When buying a lightbulb, the most important thing to consider is your budget and what your goals are. If you want a bulb that’s easy to install and can get the job done, fine. You won’t need to pay an arm and a leg. That being said, if you want a bulb that emits 6000K+ light with an awesome beam focus, you’ll obviously need to pay more for the one of the bestTop HID.

At the end of the day, it’s completely up to consumer choice and what exactly your goals are when purchasing your new lights. Some headlights come with certain features you may or may not care about. Only you can know what it is that you need, but it’s important to do research on what will or what will not work with your vehicle.

Additionally, Amazon has a feature that lets you pick your make/model that will eliminate any compatibility issues you may encounter when shopping, so be sure to take advantage of this feature when shopping and ensure you get light output that you want. If you want high performance best hid kit headlights bulb  verses you current halogen bulbs and standard bulbs for high performance light on the road vs standard bulbs like a best halogen bulb.

Below are just a few options that can get you through the tough upgrade decision. Some important options that any prospective buyer should beware of are of even better than best halogen bulbs vs standard bulbs like a halogen bulb.

Automotive LED Headlight Bulbs 880 881 Cree LED Conversion Kit best halogen

Autovizion also boasts that their heat dissipation technology is designed to cool not only the halogen headlight bulbs   themselves, but the entire component package surrounding them. However, are these definitely the headlight bulbs that you’ll want to install in your ride this winter? Let’s find out. way better performance that standard halogen headlights


Some of the best features in the Autovizion LED headlight bulbs are simple, but they’re perfected in a unique way. For instance, these headlight bulbs are easy to simply plug in and use with almost any car model you could imagine (uses OEM sockets). If you’ve ever had to replace your headlight bulbs before, chances are these will be just as easy to install, if not easier.

Another unique feature of these headlight bulbs is Autovizion’s heat dissipation technology that cools not only the LED headlight bulbs themselves, but also the components around them. This is obviously a huge benefit when it comes to ensuring the life of your new headlight bulbs, as proper cooling will keep your headlight bulbs around much longer.

The  best hid headlights light pattern in these headlight bulbs is also extremely focused, so you’ll be able to keep track of exactly what’s in front of you in the road better than high performance halogen bulbs or standard bulbs like a halogen headlights or philips x .


Obviously, the heat dissipation is a huge pro. Not having to constantly worry about a headlight bulbs going out is something that should ease the mind of any cautious driver. When you’re paying $53.95, it’s good to know that such a basic need is thoroughly taken into consideration by a manufacturer.

For me, one of the best perks is how easy it is to install these. I’m not a super car-savvy person, so being able to literally just plug these into my socket and be done is a huge plus. If need be, you could take these to your local car part store and have them do it for you, but it’s honestly so easy that anyone could do it. I also really dig the type of headlight bulbs pattern that these lights emit.

A lot of  headlight bulbs on the market have unfocused light that can end up clouding-out objects in front of you and create a dangerous driving environment, particularly in winter or foggy conditions. The pattern that Autovizion uses with these halogen headlight bulbs creates an extremely focused beam of light that eliminates a lot of these concerns and is one of the best.


Like everything on the market, there are cons. These headlight bulbs have been reported to feel loose/not fit tightly during initial installation.

There’s a small plastic ring on this headlight bulb that twists to the rest of the light, and some users have reported that this ring doesn’t fit tightly to the plastic and causes it to wiggle. This is obviously worrisome because it would seem as though it could come undone after some time of driving.

Some other users have also reported that the plastic tabs on this headlight bulb that fit snugly into the OEM socket have broken off during installation, but I would guess that many of these reports come from people who weren’t being particularly careful during the installation process.


Overall, Autovizion’s LED headlight bulbs are a great upgrade for any type of headlight bulbs. The heat dissipation technology, unique and high-powered light focus, and easy installation make these bulbs a solid choice for any prospective consumer.

YUMSEEN COB Chip 72W Auto Car H7 LED Headlight Kit Bulbs

These 72W LED headlights by Yumseen are a great option for people looking to upgrade to some fresh headlights that are either dead or on their way out. These lights have many of the features that come standard on otherheadlight bulbs, but they still maintain a fresh feel with some unique features that might entice a prospective buyer.


This 72W LED headlight bulbs comes with an easy installation package, and it’s said to be rain-proof, shockproof, and waterproof. It also has thermoelectric separation technology, and an aircraft aluminum radiator.

The fan inside the shell is also supposedly able to work in the most extreme weather circumstances. All parts involved in the production of the headlight bulbs have been inspected, and if anything fails, Yumseen offers a 100% 1-year product warranty.


Some pros of the Yumseen bulb include its easy installation and vehicle compatibility, its area of concentrated light, a color output of 5500k to 6000k, and the white type of light it emits.

