Wifi Security

Wifi Security: Some tips to make your WiFi Connection secure


When you talk about the wireless networking, it can be a bit scary. The main reason behind this is that it creates a whole new attack vector that is not available on the wired networks. However, this does not stop you from dealing with wireless connections securely like the netgear d6400 . Here are certain tips in concern with your WiFi security that will help you in ensuring better and secure network.

Use a strong password

A system with a powerful password is always tough to attack. Particularly, when we talk about the brute force attack, things become impossible to access if you have a strong password. Brute force is a method of hacking in which the software generates random digits and alphabets to try and match with your password. When you have a strong password, it will take a lot of time to pick up the right combination. And the time it may take can vary from as long as a couple of years to even around a few centuries (which means it becomes impossible to break). However, for the passwords that are weak, it is likely that brute force attack will take a few hours before catching the right combination.

Avoid broadcasting SSID

If you are a real Pro in networking, you may not take this one seriously. It is because the high-level hacking may not have any impact from a hidden SSID. However, for the malwares that are on lower-tier, the breaking of security becomes really tough if you are not broadcasting your wireless name. Most of them are designed to attach the networks that are showing up by matching particular characteristics. So, hiding your SSID may lead to an additional layer of protection in concern with your wireless network.

Use a good wireless encryption

Wireless encryption is necessary when anyone talks about saving the network from security threats. One of the most common encryption is WEP which is not a pretty handsome type. WPA is another widely used standard encryption, and it has been working okay by far. However, as soon as you get a chance to put your hands on an upper-level encryption, do not hesitate in doing any such thing.

Added encryption layer

An additional encryption layer will help you a lot in turning down the malicious attacks. Never rely only on the encryption of your wireless network. There are certain encodings available to you that you can try out. These ensure that the communication of computers within the local network is having no holes as well as the communication on the internet platform is also secure.

MAC address restriction

The MAC address limit allows you to connect only permitted networks. Like SSID hiding, this may not be a great choice to avoid high-level threats. But the fact that makes you feel more secure about the connection can be highly helpful.