With the HIKARI company being pioneers in the field of LED lighting, the HIKARI LED Headlight Bulbs  would probably be pretty close to being right on the cutting edge in headlight technology. In fact, the claim from HIKARI, is that that they have the most advanced LED headlights cool white on the market!

Hikari ultra led Features

Packaged into 6k cool white HIKARI LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit are CREE XHP50 (the “XHP” standing for “Extremely High Power”) LEDs – the latest in LED technology. The high beams have cool white XM-L2 LEDs. these come in h11 h8 h9 sizes

Artificial Intelligence Frequency Technology ensures a perfect beam pattern free from dark spots or foggy light patterns with these led headlight bulb.

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6k cool white light with the bulbs producing an astounding 9,600 lumens (4,800Lm per bulb) make for almost daylight travelling at night.

The bulbs have been designed to make the conversion to LEDs easy – with on-board CanBUS CPU Advanced electronic shielding technology – namely no host computers are needed to connect the electronics of the car and the lights – meaning that it is a “plug-and-play” conversion. they are available in the following sizes h11 h8 h9

To make it even easier is the anti-interference technology these led headlight bulb contain. Furthermore – the intelligent control circuit fits all size vehicles.

The casing is made from a robust special aluminium alloy. The powerful 9000rpm fan keeps the unit cool, adding to the durability of the headlights.

Variable frequency technology ensures that when headlights are on high beam most of the power is transferred to the high beam LEDs so that they reach maximum brightness. Backing up the claims of quality from the manufacturer is the 2 year warranty.

In addition it has stamps of approval from the U.S. Department of Transport (DOT), E-MARK (which is the safety certification from the European Union for motor vehicle parts and systems), as well as the nod of approval from the RoHS (which monitors use of dangerous substances in the manufacture of electronic equipment). These led bulbs have a safe beam pattern and have one the best beam pattern.

It is also IP68 certified – meaning that it is resistant to dust, as well as waterproof – with the claim that the lights will work under water. (Although I fail to see why you would want to be in a situation where the headlights of your car are underwater!)

These lights retail for $139.99 on Amazon, but you can pick them up on special for as low as $69.99  – also on Amazon.

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Hikari  ultra led headlight  pros

  • The amount of light and perfect focus given by the lights are fantastic. Furthermore, they give a good white light – no yellow tinge. This is because of the amount of lumens (brightest available) these lights produce and the 6000k color temperature (which is great for producing light with high contrast).
  • When in high beam the low beams stay on, producing a “great amount of light”.
  • The lights produce “zero dark spots and great cut off” – this because of the AI Frequency Technology included in these lights.
  • The price is very good in comparison to other lights with similar specs.
  • The lights are very well made.
  • The lights are easy to mount. It can take as little as 20 minutes to complete the installation and you generally do not have to remove anything else to complete the installation – much like replacing the light with a normal halogen bulb. This is made possible by the fact that you just need to plug the lights in – there are three prongs and you cannot really go wrong. The on-board CanBUS CPU Advanced electronic shielding technology means that they will just work with nothing extra needing to be done.

Hikari ultra led headlight Headlight Cons

  • Some flickering of the  led headlight bulbs  have been reported.
  • The wires have been known to come undone and although the unit is waterproof, the wires are not.
  • When used on “country roads” where there are no signs and road markings for the lights to reflect off, and particularly in the rain, the light tends to be absorbed by these surfaces, making them not as effective.

Verdict led bulbs

As with all electronic products, there are always going to be some problems every now and again and some situations where they are not totally suitable, however, as LED headlights go, these are the brightest and are very clear and made to include some cutting edge technology.

The price bracket for what you get is also reasonable. Backed by various certifications and a 2 year warranty, if you are in the market for some high end LED headlights, best led headlight bulbs HIKARI LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit would be worth looking at. See Also : best hid conversion kit