Hair extensions are simple to wear and sophisticated to display. Spend a few hours with your beautician and she will transform you into the perfect personality you always wanted to have. Your grad photos will be the most memorable memento for the rest of your life. What really make the hair extensions perfect are its various designs, patterns, colors, tones, length, and the density factors. You can choose the style to match with your scalp, facial shape, and the overall physique. So, let’s explore the style gallery and see the options you got.

Hair Extensions – Style for Perfect Grad Photo

Vintage Style hair Extension

Let’s start with the vintage style hair extension. You might feel it’s obsolete or out of fashion. Wear it once and you can see the remarkable transformation in the mirror. The Hollywood vintage wave is one such style you will love to wear.

  • It gives the perfect clipping for your weft hair strands.
  • It has the wavelike curl that flows evenly from the top to the tip.
  • It wraps easily with your natural hair.
  • It is easy to clip your curls the way you want them.
  • You can brush the curls on the hair to create the perfect crisscross pattern.
  • Light shades and tones create the perfect appearance of the vintage Hollywood star.
  • It creates the soft and silky photogenic appearance for your face.
  • You can wear the grad cap and still let the audiences see the flowing hairstyle.

Body Wave Hair Extension

The best body wave hair extension style comes from Brazil. You can keep it straight, cur it, color it, or just let it go natural. You can buy the prepared hair off the shelf and just wear it with your natural hair.

  • It matches perfectly with your facial contour.
  • It highlights your forehead, eyes and nose when you wear it.
  • The waves start from the center and flow evenly in all the directions.
  • It retains its original pattern, regardless of your natural hair thickness and length.
  • It creates a natural “crown” design over your hair style.
  • It is thick, dark, soft, and naturally colorful and attractive.
  • It fits into every face type, eye shape, and brow contour.
  • It creates a sense of fullness with its coverage.
  • It increases the brightness of your face and induces glitter.

Perfect Peruvian Hair

Experience tangle free hair extension sensation on your Grad day. It comes in various designer styles, color combination, thickness, and length. You can choose the one which fits your facial structure, scalp size, and physique. The stunning designs are created by the best of artists who understand the Peruvian culture and tradition very well. Wear it for your Grad and stun your friends. Your hair style will be “talk of the day”.

  • It comes in 10 distinct patterns. Many more are evolving just for you.
  • Peruvian Yaki hair extension is straight, long, attractive, and silky soft.
  • Peruvian Ombre Weave flows like a river over your shoulders.
  • Dark Brown, striking blue, stunning gold, and more colors.
  • Perfect finishing from top to tip.
  • Tangle free, strong, stylish, and affordable.

We can list more than a million such styles created by the hair extension experts. Every hair extension you wear enhances your facial beauty and transforms your personality like never before. We have met many beautiful girls who complain about being non-photogenic. They say their Grad photos are dull and boring. It is a fact in spite of wearing the most expensive dresses and most attractive makeup.

We suggest a simple, yet sophisticated solution to all of your, who wish to transform yourself into highly photogenic, adorable, gorgeous, and dazzling personality.  The hair extensions make the transformation possible now. Your beautician will suggest many types. Here are a few of them.

Hair Extensions- Why they are Perfect for Grad

Micro Link Hair Extension

Micro link hair extension uses no heat and no glue. It is a simple braiding technique that binds your existing hair with the extension with micro size metal beads. It is easy to wear and remove. They look natural because they create a sense of continuity to your existing hair. No one can even guess you are wearing an extension.

  • You can add your own color combination. Wash it and change the color.
  • Create your own hair styles and patterns.
  • Change your looks every day with this simple to use extension.
  • Experience zero maintenance hair style.
  • It comes in various length, shape, and thickness.
  • Spend hour with your beautician and you are ready to rock on the Grad.

Clip in Hair Extension

Clip in hair extensions have the tendency to flow away from your face. They expose the fullness of your beauty to the world in all its glory. It allows you to change your hair style every minute, without worrying about wasting time.

Supposing, you got plenty of snaps to shoot on your Grad, take a few minutes break and change your hair style for every snap. It is so easy and fast to change your friends will be surprised how fast you can wear a different hair style. It makes your every Grad photo complete.

  • You can add plenty of colorful beads to the clips on every extension.
  • It makes your hair naturally flexible and flowing.
  • Create any pattern of your choice. Fusion multiple patterns into a single hair style.

What we have given you is just a glimpse of the various types of hair extensions you can wear for your Grad. Literally there are thousands of them which fit perfectly into your personality and style.

Hair Extensions- Choice of the Perfectionist

If you happen to be a perfectionist, who expects everything to flow smoothly, fit into its place, create a sense of style, and make you the most adorable person, we suggest you choose the perfect hair extension for you Grad today.