Wifi Range Extenders

How a wifi range extender works?


Do you have a wifi range problem? If yes, then there are two possible options for you. First of all, change the modem with an expensive long range router which most of the people will not prefer. Second and seemingly better option, depending on your needs, is the placement of wifi range extenders in your home or office.  It helps in increasing the range of your best wifi range extender connections by increasing the signal strength and sending it further to the location where it is intended to be. But before you but one for yourself, here is how the range boosters work.

The working of wireless range boosters

The wireless range boosters work by taking in the signal from your device. Let’s say that you need to send signals further to the north of your home until the end of your backyard. However, the signals become too weak by the door that opens in your backyard. What you will have to do is to put the extender close to the door where it will be able to catch the wifi signals broadcasted from your router just like a regular device. Then, it uses the signals and broadcast them further to the surroundings which will make the signals reach to your backyard.

The setting plays important role

Some people, even after using the wifi booster, fail to get the desired results. It is because they fail to set it appropriately which leads to disappointment. Before you are making a final decision about the performance of the extender, make it certain that you have set it in the right manner. Most of the devices come along with a manual that will help you in making it operational. However, if you are unable to get how you need to place it, try watching online videos about how to set a wifi enhancer, and you will get the idea.

But wait! Do you really need an extender?

Most of the people are unaware that they do not need an extender. They can achieve the desired results by the existing device that they have in their home. The reason why they are failing to produce the best results is that they set up wifi somewhere in the corner of their house. It makes signal strength too strong at one edge of the house while too weak on the other end. Moreover, people tend to keep it in the basement or kitchen. Surrounding it with metallic objects all around will hinder the signal transmission. Moreover, the concrete walls and bricks also serve as a significant obstruction. So, before you buy the range extender, ensure that you are making the most from the actual router.

So, this is how a wifi range extender works. There are different types of boosters available to you in the market with each having different features. So, make certain that you get one that is most appropriate for you. It is not necessary that the extender which is working right for your neighbor will work same for you. So, choose wisely!