Whether you are looking to add an HID kit for a stylish look or simply to increase safety, HID headlight kits always offer something greater than the traditional headlight.

This bright halogen bulb replacement is beneficial in various settings like for night out, going off-road and especially at car shows. Yes, there are now a lot of HID Kit brands available on the market, making it difficult for you to know what to choose among the rest. 

Rest assure that we can help turn this complicated scenario into a smooth-sailing decision. 

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Keep in mind, with all vehicles, it’s important to ensure the care of the vehicle. It may seem cosmetic but using the best car scratch removers paired with the best car wax will ensure a clean and polished look. There are two points this write-up would want to offer you: the necessary factors to consider when choosing the best HID Kit that satisfies your needs and the specifications of each of the product presented to you. Let’s get started and tackle these one by one!


Consider whether the halogen headlights you are currently using are safe enough and good enough to carry on driving. This is to compare the standard halogen and the HID headlights. Note the effectivity of the improved HID Kits more than the standard halogen headlights.

Switching to HID headlights has vast difference and the colors emitted by these headlights vary and usually brighter than the standard halogen bulbs. Such difference is very clear and massive when you drive in low visibility, especially in unfamiliar road layouts. HID headlights differ to your drive’s safety that gives you the advanced notification of the obstacles and hazards that you have to make safe driving decisions.

Typically, you can purchase your HID headlights from a local car garage. However, it remains significant to note that local garage usually use cheaper components. The labor charge for the installation of the headlights at a garage makes it more serious investments for lower quality. Contrast this with a solution from the store that meets the quality standard of the headlights you want.

Worth Opting for the Cheap Imported HID Headlights

Such statement is the classic false economy. Be careful of the headlights are notable to fissure and explode which may damage your car’s headlights while driving. It is still best to get rid of inexpensive headlights, choose those coming from trustworthy and reliable manufacturers.

Proper and Careful Handling of Headlights

Wearing surgical gloves and preventing yourself to touch the bulbs are imperative when you are handling your headlights. You may only have undue strain on the fragile bulbs when transferring grime and debris from your fingers and hands. This may cause explosion to the bulbs and damage to your car if you are careless.

Self-Installation of Headlights

You should install HID headlights yourself. Some of the best brands these days are equipped with brochures and are designed to be as easy as possible to install. You can usually complete the installation process in 30 minutes provided that you carefully follow the instructions set in their manual.

The Option to Switch Back When Unhappy

It is not common to switch back to halogen headlights once any road user has tried out the HID headlights. Simply reverse your installation process for refit in case you really want to re-install the standard headlights for whatever reason you would want. Such process still does not require professional help. It only takes few minutes and concentration for those without electrical or mechanical knowledge.

Safety of HID Headlights

HID headlights are found to be brighter compared to their standard counterpart. Have as much light whenever possible if you’re driving in the middle of the night or in poorly lit areas. It is imperative to see all the obstacles and hazards when they appear around you. HID headlights are safer and more effective than the standard headlights.

HID Headlight Temperature to Choose

Although selecting the right HID Headlight temperature is a matter of personal taste, it is still necessary to contemplate on the suitable headlight temperature. The temperature is being measured in terms of degrees Kelvin. Remember that lower temperature lights are useful when aiming for fog lights, while the higher temperature lights are great for those in search for a sporty aesthetic.

Purchase of Lumens

Lumens help identify the brightness of specific headlights kit. Think of the relative lumens measure and the brightness when choosing for the best HID headlights. This will definitely make certain that you made the best in getting your car fixed.  

Of course, you have to know exactly how to install the HID Kit once you have purchased it. Be sure to review the specific way for your vehicle!


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So far so good with the Kensun HID kits as even stock vehicles are suitable for OPT7 Blitz Bullet HID Kit. Making it available for the vast majority of vehicles. Let’s dive into why the Kensun HID kit is the top choice on the market in 2018!

The stock headlight housings of this kit were intended to enclose ballasts and bulbs utilizing 35 watts. Be cautioned that the production of extra heat may only damage the housing.

Such unrated head level may crack or melt the housing panel which will shift the color temperature to a warmer spectrum or reduce the illumination of the kit. Purchasing a cool color spectrum bulb for any car show only negates the overall purpose of the kit.

The damage caused by the 55w bulb is unlimited exclusively to the headlight housing. Actually, the kit may damage itself when not properly protected. The kit usually causes warmer color shift following the extended use.

With its wide color range and a 55w system, OPT7 Blitz Bullet HID Kit is not a false advertising.

 (3.8 / 5)


It is the mounting feature of the OPT7 Blitz Bullet HID Kit that makes it notably one of the best among others. Regardless of the configuration you order, the kit is found to be the easiest when it comes to mounting that usually requires 10 minutes of installation.

It allows the bi-xenon and hi-lo kits to work with no issues of poor mounting with the other brands. It includes a relay kit that helps prevent flickering and early bulb burnouts. Its high beams are powerful to serve as fog lights. It also uses an aluminum alloy shell casing and being filled with silicone resistant to water.

However, OPT7 Blitz Bullet is proud to feature more on easy use than reliability maximizing. Its continuous lifespan of 4,000 is considered lower than anyone expects, but this does not perform poor though. This ensures that you will not have problems regarding the whole duration. The absence of its warning light preventative circuit seems odd and considered downright insulting as they sell it separately. See to it that the ballasts are perfectly wired as shorts can fail them while they are great for positioning.

