The Sirius company have at their core a philosophy that places the customer in the center. Working together with their customers to meet, and exceed, their needs is what they strive to do.

The other cornerstones of their philosophy is to become a world class lighting supplier to the motor industry and to excel in the areas of quality, performance, technology and value. It is with these philosophies that the Sirius Extremely Bright COB LED has been designed and produced.


The design of the Sirius Extremely Bright COB LED is such that it is compact. Many of the LED lights have extra bits and pieces added, such as ballasts or drivers, which are used to control the amount of current from the supply line. This light does not have these. Simply put, this makes for a more compact design, comparable to the bulbs used in the original design of a vehicle.

The Sirius Extremely Bright LED uses the new technology of COB chips. In this setup, multi LED chips are packaged together as one lighting module. Normal LEDs are designed so that very bright light is emitted from a small area.

The COB system means that the light is emitted from a larger area, cutting back on glare. This has obvious advantages for use in headlights – bright light minus the glare.

In terms of brightness, the headlights produce 8000 lumens output (4000 lumens per bulb). The color temperature of these bulbs is 6000K – giving a xenon white color. At this output, the contrast of the light is high, resulting in crisp lighting.

Added into this technology specifically included to produce a perfect light beam pattern and you have a light that is bright and clear.

Instead of normal aluminium alloy, aviation grade aluminium is used. This produces as heat sink to keep the temperature of the bulb low. The built in fan also assists in optimal heat dissipation. This all relates to a longer life span of the bulb and a more consistent performance.

In terms of fitting the lights in a vehicle, no extra bits and pieces are needed. It has a simple plug and play design. The bulb will fit directly into stock housing and sockets of your vehicle. Polarity is specific – meaning that if the bulb does not work once installed, it is as simple as flipping the bulb over in the socket. Once done, it is ready to go!

The quality of the lights is backed up with a 2 year warranty. Adding to this confidence in quality is the IP65 rating. This rating proves that it is dust proof as well as water proof. The claimed 30, 000 hours of continuous use should add to the buyer confidence in terms of durability and longevity of this product.


  • The headlights are well constructed and of good quality. This is largely due to the superior quality casing that is used in their design.
  • Installing the headlights is quick and easy and fit most housings well. The instruction booklet is easy to follow and understand.
  • The light produced is a consistent and pure white. The beam and cut off are of high quality. This is due to the 6000K rating and the 8000 lumen brightness. When a comparison is made, the lights are found to light up the road better than OEM halogen lights do.
  • Everyone likes their car to look good. These lights do that – they complete the car, making it look great.


  • When installing the lights, they give a click to show they have connected correctly. Sometimes, even when this click is heard, the polarity is incorrect and therefore they do not work. The click is then not heard when they are flipped around to correct the polarity. This can be a bit confusing as you would expect the click to only be on the correct orientation. Having said this, they still work perfectly, even when no click is heard upon installation.
  • The fans in the lights tend to be a loud – not overwhelmingly loud, but loud enough to be heard when the lights are turned on.


If you are looking for headlights that produce bright, well contrasted light, that are easy to install and very reasonably priced ($99.95 at Amazon – $49.95 on special), then Sirius Extremely Bright COB LED is the product you need to go for.