the Best Wifi Range Extenders

The primary task of the Wifi range extender is to increase the coverage distance of the Wifi router when the signals go weak. A standard 2.4 GHZ router can reach a distance of 90+ meters while the 5GHZ routers covered up to 45 meters in ideal conditions. The best wifi booster extender can pick up the signals at the minimum strength point and reinforce them.

The other function of the extender is to provide extra Wifi access points within your home and office which are outside the range of the router. Some of the best Wifi rangers in the market today are from Linksys, Netgear, and D-Link. Every brand has its own unique models of dual band and tri-band capacity.

AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Range Extender (NIGHTHAWK X6S) –Netgear Systems

The net speed of the Netgear AC3000 system adds up to 3GPBPS with the help of one 2.4GHZ (300MBPS) and two 5GHZ bands (1.3GBPS). The system is compatible with all the tri-band routers and dual band routers.  The extender is known for its enhanced performance levels to keep the speed and the bandwidth at the most optimum level to the last device it connects.

Extender Technology

The Netgear AC3000 works on the fast-Lane-3 technology that is patented to the Netgear systems. It helps in establishing a high-energy Wifi coverage at the maximum speeds. In most of the cases it is equal to the router speed when used in ideal conditions. It can amplify the weak signals from the router and increase their strength by multiple times. The continuous scanning system in the extender works through the twin antennas. It picks up the data packets consistently from the source and re-transmits them onto the target device. The technology ensures zero drops in the strength, speed, and bandwidth during eh entire scanning and transmitting cycles.

Zero Congestion

External disturbances and excess of load from the multiple Wifi client devices can create a lot of interferences and congestions in the signal flow into and from the extender. The fast-lane-3-technology ensures completely congestion free wireless network within your home and office. It can connect to the smart TV, PC, laptop, and the smart phones simultaneously. The extender can communicate with any compatible devices in the same floor, upper floor and the lower floors with no hassles. It is due to the design of the antenna and the signal flow concentration from the extender.

Dead-spot Removal

The Netgear AC3000 has removed all the dead-spots within the Wifi range of the router after the signal amplification. It is due to the consistent scanning for the client devices within the stated range of the extender. Proper placement of the extender plays an important role in enhancing the performance efficiency by multiple times.

Vast Coverage

The extender can cover an additional range of 2,500 Square feet from the point of installation. The superior technology has also reduced the exterior interferences to near zero. The port and the IP configurations for the router shall remain the same throughout the extended networking range. So, you can carry the mobile devices around your home / office without having to change the user name / password configurations.


The dual band LINKSYS RE6400 works in the 2.4GHZ mode (N300) and the 5GHZ mode (AC867) to give you the maximum speed and bandwidthand is best wifi adapter for gaming. The system is compatible with all the dual band routers which follow the same criterion. Key features are consistency in strength, compatibility with the router settings, automatic synchronization, simple installation, and the user friendly GUI.

Extender Technology

The LINKSYS RE6400 works on the spot-finder technology, which can detect the static and moving positions of the Wifi client devices within its range of coverage. The GUI can indicate the smartest position for the installation at an ideal distance from the router. So, you don’t need to worry about getting the maximum coverage from the extender.

Free-Data Flow

The LINKSYS RE6400 allows seamless integration between the client devices based on the settings in the control panel. It can split the data signals from the routers into the 2.4GHZ band and the 5GHZ band independently. You can use the configurations to allocate the maximum priority for the gaming, video streaming, browsing, chatting, emailing, and the video-conferencing applications based on the requirement. The system ensures zero clashes between the various devices and applications at any point of time.

Vast Coverage

The LINKSYS RE6400 can cover a maximum range of 7,500 square feet from the position of its installation. The average speed of the internet can be much more than the Ethernet –NIC from any of the standard routers.

Beam Forming

The LINKSYS RE6400 has the beam forming feature, which is compatible with most of the high end routers. So, the settings you create in the router for device specific focus during the working can continue to be effective after the signals reach the extender. In addition, you can include the extra devices within the extender range, which are independent of the router configuration.

D-Link DAP-1360 Wireless-N Range Extender

The D-Link DAP-1360 works in the wired and the wireless modes of connecting to the client devices. The Ethernet-NIC connections are useful when the Wifi signals get weaker within the extender range due to uncontrollable and unforeseen conditions. The key benefit of the system is its dual mode functionality in the extender functionality and that of the bridge in the Wifi client mode. It enables the other Ethernet based systems to join the existing Wifi network without having to make any extra configurations.

Extender Technology

The D-Link DAP-1360 uses the WPS technology to connect with the maximum number of Wifi clients within its range. It covers all the dead-spots within its range by identifying the clients based on their Wifi configurations or the WPS-PIN number, whichever is applicable. Hence, the network can include legacy devices as well as the latest technology based mobile and smart phone devices.

Extender Antennas

The extender antennas provide the seamless and break-free connections to the independent devices for the maximum speed and bandwidth for the gaming, video streaming and browsing applications.