Why Have a Video Doorbell

The top reasons to justify why you should have a video doorbell cover the technical, functional, security, and the generic parameters. Functionally speaking, it has a dual purpose of communicating with the friendly visitors and passing instructions to the delivery guys arriving at your doorstep in your absence. You may not find such flexibility with the other security survey systems which only generate alerts.

Easy Installation

The doorbell camera review  is easy and fast to install. In most of the cases (except when you may need to connect with the wiring) you can follow the manual and use the DIY methods. The OEM supplies the required basic tool kit for the installation.

You can connect to the OEM website through your phone and download the required app for controlling the device. After its installation it gives you a GUI with menu driven options. You can easily customize the video doorbell according to your specific requirements.

Device Compatibility

You can connect the video doorbell to the PC, laptop, Mac, Windows phone, android, IOS, Tablet and the other devices through the Wifi. It has the compatibility to all the advanced and the legacy operating systems through the device specific driver software configuration.

Event Specific Alerts

There are times when a mail delivery guy arrives at your doorstep, deposits the mails in the box and goes away. You don’t need an alarm to get activated for such events since they are regular. On the other hand, you may wish to get an alert when a pizza delivery person arrives at the doorstep and rings the bell. Now, you will need to give specific instructions about how, when and where to deliver the pizza, so it stays fresh when you open it. The video doorbell is the most ideal device for your home.

Activity Viewing

The video doorbell lets you view the activities happening in front of your home within the security zone and outside it. You can monitor the arrival of the newspaper, groceries from the supermarket, your children from the school, your friendly neighbor ringing the bell and so on. The device has a real time recording option using eh SD card or the cloud storage, depending on the configuration you wish to have. You can also create an activity log for every regular visitor to your home and check whether they are punctual or late. These features are available only on the video doorbell.