Many bulbs on the market have a yellowish/white output, but these bulbs exclusively emit white light, which is something that I really consider when making a headlight purchase. Many users rave about the brightness of the Yumseen lights, but I suppose this could be viewed as a pro or a con depending on what you’re looking for.


There aren’t a lot of cons for these lights. Some users have reported installation difficulties based on their car brands (Kia & Nissan), but these could just be fringe instances. Additionally, when you’re inserting these lights into your socket, you have to be careful to not turn them too tightly because you CAN break them.

If you turn them on and experience flickering, immediately take them out and re-adjust them to fix the problem. If they still don’t work, call Yumseen and seek their advice.

There have also been reports that these lights don’t throw out enough light, but that’s something that can only be decided by the consumer. Based on my research, most people actually say that these can be TOO bright.


Overall, these Yumseen lights are a solid alternative or replacement to any standard set of headlights. The price, as of right now, is about $40, and this is a pretty great bargain in my book.

Most users have nothing but great things to say, and as long as you’re careful with the installation (as you should always be with any auto part), you’ll find yourself with a brand new great pair of headlights!

OPT7 60W Arc-Beam Headlights

The OPT7 60W Arc-Beam headlights are another great option if you’re looking to upgrade from your current set of lights. These lights have an output of 6000K white light and claim to have ZERO dark spots amidst said light when driving, and can allegedly run for over 50,000 hours. Let’s see how these stack up with the other options.


Some of the best features of the OPT7 bulbs include: easy installation, MHC heat control with Redline driver and TurboCool fan, 6000K white light @ 7,000Lm, and a free 2-year warranty with lifetime support from real California industry techs.

Additionally, like most headlights, the OPT7 kit can be installed in roughly 20 minutes right out of the box, and all bulbs are CanBUS-ready and will work with any vehicle CPU.


A common plus among most consumers is the beam quality and angle-of-beam quality. The white light illuminates everything you’d need to see on the road in just about any driving condition, and the angle (while not listed) seems to be at just the right angle to where both beams are focused on directly what’s in front of the driver in the critical area of vision.

These bulbs also utilize an auto-on function, which essentially means that if your car has the ability to immediately turn its lights on when it starts, these lightbulbs will turn on as well.

There’s also zero delay when you switch between the light modes, which is perfect for people who are easily irritated by laggy electronic components. Many also argue that the bright white LED is also better than other lights because they reflect much better off street signs and whatnot.

Another common advantage of these lights, like many other lights, is the fact that they’re easy to install. Some users reported that, especially on Lexus models, the lights were a hassle to install. Thus, buyer beware!


Like most headlight kits, a lot of users complained about the brightness of the OP7 headlights. Some thought that they were either too bright or too dim, but this depends 100% on the consumer. Based on what I’ve seen, these lights are perfectly bright for any weather or driving condition.

Other consumers have complained that these lights are a pain to set up, and it should be noted that the manufacturers themselves even say that it will take roughly 20 minutes to set these up, and this is actually a very high number compared to other lights.

At the same time, though, it’s probably a good thing that the makers are honest about set-up time, even if it takes a while. Just be extremely careful when installing the OPT7 and make sure to follow your manual tit-for-tat.


To summarize, the OPT7 is a pretty standard set of lights for those seeking an upgrade. There’s certainly nothing revolutionary about these, and I would even venture to say it might not be worth the roughly $100 price tag, especially when there are many other options available.

That being said, if you can afford them, they surely won’t disappoint. Just make sure to carefully follow the instruction manual when setting them up.

Kensun HID 6000K Xenon Bulbs

The HID 6000K Xenon bulbs are another solid option for anyone who is in the market for low-beam headlight replacements. These bulbs take roughly less than 20 minutes to install and work with most car models, although it’s obviously safer to make sure your car is covered by checking for yourself.

These lights have some great perks, but there’s a few drawbacks that any intelligent consumer should be aware of.


The HID 6000K features a universal adaptability policy that claims these bulbs will fit into any socket. These bulbs also pride themselves on brightness, using an ultra-bright fused-quartz X xenon bulb.

This bulb is said to use 80% less power and increases visibility, while also having a long-lasting non-fading lifetime guarantee. You can also choose any bulb size, so all of your options are covered with this specific bulb.


There’s a few advantages when it comes to selecting this bulb. Firstly, installation is as easy as any other bulb on the market. You’ll be able to get this bad boy installed in under 20 minutes, and if there’s any issues, you can contact a professional auto parts store to get you covered.

The HID headlight conversion kit is available in various colors, including white, blue, bright yellow, purple, and pink. There’s a certain taste for every consumer, and this kit will ensure that you have the colors to match whatever your taste is. This is a unique feature that I haven’t seen any other manufacturer offer.

