The Ubee DDW365 wireless cable is an all in one networking device with lots of new features. The Ubee Modem router has incredible LAN capabilities with great speed. The device is capable of giving you multiple networking facilities for your Home or small office. This device can fulfill all your demands with its amazing networking variations. You can set up a complete wireless networking with this device. It can save lots money of yours by providing you so many devices’ feature in one device. So you don’t have to purchase multiple devices for different networking issues. One thing to do right away is see if your signal is broadcasting throughout the house if not try boosting it with a best wifi booster

Ubee Modem router DDW365 Features


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Advanced Wireless in Ubee Modem RouterDDW365:

The DDW365 has the awesome wireless capability with great bandwidth. It will have 8 SSIDs that provides fantastic flexibility for the network of customers. Wireless technology of this device is now more enhanced than ever. SSIDs can be reserved in MSOs for functions like guest access, hotspot, and also for some other software.

Tight Security for Ubee DDW365:

Ubee modem router DDW365 has the most advanced security to keep away unwanted visitors or users from your private network system. Latest security authentication and encryption standards will provide you the best security ever, so you can be at peace with your network system. WPA/WPA2, WPS and SPI firewall is also included in the security system to prevent unauthorized users from your wireless network. Overall with the security system of this device, you can work without any interference.

High-Speed Technology:

The Ubee DDW365 wireless modem gateway can deliver you an extremely well speed with incredible efficiency. It has now the increased bandwidth technology for better performance. You can watch HD Videos, Play Online Games with the high-speed wireless technology. You can also run high bandwidth applications without any hesitation. High-Speed LAN can give you the best ever speed and it will surely fulfill your demands.

Network Standard :

The DDW365 has some advanced network interfaces which will provide increased speed LAN capability. Ubee DDW365 has 4 10/100/1000 Ethernet interfaces ‘and these interfaces will give you well enough flexibility. There is also IPv4 and IPv6 support which will allow increased address capacity and advanced security.

Full Band Capture :

Ubee  has a unique feature and the name of the feature is that Full Band Capture. This feature will offer you channel lineup flexibility with No “Block” tuner restrictions. It will prevent all DOCSIS bonding and keep it in a certain frequency window.

Diagnostic Feature :

The multiple networking devices have the diagnostic capability feature to give you an Integrated high-performance spectrum analyzer. This spectrum will help you to decrease the cost of troubleshooting.

Ubee DDW365 Performance:

ubee modem router

ubee modem router

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The Ubee modem router  DDW365 can give you the best performance with its amazing features. It has the high-speed bandwidth for any type of use. The Ubee DDW365 can speed up to 343 Mbps downstream and 122 Mbps upstream. But the actual speed can vary based on issues such as conditions, network configuration, and service tier.