These 72W LED headlights by Yumseen are a great option for people looking to upgrade to some fresh headlights that are either dead or on their way out. These lights have many of the features that come standard on other headlights, but they still maintain a fresh feel with some unique features that might entice a prospective buyer.

The YUMSEEN COB Chip 72W Auto Car H7 LED Headlight that provides a broad spectrum of design features to provide you with sufficient visibility when you need it the most.

From the all-weatherproof design, the high-speed silent fan, call light source and simple installation design, this headlight easily qualifies as the ultimate addition for your automobile. More so, this headlight will easily provide well over 30, 000 hours of light for your hid conversion kit needs.


This 72W LED bulb comes with an easy installation package, and it’s said to be rain-proof, shockproof, and waterproof. It also has thermoelectric separation technology, and an aircraft aluminum radiator.

The fan inside the shell is also supposedly able to work in the most extreme weather circumstances. All parts involved in the production of the headlight have been inspected, and if anything fails, Yumseen offers a 100% 1-year product warranty.


Some pros of the Yumseen bulb include its easy installation and vehicle compatibility, its area of concentrated light, a color output of 5500k to 6000k, and the white type of light it emits.

Many bulbs on the market have a yellowish/white output, but these bulbs exclusively emit white light, which is something that I really consider when making a headlight purchase.

Many users rave about the brightness of the Yumseen lights, but I suppose this could be viewed as a pro or a con depending on what you’re looking for. This headlight is simple to install in less than 16 minutes and it provides excellent lumens to make it ideal for almost any lighting conditions


There aren’t a lot of cons for these lights. Some users have reported installation difficulties based on their car brands (Kia & Nissan), but these could just be fringe instances. Additionally, when you’re inserting these lights into your socket, you have to be careful to not turn them too tightly because you CAN break them.

If you turn them on and experience flickering, immediately take them out and re-adjust them to fix the problem. If they still don’t work, call Yumseen and seek their advice. There have also been reports that these lights don’t throw out enough light, but that’s something that can only be decided by the consumer. Based on my research, most people actually say that these can be TOO bright.


Overall, these Yumseen lights are a solid alternative or replacement to any standard set of headlights. The price, as of right now, is about $40, and this is a pretty great bargain in my book.

All things considered, when it comes to enhancing your vision especially in poorly lit conditions such as during bad weather or perhaps when traveling at night, then there is no space for poor improvisation. Simply put, it’s important for you to settle for some of the top-rated tools that are available on the consumer market today.

Therefore, we highly recommend for you to start off with the YUMSEEN COB Chip 72W Auto Car H7 LED Headlight since it provides reliable performance features for your needs.

Most users have nothing but great things to say, and as long as you’re careful with the installation (as you should always be with any auto part), you’ll find yourself with a brand new great pair of headlights!