Best Wifi Video Doorbell

The functionality and the quality of a product make it highly popular among the customers. The Ring Video doorbell is considered to the best due to its ease of installation, customization, user interface, connectivity, device compatibility, portability, durability, and the versatile functionality. It can work in the battery mode as well as the wired power supply mode by connecting to an existing conventional doorbell. The twin Wifi connection frequencies of 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ gives it the maximum coverage and the signal strength. Moreover, it has the unique feature of cloud recording which can store the recorded video footages onto a cloud server with no practical restrictions on storage space.

Dual Mode Wifi

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The ring doorbell Pro works in dual frequency of 5GHZ and 2.4GHZ Wifi connection. The interface allows you to connect with any of the routers to deliver the maximum benefits.

In the 5GHZ mode, the Ring doorbell sends out clear and uninterrupted signals to the client device at the maximum speed. The signal handling efficiency is relatively higher with every channel offering a bandwidth of 20MHZ. The communication speed between your smart phone and the video camera, two-way speaker and the other components is the highest.

In the 2.4GHZ mode, the coverage range is much higher. That means you can operate the Ring doorbell through a router placed at the third or fourth floor of the house without any hassles. The signals can pass through many obstacles on the way without getting weaker in strength.

Design and Construction

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The best video doorbells has a unique design with compact size and lightweight construction. The location of the components like the camera, motion detecting sensor, LED ring, microphone, and the speakers makes the design highly efficient and practical. When an object like the visitor or the intruder comes within the range, the camera and the motion detector get triggered into action automatically. It is made possible due to the intricate digital connections between the twin components.

The location of the microphone makes it easy for the visitor to speak with you online. It is designed to filter out all the noises and send only the crystal clear voice over the Wifi network. Similarly, the speaker is designed to deliver every word you speak to the listener with the same clarity as at your end. The two-way conversation can happen without any sort of external disturbances.

The design of the faceplate is aesthetically appealing and attractive. The color range of satin nickel, antique brass, polished brass, Venetian bronze, and a lot of others make the Ring doorbell highly popular among the customers.


With such a vast range of functionality, the Ring doorbell is the easiest to install and configure among the video door bell products. The Ring software application has a GUI wizard that helps you through the installation and configuration procedures. After physically connecting the front and transformer wires of the existing doorbell to the two clips of Ring, you can simply fasten the device onto the wall, close the top cap and connect it to the smart phone.


1080P Video

The 1600 field of live view provided by the Ring doorbell can practically cover all the possible locations from where the intrusion can happen. The camera is designed to render 1080P HD video over the Wifi without any sort of lags or brakes in the frames per second coverage. So, you can get a real time view of the footage with maximum clarity.

The night vision technology of the camera can capture high resolution video footages when there is practically no light in its surroundings. So, you can clearly identify the person and the objects in the surroundings without any ambiguity.

Detection Zone and Schedule

The Ring doorbell is has a smart motion detector which can distinguish between the potential intruder and the pets that keep moving around your home. It can also sense the fluttering of the plants, trees and the bushes around your home in the garden. It doesn’t create a false alarm when a car passes harmlessly through the road in front of your home. It won’t disturb you when a pedestrian crosses the walkway in front of your home.

At the same time, the Ring doorbell doesn’t miss the car and the person when they enter your driveway or the security zone you have marked within your property. It can generate the alert in real time before any potential risk can turn into a damaging factor. The scanning frequency of the camera and the motion detector is efficient enough to detect the fast moving trespassers within the fraction of a second. The Ring doorbell allows you to take the required action of alerting the nearby security agency within the shortest possible time. You can also set alerts on multiple devices to ensure just-in-time action by any of the recipients when the others are away from the Wifi range.

You can chart out a specific schedule for the Ring doorbell to generate the alerts and ignore the signals during the rest of the time. For example, you don’t want the system to generate an alert when your family members are doing the gardening work around the front door of your home. Similarly you don’t want to miss an alert when a potential intruder walks around the same space during midnight hours.

Scheduling is simple and fast to set using your smart phone app. You can choose the days from Monday to Sunday and the 24 hours of every day. You can also set the intensity of the sensor to mild, medium, and high, depending on the requirement. You can save the settings and stay relaxed about the security features which work efficiently.


The Ring doorbell is compatible with the legacy and modern hardware in your PC, Mac, laptop, smart phone, tablet PC and the other mobile devices. It works with Windows, Linux, android, and other platforms without any hassles. The OEM provides the updates to make the device compatible with every new client device that comes to the market.