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Many of us love to play games, but the taste of everyone is not same. Some of us love cricket, some love football, and some love to play games on computers or on some game devices such as Play Station or Xbox. Now you guys who are reading this article may think why I am writing all these about games or sports. Actually, this post is for those who are crazy about pool or billiard game. If you are a pool game lover then you must know the importance of best pool cues while playing your game. Best pool cues are the most amazing equipment for pool players, especially for professional pool players.

To play your pool game like a pro you need to get the best pool cues. As we all know there are so many brands and types of best pool cues so anyone can get confused while choosing best pool cues. A good pool cue can help a player with its features such as performance and cue ball hitting power. All these features will help any player to the pool board to play their game with an ease. If you are a beginner then you must need the best pool cue so that you can learn easily and play your game like a pro. There are different types of pool cues on the market so you need to be very careful while choosing best pool cues for you.

After going through this whole post I can assure you that it will help you to choose your best pool cue with which you can play easily and may win your game. This is a rundown of best pool cues 2018 which may help you with your purchase of pool cue.


Things you need to check before purchasing best pool cues

To help you with your pool cue purchase here we are going to discuss some facts that you need to consider at the time of purchasing pool cues. The very first thing you need to check is the quality of the cue. Because many things depend on quality, without a good quality pool cue you won’t get a good performance and durability. A premium quality cue will feel smooth while you touch the cue. If it is not smooth then you can consider the cue as a bad pool cue.

The ferrule and the tip width of a pool cue are the things you will be using all the time that’s why you must need to check these two things while buying pool cues. A pool cue is mainly divided into three major parts – ferrule, shaft, and tip. If the ferrule of the pool cue is nearly linked with the shaft then surely it’s a good pool cue. The tip of a pool cue must be closely linked with the ferrule of the pool cue otherwise the pool cue should be considered as a bad pool cue.

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Weight is also the most important factor of best pool cues. If you want to play your game comfortably then you must need to buy a light weight pool cue rather a heavyweight pool cue. Playing with a heavy pool cue you won’t be able to manage the speed of the cue which may lead to a bad game experience. But for a powerful break, you need to use a little bit heavier pool cues. Another facility of lighter pool cues is that you can accurately hit each ball without any problem.

The last thing you need to check before buying best pool cue is the straightness of a pool cue. If your cue is not straight then you will lose your game quite badly. A pool cue is said to be straight properly if its finishing is good. You also need to check if the pool cue is in exact round shape otherwise you can consider the cue as a bad pool cue.

Top 3 Pool Cues For 2018

  1. Players Technology Series HXT30 Pool Cue

top pool cues for 2018

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Players Cues are the no.1 pool cue brand from a long time in the market. They are serving pool players for a long time and they make their pool cues with so many amazing features. Players HXT30 is on the top of our rundown of best pool cues 2018 with its cool design and performance. This cue is made with high-quality hard rock maple wood to ensure great sort of durability. To protect this cue from outside environment the wood of this cue is coated with Nelsonite so that you can play your game in every situation without any problem.

If you are a professional player and looking for a cue to play your game for a long time then I suggest you buy this cue. The accuracy level of this cue is so incredible that you won’t miss any shot in your big games. Many of the pool cues actually which are not good pool cues don’t have a good grip but there is no such problem with this cue. Skin of pig is used in the tip of this cue to deliver you the best grip while playing your game.


  • Great durability
  • Amazing accuracy
  • Cool design
  • Light-weight
  • Finishing is good


  • A little pricey

  1. Cuetec 58 inch Canadian Maple Pool Cue

top pool cues 2018

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If you are looking for a pool cue that can help you with weight then this Cuetec 58-inch pool cue is definitely for you. This cue supports weight adjustment system which will help you to play your game like a professional. While playing your game sometimes you need to make a shot with a light weight cue then you can use this cue by adjusting its weight and you can also use it by increasing its weight to break. For heavy shot and light shot, we need different cues but this cue solves the problem with its adjustable weight system. For good performance, the tip of this cue is made with a combination of pigskin and Tiger Everest 1 layer. Grade A shaft is used in this cue to make it more durable.


  • High-grade tip is used
  • Canadian maple wood for durability
  • Weight adjustable system
  • Better grip
  • Slip-proof grip


  • Expensive
  • Design is not so charming


  1. Mcdermott Billiard Stick

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Mcdermott pool cue is a two-piece pool cue which may decrease the problem of carrying the cue. As it’s a two-piece pool cue you can carry this pool cue anywhere without any issue. Most unique feature of this cue is its chalk holder that can be a benefit for many pro players out there. With the purchase of this pool cue, you will also get two pool chalk absolutely free. You can play your game with great performance with the help of this pool cue. It has some features that can attract you such as its accuracy level is just amazing. So if you are in search of a pool cue which is portable then this cue is just perfect for you.


  • Affordable
  • Simple and nice design
  • Durability is good


  • Fair performance
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