Wifi Placement

A guide to appropriate wifi router placement


The placement of your router plays a significant role in the performance of your wireless network. The Wifi working may or may not be great in concern with how you are placing the modem. Many people have a real device in their house. However, the fact that they are not setting it the way it is meant to make them think that it is faulty and lacks in terms of performance. Here, we will guide you about how you can set up your wifi router in an appropriate way. checkout reviews onĀ netgear ac1600 review

Place it in the center of your location

If it is your house, make sure that the modem is at the central location of it. Mostly, the device will be around the place where you use it the most. People tend to put it in a cabinet or the basement of their home. It is not the best approach. If you want to make most of it, you can do so by just changing its location. The central spot will ensure that the signals are transmitted to the surroundings with almost equal strength.

Do not put it around metal objects

The dissipation of electromagnetic energy takes place efficiently if there is metal in use. Therefore, keeping it somewhere where you got a lot of metallic objects in the surroundings will not be the best move. It also makes your kitchen an inappropriate place for your modem to live.

The concrete and brick effect

Most of the material plays a role in reflecting the radiation. Some reflect or absorb the rays strongly while others do it partially. Concrete and brick walls are enemies of your Wifi signals. If you have these materials in making of your home, the signals will not be able to travel to maximum distance. Moreover, the noticeable thing is that floors and ceilings are likely to be more transmissive.

The microwave and router

We mentioned above that kitchen is not the best place for keeping your wifi router. It is because there are plenty of metallic objects in the surroundings which are not suitable for the signals emitted by the modem. Not only this but the microwave slows down the internet to a great extent. Try this by placing the device around your kitchen and start the microwave. During the operational time of your oven, the internet will be pretty slow.

Set it high

The wifi routers are emitting radio waves. Mounting it to a wall or setting it somewhere on a top shelf can help you in catching a better signal strength. Mainly, if you are living in a two-story building, placing it high will ensure better connectivity on both floors.

So, these are certain things that you should consider in terms of wifi placement. Note that the antenna placement is also critical when it comes to reaching. The horizontal range is enhanced by placing it upwards which setting it sideways will give a boost to vertical reach. You may like to use any app for visualizing the signals to set the wifi router in a better position.

Other ways to increase performance are by adding a best wifi boosters. These can significantly increase your wireless coverage