deflection ferrule for strong power
  • Irish Linen wrap


  • Costly
  • Shaft is not so good

Geek’s Opinion:

It’s a well-balanced cue with a very strong performance and the cue is also good for spin and accuracy. So if you want all these features in your cue then you can go for it

but its price is too expensive. The design of the cue is also artistic.

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  1. Viper Elite Series 58”


With its cool design, the Viper Elite Series 58-inch got the 10th position in the list of best pool cues. Set the environment of your billiard game on fire with this

tremendously designed pool cue. It’s a 2-piece pool clue comes with Canadian Hard Maple wood. The cue is painted with multiple high-impact colors and there are 9 coats

of paint to get rid of warping. With the ABS joints and lightweight, the cue is capable of offering a good performance during play. You will get some good features in this

cue such as leather tip, rubber bumper, and Irish Linen wrap.


  • Good finishing with wood-wood joints
  • ABS joint for consistent play
  • Used 12mm leather tip
  • Traditional rubber bumper


  • Ferrule finishing is fair
  • Cue warps

Geek Opinion:

If you are quite a fan of classy designed pool cues then you can simply get this cue because the design of this cue is too good. Features of this cue are also not so bad but as

per some customer reviews the cue warps and the ferrule gradually separates from the stick.

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What you should consider before buying 

Nowadays there are lots of pool cues in the market, so it is now too much difficult to choose the premium quality cue or one of the best pool cues for you. Many companies manufacturing tons of pool cues every single day, for this reason, people gets confused while they are about to purchase a pool cue. If you are willing to buy a premium quality pool cue then you need to consider some facts before buying a pool cue. To help you with your purchase of a pool cue I’ve listed some facts down here.


Quality is the most important thing to consider while buying a pool cue. Pool cue must be smooth to touch; you can feel the smoothness just by rubbing your hand over the whole cue. If you can feel that the cue has some jab in its edge then the quality of the cue is not good. In a good quality cue your finger can run through the whole cue without any interference. There will be no stains or nicks and no glue can be seen in a premium quality pool cue.

Tip width and Ferrule:

These are the things of a cue with what you will always be using while playing your game. Usually three parts available in a pool cue – shaft, ferrule, and tip. The shaft is the first 12 inches of the cue. The ferrule has to be closely attached to the shaft and the tip also needs to be closely attached to the ferrule.

In this attachment of this three, part glue can’t be seen anywhere of the pool cue and this is what makes a cue incredibly amazing. The tip needs to be in a dome shape and it has to be attached well with the ferrule. If you get all these things settled up in a cue then that is the best cue you get with a great sort of finishing work.


Rings are also the important part of a pool cue and you need to check the quality of a ring while buying your cue. The ring needs to be well attached with the cue and there cannot be any bubbles in the bottom of the finishing. Try to get a cue with metal rings, the reason of choosing metal ring is that it will give a cue the most amazing finishing and it also keeps attached the metal and the wood with the pool cue.


The wrap of a pool cue needs to be smooth and closely stick to the body of the cue, which will make the cue good to strike with. There are several types of wrap in the market such as leather, Irish Linen, and Rubber. If the wrap is of rubber then it needs to be clear and it cannot be lubricous. You can choose a combination of high-quality rubber and silicone and this combination will provide you great performance.

Wrap made with Irish Linen can be tapped smoothly without any poking and this Irish Linen wrap can stick to the cue greatly. The seam of a leather wrap needs to be smooth and it is not quite visible.


The weight of a pool cue is another essential fact to consider while purchasing a pool cue. If your pool cue is heavy in weight then you can’t play with comfort and it will strike the cue ball hardly all the time. You can’t control the speed of your cue while playing with a heavy cue. So you need to buy a light cue to improve the accuracy with amazing sort of controlling speed. Light pool cues are always way better than heavy cues. So, with my advice go for a cue with light weight.


Straightness of a pool cue depends on the finishing of a pool cue while making it. You need to check the round figure of a pool cue as well as the straightness. Because sometimes a pool cue might be straight but it is not round perfectly. Grab a pool cue with both of your hands like you are grabbing a rifle in your hands to check the cue is perfectly straight or not. Look at the bottom of the cue while you are holding the cue like a rifle and if the cue has some fault in any places in the body you will see that. While moving the cue in your hands keep one thing in mind that the tip of the cue stays at the bottom all the time.

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