Additionally, because this is a fused-quartz xenon bulb, it reduces the drain on your car’s battery by 80%. If your battery isn’t in the best shape, or if you’re in the market for an energy-efficient bulb, this one is right up your alley.

Consumer reviews have also stated that these replacement halogen headlight bulbs are very bright at any color, so you won’t have to worry about not being able to see in certain weather conditions.


For cons, I noted that this replacement halogen headlight bulbs seems to have compatibility issues with certain makes/manufacturers. The Audi car models seem to suffer from this more, but most other car manufacturers won’t have these issues.

Again, it’s important to do your own research, but if you have an Audi, pay special attention to whether or not these bulbs will work in your car.

If your car as d2 type bulbs, you’ll be fine. Also, for the specific color patterns, you will need to look up (in Kelvin) the various degrees that each light will emit and make sure it’s compatible with your make/model. Most cars will be fine, but it’s important to make sure.

The white color is usually around 5000K-6000K, and the blues come after that. Most modern vehicles shouldn’t have issues with the colors. Amazon’s car compatibility feature is your best friend for these odd situations.


Overall, these bulbs are pretty market-standard when it comes to headlight shopping. However, these offer a lot of different customizability options in terms of colors, sizes, and other features.

Based on your personal taste, these bulbs are certain to meet whatever criteria you’d need for upgrading your headlights. They’re bright, pretty, easy to install for the most part (Audi users beware), and will be more than enough to meet your needs.

Alla Lighting’s 8000Lm 6500K Xenon White LED Bulbs

The Alla Lighting 8000lm Xtremely Super Bright 6500K Xenon White LED bulbs are another solid option for anyone looking for some new headlights. They’re pretty standard for the industry; they’re rain/waterproof, easy to install, and have a bright white beam output.

That being said, there were some notable cooling issues that many users reported that caused these bulbs to burn out quicker than others.


These bulbs from Alla feature a 6500K white light output at 8000l (4000l/bulb), premium COB chips & cooper heat sink, high tech water/rainproof technology, and an easy Plug-N-Play style installation. These bulbs also come with a free ONE year warranty and lifetime product support.


Some awesome things about these bulbs are that they’re easy to install and deliver a high-quality beam of white light. Most users reported that the light delivered by these bulbs was more than enough to get them through various weather conditions, including a snow storm.

The brightness of a bulb can always be considered a pro/con depending on personal taste, but these bulbs will knock your socks off with their ability to deliver quality white light at 6500K.

The installation was also extremely simple compared to other bulbs that advertise easy installation. Some user reported that they had to use a bit of force to get these to socket properly, so you shouldn’t be scared to add some “oomph” if it’s not fitting right away.


Perhaps the biggest downside of these bulbs is the tendency for them to burn out at a faster rate than other bulbs. Many other bulbs have built-in heat dissipation technology, but these bulbs are equipped with a standard heatsink that isn’t quite as effective as, say, the OPT7 cooling system.

Don’t get the wrong impression: these bulbs are good, but this is just one problem that was noted by several new users. Additionally, some users complained that these lights were simply too bright and affected oncoming traffic. The cooling fan was also noted to be extremely loud compared to other similar headlights.


Overall, these are a quality set of bulbs that are a solid option for anyone in the market for some new bulbs.

The high-quality 6500K light beam is more than enough to power through any difficult weather conditions that might impair road clarity, and the easy installation makes it so that anyone can use these bulbs. However, the heating issues, fan noise, and brightness of light might put some users off.

Final Verdict

To conclude, each of these best headlight bulbs are pretty awesome. They do have their own distinct flavor while also keeping everything standard regarding the traditional criteria of headlights. Any of these will be able to get you through the next few years, but it’s honestly up to you to decide which ones you prefer.

All of the lights listed above are great options to consider when purchasing new halogen headlight bulbs. I personally prefer Best HID  kit  as it is one of the best Xenon headlight bulb above the others listed the light output is second to none, assuming I had to choose only one.

I enjoy the sort of customization options they offer, and I’d be hard-pressed to find another brand that prides themselves on delivering such a unique aspect of headlight customizability.

The only headlight I would probably avoid purchasing would be the halogen headlight bulbs Alla Lighting 8000lm simply because of the reports of early-burnout on the headlight bulb and the loud sound of the cooling fan and is not the best halogen i have seen.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the loud sound of the device that’s supposed to cool the bulb has something to do with the bulb itself burning out over time, otherwise it would be quite an odd and unfortunate coincidence.

As I said, each set of  best halogen headlight bulb we’ve listed will be more than enough to get you a great upgrade from your current set of headlights. All of these headlight bulb are easy to install, come with solid warrantees and lifetime support, and offer exceptional bulb/light quality that you won’t find in a standard bulb from Wal Mart or Meijer.