No one damages their car intentionally. However, you could make some mistakes that end up putting great damage to your car. Now that cars are no less than significant keys to your daily commute, you cannot afford to leave your car with a mechanic every other weekend. A number of different things, such as lack of proper maintenance, poor driving habits, wrong use of automotive technology, etc. can be pretty harmful to your favorite road partner.

You need to learn to take proper care of your car. For that, it is important to know the importance of oil change, cleaning the dirty air filter, keeping your tires rotating, and avoiding sudden and harsh brakes.

Here, we are going to discuss six potential ways you could be killing your car. Improving them can ensure the better condition and a great run down the road every time you turn the engine on. Read on!

1.    Avoiding Regular Maintenance

Every car owner and driver needs to have a maintenance schedule. Once you create a maintenance schedule, you must stick to it. Avoiding regular maintenance tasks can result in major repairs and high costs. Even though maintenance is not a fun thing to do, it is nevertheless a duty to perform. Keeping your car in good condition at all times requires you to spend good enough time on its maintenance.

With a maintenance schedule, knowing when to do what does not remain a big deal. Well, before that, you should know what regular maintenance is.

What’s Included in Regular Maintenance?

Regular maintenance includes basic maintenance checks. These are as simple as inspection. These neither take a lot of time nor much money. Being pretty inexpensive, you must not hesitate to do the following regular maintenance checks:

  • Cleaning the dirty air filter
  • Examining brake pads
  • Checking the transmission
  • Looking into hoses and spark plugs
  • Checking water levels in the radiator
  • Change your oil and oil filter

Once you make sure that these little things are doing right, there’s no need to worry about any major harm.

1.    Not Using Fuel Injector Cleaner

Fuel injector cleaner plays a great role in how your car operates. Not using a fuel injector cleaner damages your fuel injector. Over time, dirt, debris, and carbon deposits accumulate in your fuel injector. It affects your transmission, consumes more fuel, and kills your car slowly.

Also, it results in clogging, which is bad for the fuel injector and engine. When enough fuel does not reach the engine and gasoline to oxygen ratio is disturbed, the vehicle seriously lacks efficiency. When you drive your car at a higher speed, there will be a significant difference in the performance.

When you do not use one and   what is the best fuel injector cleaner, excessive damage is done to your car. This is due to extra strain on the engine, clogged nozzles, over scratching and high friction. As time passes, the damage transfers from your fuel injector to engine and tires as well.

2.    Not Using Car Wax


Car wax is another significant component of maintenance. It keeps the exterior of your car safe protected and healthy. If you do not apply car wax to the paint, you make your car vulnerable to dirt, scratches, chemicals, pollution, UV light, bird poop, and whatnot.

To ensure that your car’s exterior is safe, you must apply best car  polish wax every once in a while. It protects your vehicle from being exposed to contaminants and keeps it looking shiny every day.

3.    Not Changing to LED Headlights

LED headlights have become a new trend and play a great role in preventing the damage done to your car hid lights . Even though the damage is not significant, it is definitely harmful in the long run. LED headlights are energy-efficient, use less voltage, offer better visibility, and only emit 180 degrees light.

Moreover, these do not generate UV emissions and are environmental-friendly. This means your car’s surface is not damaged by one of its own components. Changing to LED headlights as soon as possible help avoid the damage.

4.    Not Changing the Engine Oil

Oil and fluid changes also come included in the list of regular maintenance. However, it is so important that it needs a proper discussion. You need to closely examine and pay extra attention to your engine oil and other fluids.

Engine oil is to your car what blood is to your body. It lubricates the moving parts pf your engine and keeps your engine cooled during high speed or long driving.

When you drive your car at high speeds under scorching heat and with greater towing loads, it puts extra strain on your engine. This shortens the time span of oil use. This way, oil is unable to offer enough lubrication, results in accumulated debris, and the engine can overheat. As engine oil is going to run out sooner, you must keep a check on it.

Change it on time to make sure your engine does not has to face any damage.

5.    Not Regulating Tire Pressure

Tires connect your vehicle to the road. Without tires in proper condition, you cannot possibly drive your vehicle. Thus, the good condition of the tire is vital to the goo life of your car. When it comes to tires, there are three things you need to take care of:

  • Tire rotation
  • Tire balancing
  • Tire pressure

Tire rotation and balance and extremely important, but regulating tire pressure needs to have top priority. Adequate tire pressure ensures the right tread condition. Otherwise, there is no use of how good you take care of tire rotation and balancing. Tire pressure is the key to significant handling capabilities, efficient fuel economy, and lifespan of your tires.

Include regulating tire pressure in your regular maintenance checklist to make sure you never skip it.


Preventing damage to your car is easily possible. All you need to do is learn how to do basic maintenance. Use the right tools, and you are good to go. For other maintenance checks, make sure you have a reliable and experienced mechanic.