The best gaming routers of 2020 have the advanced features of high bandwidth and data rate, top QOS, customized data packet priority, comprehensive port aggregation, and multiple band networking. Their performance levels have improved from mere transmission of data to beaming, band allocation, HD video rendering, and MIMO functions. Wired LAN connectivity, Wi-Fi, USB ports, and WAN connections are some of the added features in the best gaming routers. We recommend the top gaming routers based on their structural and functional excellence needed for playing the MMORPG,  like the linksys e1200 simulations, FPS, XBOX, and the other PC and android games.

D-Link Ultra AC5300 – Ultimate QOS Optimization

The D-Link Ultra AC5300 is powered by the 1.4GHZ dual core processor for the best internet speed in the wired and Wi-Fi modes. It has a RAM of 4GB for reducing the lags in the advanced online games and balancing the frame rate at the optimum levels. With 8 power antennas, the AC5300 provides seamless Wi-Fi coverage for multiple devices all over your home.

Data Streaming

The Tri-band router has the optimal speed of 1000MBPS for the first band of 2.4GHZ. The second and third bands have optimum speed of 2166MBPS at 5HGHZ.

QOS Optimization

The high end CPU allows you to prioritize the downstream and upstream traffic according to your specific gaming requirements. The simple user interface wizard lets you install the router in easy steps. You can configure the settings from your PC, laptop, and the android devices. The menu driven QOS engine helps you assign highest priority to one device, high priority to two devices, and maximum priority to 8 devices simultaneously.

Virtual Server

The virtual server feature of the D-Link Ultra AC5300 allows you the freedom of configuring a dedicated router port to redirect the signals to a LAN or Wi-Fi device. The enhanced packet forwarding features allow you to play your favorite game without any interference from the other devices running on the network. You can create a specific set of rules for the ports, protocols and the time schedule. You can turn it on/off by using the drop down menu options.

Remote Management

Secure your Admin login with password and get complete control over the authentication and control ling features of the router. The protective firewall prevents hacking and unauthorized access to the router. You can save the settings to a local hard drive and edit it whenever required.

User Interface

The D-Link Ultra AC5300 user interface gives you complete statistical data about the data packets utilization based on devices and applications.

Linksys WRT32XB – Best Router for XBOX Games

The Linksys WRT32XB is powered by the 1.8GHZ dual core CPU which enables unparalleled multitasking for gaming and video streaming. The net Wi-Fi speed is 3.2GBPS. Dedicated data stream for the individual devices ensures zero interference from the other high-end applications running on the network. The four powerful antennas help in providing the maximum Wi-Fi signal strength within your home on multiple floors. on of my favorites is netgear ac1600

Data Streaming

Network data packets pass through the dual band (2.4GHZ and 5GHZ) channels to give you the net speed of 3.2GBPS. The WRT32XB dashboard helps you monitor the network traffic, view the device status and control the data flow rate according to your specific gaming and video requirements. Data streaming happens through wired-ports, Wi-Fi, and USB 2.0/3.0 ports.

Prioritization Engine

The inbuilt prioritization engine can be configured to allocate the top priority to your gaming devices from the WRT32XB dashboard. You can set the priority based on the device type and save the settings. The editing option allows you to change the settings at any time.

RIG connectivity

The multipurpose Ethernet switch allows you to connect the router to the multiple RIG and the high-end gaming consoles. These features make the Linksys WRT32XB compatible for XBOX games with direct links to the multiple players within the LAN and the internet.

Dynamic Frequency Selection

The Linksys WRT32XB can operate on the FCC standard 160MHZ. At the same time it can increase the number of 80MHZ channels to 3 which means extra data range for your VR, MMORPG, simulations, and the FPS games in the multi player mode.

NETGEAR – Nighthawk AC1900 – Top Alexa Compatible Router

The Nighthawk AC1900 is powered by the 1GHZ dual core processor for providing the best multiple data streaming experience for your gaming. 3 powerful antennas distribute the Wi-Fi data packets evenly over extended range within your home. The dual band router works at 2.4GHZ (600MBPS) and 5GHZ (1300MBPS) speed range.

Data Streaming

Beam-forming is an inbuilt feature for focusing the data input to the specific gaming devices within the network. The router works through Ethernet, WI-FI, and USB ports to give you flawless data streaming for the high-end games with near zero lag and the best frame rates for the HD videos.

Traffic Prioritization

The inbuilt smart system allows you to prioritize the traffic flow volume to the individual devices based on user settings. You can configure the QOS based on port number, MAC address, applications, and customized rules which you can set up from the user interface. You can also configure the Wi-Fi multimedia QOS prioritization for the specific games which require voice input.

Alexa Compatibility

The Nighthawk AC190 takes your internet gaming to the next level by providing compatibility with the ALEXA and Google-Assistant online. It saves you the trouble of manually searching for the best internet games in the vast genres of the MMORPG, simulations, FPS, XBOX and the other PC and android games.

User Interface

The user interface screen provides the maximum flexibility for the configuration and customization of the hardware and networking components. You can create optimized performance settings with the help of device compatible rules. Multiple LAN connections enable more than one player to share the single game-space within the network and the external internet. Secure firewalls protect the router from every possible hacking attack and unauthorized access. The router is highly compatible for PCs, Mac, android and smart phone devices with its unique set of customizable apps for each platform.