types Of Wifi Extenders

Different types of wifi range extender


Today, there are many routers available to us in the market. However, we still are not sure whether we get any that can satisfy our needs or not. People who are about to buy a router mainly look for two things. One is the speed while other is the range. When it comes to speed, you have to rely on the technology that modem manufacturers are using. The latest of it is the 802.11ac which gives you a remarkable speed of about 1300 Mbps. However, when we talk about range, the requirement of each and every one of us differs. Therefore, many people opt to use the wifi range extenders. Before you buy one for yourself, here are the various types of such devices.

Types of range extenders

There is a good variety available to you when you are looking for the range enhancers. Mainly, these are of three kinds. The first one is the dual-band wifi range extender. The second one is available in the market as the wireless signal repeater. Last but not the least, you get to have your hands on the mobile wifi booster.

The Dual Band Wi-Fi Range Extender

It is perhaps the most flexible of all range extenders that you will find in the market. It provides you greater reach in terms of signal, and you get to have better strength in remote locations of your home or office. Then you can quickly add this to the existing network that you are running already. Moreover, this category offers you a range of great devices. There are both fixed ones that you cannot move once you put it on the network and the portable ones which you can take along yourself anywhere you go.

The wireless signal repeater

The wireless signal repeater is the second type that we will discuss in terms of wifi range enhancers. If you are looking for a simple, easy and straightforward solution to increase the range of your router, this can be your pick. It is because this device is affordable for everyone and you may see it often in wired connections where it works as a bridge.

Mobile Wi-Fi booster

For people who want a solution to portable signal enhancement, this is the best choice. It provides you a chance to have a portable device in your pocket that enhances the signal strength of wireless signals around wherever you go. Most of these are small and compact and will easily get fit in the side pocket of your jeans. However, keep in mind that these devices are made to be used alongside the other portable resources such as smartphones.

Final words

So, these are three main types of Wi-Fi range extenders that you will find in the market. Now, the question that will pop up in the mind of most of the people reading this article is that which one is best among these? Well, the best solely depends on your own requirements. For some people, the Dual-range model will work great while for others; the signal repeaters will be the perfect and the rest may benefit most from the mobile wifi booster.