Choose the Right LED Bulb

You just notice that your motorcycle or car headlight bulb just stopped working. So this needs some replacement. Rather than getting the first headlight bulb, you see at a local garage or part shop; it’s a chance to consider other types of headlight bulbs that are available for you. You may also want to consider the headlight bulb size for adequate brightness.

Standard or OEM Headlight Bulbs

Consider OEM headlight bulbs which are an immediate replacement for the ones originally fitted by a manufacturer. Branded bulbs usually come in high quality which may suit your needs for brightness and life. Never settle for the cheapest ones as it can compromise quality.

Long Life Headlight Bulbs

These headlight bulbs are designed for vehicles which leave it running most of the time. This is essentially useful for vehicles where headlights are used for running at daytime or high mileages. They have heavier filaments to enhance resistance to vibration and their lifespan. However, they don’t have any additional light and can turn yellow as they are used more. Long life bulbs are pricier than its standard equivalent, but worth the expense as they last longer.

Upgraded Headlight Bulbs

It is 100% brighter than standard halogen headlight bulbs. These make befitting replacement and are completely road worthy in the UK. The filament metals, pressure, and gas, are carefully adjusted to help the bulbs create more light for similar power requirements. The light is a bit whiter, and aids to see roadside objects like road signs. The only drawback to these types of bulbs is the price, which is notably very expensive and has a limited lifespan.

Styling Headlight Bulbs

These are best car headlight used in vehicles to make them look stylish as they subtly modify the color of light. While UK law mandates headlights should be white light, you can get away with minimal alterations. The most popular effect it can provide is the blue tint, which is similar to HID lights, although there are other types to choose from. Having a blue light rather than white isn’t road legal in the UK and will likely have you pulled over. Styling bulbs can create light similar to standard headlight bulbs, however, in some cases, the color coating can minimize visible light output. This kind of headlight bulb may not be recommended for a frequent drive on dark roads. It’s also a pricey headlight bulb with a similar lifespan.

Other Options

Others depend on other headlight bulb designs for their choice. You may want to upgrade with a HID Kit which makes three times as much lighter than usual bulbs. However, never consider it as an immediate replacement. To convert to HID, you need to add a ballast unit to provide the essential voltage. Some new cars are now featured with LED headlights. However, as of this time, there is no easy upgrade from halogen to LED, as the headlight needs to be changed. There are LED bulbs that come in a headlight bulb size but are designed for show use only, where light output is somehow low.