Features to detect motion and differentiate suspicious movements from friendly entities are the characteristics of the best video doorbell for your home. It should compact, lightweight, and also attractive in design. Night vision is one feature that is required to enhance security. Seamless connectivity to your smart phone and cloud services through Wi-Fi can be helpful in data storage, customization, and device compatibility.

HD video, crystal clear two way audio, short clip recording, dynamic alerts, and updates to firmware and software are the key required features. They enhance functional efficiency of the best video doorbell. Ease of installation, configuration, and customization are the features to simplify your tasks. Resistance to heat, humidity, and harsh climatic conditions determine durability factors. Scalability options for storage, coverage, zone marking, and sensitivity adjustments determine the adaptability of the best video doorbell.

Ring Video Doorbell 2

Securing your home from intruders is made simple with Ring Video doorbell. It is compact, lightweight, and technically excellent. Functional features of Ring 2 are its motion settings, motion and ring alerts, event history, video recording, two-way communication and motion detection zones. Let’s review them individually.

Ring 2 Function

·         Video: With 1080 HD video, Ring 2 covers 160-degrees field of view with night vision capacity. Clarity of image is very high during all weather and climatic conditions. Video recording can be customized for continuous or when it detects intruder movement within its marked zones. You can store the saved video onto your phone once the inbuilt space on the device is full. You can also selectively delete the files and create space from app menu.

  • Audio: Two way audio system of Ring 2 works on an efficient microphone and speaker system. You can communicate with visitors without any break in voice, echo, or external disturbances.
  • Alert: Ring 2 works on two types of alerts, namely Ring alert and motion alert. The first type has the standard features of anywhere, anytime warning which you can receive on your smart phone or PC. Second type of alert is triggered when the camera and sensor detect suspicious motion within the marked zone. It works round the clock during day and night with high precision and zero errors.
  • Zone: With Ring 2 you can mark multiple zones of alert based on intensity of sensing. The smart system can differentiate between harmless motion of your pets and children and movement of intruders. It allows you to mark certain specific zones to be highly sensitive and others to be moderate and low. You can also specify the timing for which the sensitivity should be high.
  • Wi-Fi: Ring 2 works on multiple frequency 802.11 Wi-Fi connection installed in your home. You can secure the system from hacking through secure password locking.
  • App: Ring 2 mobile and PC apps provide you with the best user friendly interface. You can create and edit custom settings for video, audio, alerts, screens and related parameters using your phone or PC.

Ring 2 Design

  • Power: Ring 2 works on rechargeable Lithium battery pack that is included with the package. 1-A batteries have long lifespan with resistance to heat, humidity, and climatic conditions. Dual connection system is also compatible to existing standard power supply lines of your home.
  • Compatibility: Ring 2 is compatible to Android, IOS smart phones as well as Windows and Mac PCs. Setup is simple and fast from these systems.
  • Construction: The strong and sleek construction of Ring 2 measures 2.4″ x 2.4″ x 5.1″ in dimension and weighs only 9.6 ounces. It is highly flexible and resistance to stress. You can install the device at any location of your choice in your home.

If you install Ring 2 at a recommended height of 48” from the floor it can give you excellent coverage and security features. Ring 2 is reliable and highly resistant to external tampering from intruders due to its inbuilt security and detection features.


  • Compatible with computers and smart phones
  • 160-degrees field of view with night vision (Black & White)
  • 1080pHD camera


  • No free storage for videos

Honeywell Skybell Trim Plus

Honeywell Skybell Trim plus is made of solid bronze finish and a strong body. System is compatible with total connect remote services of Honeywell, as well as 802.11 compatible Wi-Fi connections in your home.

Skybell Trim plus Function

  • Video: 1080p Video camera can provide 180-degrees field of view with 5X Zoom and fully supported color night vision. OEM offers cloud recording features for video. You can edit the sensitivity level of motion detection within the vast range of settings on the system. Apart from video recording, you can also take snap pictures of the visitors and intruders who come within the detection zone.
  • Audio: Skybell Trim plus has a high resolution vibration free two-way audio system. You can speak to the visitors even when they have not pressed the bell. Speaker allows the visitors to speak to you clearly by filtering out noise and other disturbing factors.
  • Alert: Skybell Trim plus has a highly sensitive alert system that works round the clock, during all climatic conditions. You can customize the detection sensitiveness and zone based on the customized features offered by the system. Multiple users can receive alerts from the system, making it doubly secure.  The twin alert mode works when the visitors ring the bell or it detects motion.
  • Wi-Fi: 11 IEEE compatible Wi-Fi is sufficient to make Skybell Trim plus work with highest efficiency.
  • App: Skybell app installed on your smart phone syncs with the hardware and firmware of system to give you flawless performance round the clock, 365 days a year.

Skybell Trim plus Design

  • Power: Skybell Trim plus works on power from existing door-bell kit.
  • Compatibility: Skybell Trim plus is fully compatible with Android, IOS, tablet and other mobile devices.
  • Construction: Strong aluminum body with bronze and silver finishing has a dimension of 1.44″? x 4.8″? x 1.13″ and weighs 56.7 grams. It is highly resistant to heat, humidity and varying climatic conditions, apart from tampering from intruders.


  • 1080p video with 5X zooming and 180-degress coverage
  • Color night vision
  • Highly versatile app


  • No option for battery connection