Better stick with OPT7 Blitz Bullet HID Kit if you are looking for the brightest HID high beams. It’s actually a no brainer.


 (4 / 5)


The OPT7 Blitz Bullet HID Kit guarantees specific configuration in terms of the color, size, and beam arrangement. The kit offers many options to accommodate all your needs. It also provides green and pink colored lights other that the usual colors of beam. Its beam configuration performs above and beyond with its bi-xenon and hi-lo beams. When combined with the other color options, its high beam is translated to different configurations.

Take note that the kit is not recognized for its quality bulbs, which is not reflected in the lifespan of the bulb, but only in the temperature stability of its color. The bulb is known to shift it its color temperature as time passes. When it comes to its mounting feature, OPT7 Blitz Bullet HID Kit’s is specifically designed for use by modern vehicles, while older cars tend to require further modification or equipment for secured mounting. Its main concern on its sheer durability is its ballasts that fail to back the same lengthy lifespan as that of the bulbs.

OPT7 Blitz Bullet HID Kit will be your best choice for new vehicle model that requires a specialized beam configuration and color temperature. You need not to worry on bulb replacement any time soon.

 (4 / 5)


If spending money on a HID kit is absolute for you, go for the Lumenon HID Xenon Conversion Headlight Kit. The HID kit includes ballasts, sets of mounting hardware, and bulbs. The Apex of the kit with a modest investment provides a better option for your budget. It is a great provider of value for certain niche market. It is not advisable when you purchase a HID Kit for halogen bulb replacement for driving purpose.

This kit is the best one for the off-road kit purchases of a HID Kit. It is ideal for those who are younger customers with limited means and those who are still new to aftermarket modification. Choose other HID kits if you opt for an adequate illumination experience.

Some customers of the kit note the faulty issues of the kit’s bulbs and that it fails to last for long. It points out the significance of its high beam bulbs if producing light with a temperature lower than 2,300K as well as their potential in emitting fewer than 1,200 lumens. This is to say that their bulbs have not been recognized for dependability.

The lowest price of Lumenon HID Xenon Conversion Headlight Kit will enable you to carry out some experiment without a big investment.

 (4 / 5)


If you preferred to purchase a HID kit with the best ballasts, you definitely need SDX Headlight DC Xenon Conversion Kit. The ballasts of the HID kit perform well as expected and this goes along with its lifespan.

Though not performing that poorly, the kit can be regarded as a pedestrian product that does not do better than the other HID kits. It offers upward color temperature spectrum, which can only be used on private property or for car shows. Oftentimes, the problem rests on the socket machining of its bulb. The bulb socket is usually irregular and seems fail to cleanly screw in place.

This then prevents the bulb from consistent connection with the ballast, which may also result in light flickering. Ask assistance from SDX customer service if you encounter this flaw. Also, note the issue on the less illumination offered by high beam compared to that of the low beams.

Always remember the greatness of SDX Headlight DC Xenon Conversion Kits’ range of color temperatures except for the issues associated with the bulbs. Just make the most of the ballasts of these kits.

 (4 / 5)


Because its performance is nearly perfect without several issues also present in other options. Most of the said issues cover convenience as being opposed to Kensun HID Xenon Conversion Kit’s durability and reliability. Other products seem to encounter issues with different components.

The Kensun customer service will be there to help you in solving any issue you may encounter like a defective product. When it comes to their bulbs, they are shockproof and waterproof. Their ballast is also waterproof. The wiring does not readily melt unless it is exposed to very high temperatures. Though they are more expensive than the others, you are actually paying for the quality of the product at best.

The kit bears no significance on mounting although it is stated to be plug-and-play. Its ballasts also require extra mounting equipment or any modification for the other vehicles. Its high beam is remarkably dimmer compared to low beam when you buy a HID hi-lo combo. This seems to be ideal for some though it’s not an issue in well-lit areas. The kit is also considered by some as substandard.

Though not considered as the best for some niches, Kensun HID Xenon Conversion Kit offers the best through the quality of its craft and its additional investment is non-comparable.

 (3.9 / 5)


Apex HID Xenon Conversion Kit offers high quality HID headlights at a lower price compared to those at the bottom of the barrel. It provides enough HID kit with limitations and more investment.

It’s odd that it does not have the features others have like radio interference protected circuitry, but it’s the easiest to install in new vehicles. The fit seems not to feel as snug or flush while it can still reliably installed in older vehicles. Its ballasts and bulbs remain reliable though. Note that its bulbs are dustproof, shockproof, and waterproof making them more durable than the other more expensive bulbs.

The downsides of Apex HID Xenon Conversion Kit include the insufficiency of its color spectrum, its being outdated, not offering the same features as the other brands, and its interference with the radio. It may not offer some advanced features in more expensive kits, but it guarantees durability and reliability.

It is still recommendable to those who feel more advanced compared to a novice.


Also, keep in mind that it is vital to keep you car in good health, meaning taking care of it’s necessary maintenance. 

Oil changes require the proper oil filters and keeping the fuel injection system clean is a good way to ensure longevity of the vehicle. 

True enough, just like in many cases, there is not one specific best HID kit designed for all situations. Some may stand out from the others for the specific needs of customers. 

The only this to keep in mind then is to properly assess what is the best HID headlight kit for your own vehicle satisfying and solving your problems. 

We hope that we were able to give you a general idea of some of the best HID kits on the market in 2018. If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to reach out to us!